How to Check your SBI Credit Card Application Online

One of the oldest among banking services in the Indian financial arena, the State Bank of India, is highly rated for its convenient and practical financial products as well as unmatched services. With a range of products from FDs and loans with the best interest rates to credit cards, you can easily apply for SBI credit card approval. The faster you get your hands on one, the sooner doors will open to you to afford the best products.

About SBI credit cards

When you apply for SBI credit card use, you get a credit card that gives you benefits that are suited to your individual spending behaviour. For instance, a great card to use for online purchases is the SBI SimplyClick card. There are types of cards that range from travel cards like the SBI IRCTC RuPay card, giving you massive discounts and cashback on rail travel, to the SBI BPCL card that offers you cashback, fuel surcharge waivers and discounts when you purchase fuel and avail of vehicle-related services at partner BPCL outlets. With SBI card reward points that you earn, you can redeem these on categories of products in the future, as well as against credit card bill payments.

SBI credit card application status

Ways to apply for an SBI credit card are easy and you can do this online. Moreover, the status of SBI credit card applications can be tracked online. Here are two ways to check the status of your card application, using your application number or without your application number:

  • Status with the application number – These are the steps to track your status using an application number that you receive when you apply:
  • Go to the site of SBI Credit Cards and click on ‘credit card’.
  • A page will pop up and you must click on ‘Track application’.
  • Fill in your application number and press ‘Retrieve application’.
  • You will get the status of your SBI credit card.
  • Status without the application number – In case you don’t have your application number handy, you can still check your status in the following way:
  • Follow the same steps as mentioned above (as with your application number being used to track your status).
  • When you reach ‘Retrieve application’, you can click on this and fill in your PAN number and date of birth to get the status of your credit card.
  • Once you fill in your details, the status of your SBI credit card will be displayed on your screen.

It is important to monitor the status of your application as you may have to submit more documents to get your application process to proceed. In such a case, your card issuer will send you a message or email you, but there is no harm in knowing about your status beforehand.

How to contact SBI credit card customer care

If you don’t have a means to track your application by online means, you can also call the SBI credit card customer care no, and this is available to you on a daily basis, except on bank holidays. The following numbers will lead you to a customer care executive who will be only too ready to help you with any queries regarding your application and your credit card:

  • 1860 180 1290
  • 390 20202 (don’t forget to add the correct STD code as a prefix)

Concluding words

One of the best credit cards you may well get to use is an SBI credit card, and if you choose it wisely and have the appropriate eligibility documents, you can get approval fast.

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