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How You Can Save On Heating In Winters?

With the winter season knocking at the door, most businesses will brace up for skyrocketing utility bills. This is mostly due to the usage of heaters and water geysers. These types of equipment consume a lot of electricity and gas to provide you with the right environment.

However, here are some easy ways that can help you to save money on heating costs this winter:

Set The Thermostat At A Comfortable Temperature

It is common for businesses to set the thermostats of their heating systems at a very high temperature. This is mostly because people want to feel warm and cosy with minimal warm clothing indoors.

You can set the temperature at the minimum comfortable temperature, which is usually between 18-21℃. This temperature can help you to conserve energy while maintaining a warm environment.

Programming You Thermostat To Turn On Specific Time

Most businesses program their thermostat to turn on earlier as the premises will take a certain time to get to the right temperature. However, you should be careful and program it to turn off when the building is unoccupied.

For example, if you do not operate during the evenings or weekends the thermostat should remain off. It is also important to ensure that your system is off during the holiday season. You would not want to pay a bill for heating the vacant building.

Having Proper Insulation In Your Building

It is common for businesses to overlook heat that is escaping through window gaps and door gaps because most people think that they do not have much effect. However, with heat escaping through these gaps your heating system will have to work

You can have your office premises insulated by professionals to save more energy. This way you will not have to pay high utility bills.

Insulation will also keep your office warmer even when the heating system has been turned off so it might be possible that your office remains warm until the next day as well. You can contact the Utility Bidder for an energy assessment.

Keep heaters and radiators clear

When you set up your office you should ensure that the vents of heaters and radiators should not be blocked. This is because if you block the space in front of the heating system it will prevent the warm air from travelling around the office. It can cause a major portion of your office to remain cool.

Closing Doors And Windows

Although, it is obvious that you will be keeping your windows and doors shut. If you have a large office building with a large workforce this can be a problem. This can raise your energy consumption and you will have to pay a higher price. Put up posters gently reminding staff to shut doors and keep windows closed during the winter months to minimise the cold season’s effect on your gas and electricity invoices.

Contact Utility Bidder For An Energy Assessment

They can help you to assess areas where you are having energy losses and give you solutions that can help your business save precious financial resources.

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