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Do You Know About Bra Sister Sizes?

Buying lingerie, especially those sexy brassiere pieces is always interesting. But, when it comes to checking the right size, the interest vanishes, giving was to frustration. With our naturally changing bust size, it gets essential to buy a new Right Sized bra for your perfect shape.

Lacy bra, Satin bra, padded bra, pushup bra, underwired bra or the sports bra! Whatsoever you choose, you need to make sure you choose the right size. And by right size, I also mean the Right Cup size and Band Size. But, did you know that your Bra cup size is related to your band size?

Bra Fact: When your Band Size is increasing, your related cup size (volume) automatically decreases. And hence, when your Bra Band Size is decreasing, the Bra Cup Volume increases.

As a result of this relevancy, more bra cup sizes have similar volume, even if they do not have the same band size. Bra sizes with the same Bra Cup volume, although labeled with varying cup sizes are termed as Bra Sisters Sizes.

Here is a table that explains to you in details about the Bra Sister Sizes. Follow it to get the best size fitting.

How To Follow The Bra Sister Size Chart?

The chart shows you the different bra sizes with respect to band size and cup size.

The sizes in the same color or the same row are all sister Sizes. They have the same cup volume as your bra size.

For instance, if you wear a regular 34 C, then your bust may also fit into a 32D or even a 36 B sized bra.

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