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Why You Should Get Lash Extensions This Summer?

Summer season is all about expressing your bold & creative style but also keeping it low-maintenance. We all want to look as good as possible on 30 degrees Celsius, but only some of us can actually achieve it. However, you don’t want to spend hours while doing your makeup this summer, right? If this time of the year you want to look radiant, glowy, healthy, well-put, and exotic – you should get lash extensions. They are actually quite low maintenance and will look so good with any makeup look you do. Also, they are the perfect accessory for the summer season! Find out why by reading the text below!

Top 6 Reasons Why You Need Lash Extensions This Summer

  1. They Can Survive Through Anything

Lash extensions

Lash extensions can survive it all because they are applied with high-quality lash glue. Lash extensions once glued down will stay on even when you are taking a bath, or swimming in the ocean. You can actually wear them in the pool and know that they won’t move an inch, plus they are recommended for tropical getaways. You can wear them without worrying that they will fall out or smudge – as your natural lashes would, as well as falsies.

  1. They Look Great For Natural Makeup Looks

Who has time to do their makeup when resting and enjoying their vacation? I know I don’t. This is why lash extensions will come in handy. They will look feminine, sultry, and ideal for your no-makeup looks. You will only need some SPF, and you’ll be good to go! Finish off the look with your favorite tinted lip balm and enjoy your natural & simple outcome.

  1. You Can Tan With Them

tan with lash extension

As previously mentioned they are sturdy, and you can tan with them. Lash extensions will survive humid surroundings. You can also freely wear them when at the beach or any pool party and when you are getting your tan on. You can also wear them at a sauna or in tanning beds. However, don’t overdo it since excessive heat can weaken your lash glue. Some sun exposure is fine, just make sure you know your limits. Limits are not only crucial for your lashes, but they are also important for your skin.

  1. They Will Look Great In The Pictures

You will want to take photos and selfies nonstop, right? You will try to capture every moment of your holiday & your getaway, and you should! However, you will look very relaxed, and you will enjoy knowing that you can take pictures at any given point. Lash extensions add a lot to your look, and they can make you look fierce even when you are chilling in your simplest bathrobe.

  1. They Will Cover The Entire Length Of Your Holiday

This means that you will have them on for 2-3 weeks! Most vacation getaways last for one week, but you will have your beautiful lashes for more than that. This means that you can wear them days before or after you come back. Every woman will love that they are so low-maintenance, yet effective and ideal at covering even your flights, car-rides, and annoying bus rides.

  1. You Will Invest Minimal Time In Their Upkeep

Do you hate removing your makeup at night? Afraid that lash extensions will be a hassle, especially in the summer when you wish to be the most relaxed and you want things hassle-free? Well, know that lash extensions are low-maintenance and that they won’t take too much of your time. Simply wash your face each morning & night with some water, and avoid oil-based products. Oils & alcohol can weaken the lash glue, so rather stick to some soap.

Also remember to brush them through with a spoolie and separate them, while also giving them a bit of that push.

Ready To Get Them?

So, ready to enjoy a fresh new pair? You will love lash extensions no matter where you are headed, and you will love the fact that they are long-lasting. Only invest some time in their upkeep, and you will love them for weeks!

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