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Easy Guide To Pairing Indian Food And Wine: Review

The Crux:

As a successful food stylist and writer, Chef Swamy is accustomed to express & present his love for food through his words. However, with his book ‘Easy Guide to Pairing Indian Food and Wine’ he intends to take it a step further and tries answering arguably the most cogitated & feared activity of pairing Indian Food with Wine.


It covers exactly what the title states! He artistically guides the reader from the basic wine fundamentals to food & wine pairing with ease and elegance. The exciting bit is the amount of effort that is put in to unfolding the extensive history of Indian wines. This brings in, a sense of pride for the (Indian) reader, as Indian Wine Heritage is rarely or never acknowledged enough.

The Good Bit:

Unlike the previous Food & Wine pairing books, it does not just list the food items with paired wine. It helps in demystifying the basic fundamental of food & wine pairing. It not only comes as a handy guide for a novice in the subject, but also to a seasoned sommelier. The structure of the book is such that it helps one to understand food & wine pairing and also enhances overall outlook on wines & their relation with food.


What is commendable about this book is its comprehensive information on Indian wines & its history. This knowledge not only enhances the experience of the reader but makes him/her feel connected. It will also motivate a first time reader to explore more books of this nature. It also breaks the Indian myth that drinking (alcohol) is only for before meals. The true combination & balance of flavors between food & wine are exemplified in detail. It creates a simplified & formidable understanding of the subject.

Could have been better?

There is nothing really dauntingly missing in the book. But, if one has to find an area where it falters, if at all, I would say it could have done with a listing of more Indian Wine brands & photographs. The Glossary could have incorporated few food related terms as well.

For Whom?

This book is for everyone, every person who loves what they eat & drink. You can be a humble homemaker who takes pride in their cooking skills or a corporate boss who likes unwinding with his favorite food & beverage. This book will connect with anyone who enjoys Indian food & appreciates a good glass of wine.

In one Sentence:

If you love Indian food & wine, there can be, as of now, no better book available to guide you on how to blissfully blend them two absolutely perfectly.

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