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F-3 : Fitness Facts of Family..!!

Everywhere around the globe, dame’s work is never ending. She always tries to dish out nourishing wholesome meals that satisfy taste buds of her family. As family’s well being and health are depended on how well they are fed its quite essential to plan breakfast, lunch and dinner nutritionally wise, including all the ingredients of a balanced diet. Of course, healthy dishes do not need to be boring-tasteless food. Family meal planning helps homemaker to make best utilization of material, time and financial resources. With the rising food-toll, it is crucial to look for ways to economize grocery bills without compromising on sensible eating. Make grocery list beforehand to avoid buying unnecessary stuffs, at the market. A healthy grocery list will be great time saver and organizer in meal planning. Eating healthy and right food is essential for us but equally important is to enjoy it with whole family.

Eating together is one of the noteworthy factors of being a family. Eating meal together gives family members chance to get link up, bind, & accustom with one another. Mealtime can create a good memorable family time a.k.a. WE-Time, – even just once a week – where all family members can sit and relish food together. Cooking in today’s time is more and more becoming a task that is shared by all in the family, where everybody lend a helping hand thus giving feeling of closeness. Sitting down for dinner together can teach your child about healthy eating. Nutritional mealtime habits are tough-minded but not out of question to inculcate in the health map. Initiate the tradition of family mealtime early in a child’s life. It’s very important for children to enjoy delicious diet that is offered to them at home. School age is perfect time for a child to learn about healthy habits. Inspire your teen to sit together at the dining table with family. Adults should lead a good example and not point out or instruct too much during the mealtime.

Below is a list of foodstuffs one should avoid as much as possible for a family meal plan:

  • Refined cereal & products: white bread, white rice, pasta, etc.
  • Preservatives: sauces, pickels, papads, etc.
  • Packaged & processed foods: canned, RTC foodstuffs, etc.
  • Hydrogenated fats: deep fried, baked foodstuffs, etc.
  • Artificial sweeteners, flavor & colorings

Family dining mantras @ home:

  • Pay attention to what is being served
  • Savor foodstuffs, eat slowly
  • Serve out real foodstuffs viz. Fresh colorful fruits & vegetables, roasted chana, sprouted mixed beans, etc.
  • Un-sweeten family meal i.e. limit after meal ice-cream, mithai, chocolates, etc.
  • Assure 1 spoon-full digestive mukhwas after meal (mix of roasted: flexed seeds, til & fennel seeds).

On a family dinning out @ food joints: It is when the entire family is in a good mood and wants to listen and talk.

The wonders family eating can do when it comes to getting closer is praiseworthy! Eat healthy, while eating out:

  • Choice of foods is important. Plan well in-advance for a mindful eating on weekends!
  • Opt for foodstuffs with strong smells
  • Eat only what you want and ask for the remaining to be parceled.
  • Make healthy swaps when you can.
Order these to eat right:
Burger &fries With veggies &salad (no mayo, no fries)
Chips/ wafers Air-popped popcorn
Colas Lemon water
Frankie Roti roll with chicken or paneer filling
Fried chicken Tandoori chicken
Fried fish Grilled fish tikka
High fat cheese Low-fat paneer
Ice-cream Fruit flavored yogurt
Mayonnaise Honey-mustard or yogurt-mint dressing
Pakoras Momos, khandvi, dhokla, panki or idli
Pav bhaji With less butter
Samosa Masala corn cup

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