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Diamonds: Hard Stones for Soft Sentiments and Dazzling Beauty

A deglamourized, dictionary definition of diamond goes something like this:

“A precious stone consisting of a clear and colorless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance.”

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way, (for the purists who feel it must be included in a blog on diamonds!) let me focus on this glittering, dazzling gem that is often referred to in clichéd sayings like “Diamonds are forever!” And “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!!”

Clichéd or not, they still hold true. However, with many men sporting dazzling diamonds in their ear/s, I’m not sure the gender mention in that second one is very relevant or accurate anymore.

From diamond nose rings to diamond Vaddanams, diamond Jewellery is ‘love-to-have’ Jewellery.


Diamonds: The Sentiments and The Significance

Diamonds are considered to be a symbol of longevity. The qualities that make diamonds so valuable in the industrial sector – qualities like longevity, durability, and clarity – are transferred in a symbolic way to diamond jewellery, especially when the diamonds are given as a gift.

There are several emotions, sentiments and aspirations associated with diamonds. Nothing marks an event or life milestone like a piece of jewellery, especially diamond jewellery. Recognition of an accomplishment or achievement, either one’s own or someone else’s, celebrated with diamonds, is the best or most elevated it can get! Diamonds convey promise, establish exclusivity and specialness, express bonding and communicate what words cannot!!

Diamonds: Significant part of South Indian Jewellery collection

Diamonds have global appeal. World over, these gems are valued, treasured and considered precious. But in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Telangana and Karnataka – diamonds command a respect and reverence that matches, if not exceeds, the glittering yellow metal – gold. The seven-stone or nine-stone diamond earrings form a significant and necessary part of the South Indian jewellery collection.

The buying of diamond jewellery in the family is a milestone that warrants celebration, and must be shared with friends and family. In several cases, it calls for a little party where the women gush over the newly purchased diamond jewellery, while the men, either furtively or openly, try to find out how much was invested on it.

Starting point: Earrings, finger rings or pendants

These are the modest items of diamond jewellery, where the collection begins. A gift to the little girl from her doting grandparents – on the occasion of her birth, birthday, first step – could be anything. Graduation gift from friends, family – diamonds say a lot for how much you value the relationship.

Of course, globally, a diamond ring is a beautiful marriage proposal tool. No debate there!!

Progression: Necklaces

If one can afford it, one does not stop with diamond earrings or rings. One goes on to the next level – the diamond necklace! Diamond necklace designs can be so numerous and varied, that one can be spoilt for choice. The diamonds could be in several forms – round brilliant, polki or uncut. The diamonds could be in several sizes and weight – measured in carats. The diamonds could be the dominant gem, could be used in melange with other gems like rubies and emeralds. The diamond could be in the center-piece or part of the whole necklace. The diamond could be on a choker, a short necklace or a long one. Like I said, diamond necklace designs are too many to make a quick choice.

Zenith: Diamond Vaddanam or Oddiyanam

The vaddanam, or oddiyanam as it known in some places, is an ornate item of South Indian jewellery meant for the waist. A perfect way to pinch the waist and accentuate the shape of the curvaceous feminine torso, the vaddanam is usually brought out only for very special occasions. Weddings are often popular occasions for the vaddanams to be flaunted, and the bride’s shringar or dressing is incomplete without the vaddanam.

Diamond vaddanams are the last word in beauty and opulence. Peacocks, flowers, buds, leaves, Goddess Lakshmi, thin, broad – no matter what the design, the diamond vaddanam establishes beauty, affluence and tradition, all in one stroke of waist temple jewellery!!

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