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Is Homosexuality Really Unnatural? I Think Not!

Just a few days back, I was hanging out with my friends and there was a joke thrown at me on homosexuality. Right that very moment, the comment shook me from inside and in hurry I started clarifying myself of not being gay. That was the moment I realized that no matter how broadminded I am, there is a part of me which shows hypocrisy towards homosexuality.

We are taught to respect each other no matter what age or culture they belong, so why its changes when it comes to a person’s sexuality. When someone calls you a gay or lesbian and you feel insulted, the very moment you should start thinking about your mentality rather than bothering about other people’s judgment.

What’s wrong if someone’s Gay or Lesbian?

I am not sure exactly when but I think I was 18 or 19 when I came to know that there are people who are attracted to people of the same sex and indulge in a gay relationship. There was a time when I was completely against such relationships as for me it was something against the nature. As I grew up, I was bestowed with some maturity that made me wonder about what’s natural and what’s not.

I questioned myself on my thinking and realized that why can’t a gay relationship be termed natural. Just as I am attracted to beautiful women around me and feel that such things are natural, similarly the person attracted to the same sex and their feelings towards their partner should be also termed as natural.

In short, being attracted to someone sexually irrespective of the gender is completely natural as it comes from within. Any religion, society or the government can’t decide which type of sexual orientation is natural and which is unnatural.

Gay Culture in Western Countries

shannon and seema

While our government is busy making laws against any sort of sexual intercourse other than vaginal sex, homosexuality is slowly getting accepted in the western countries. Countries like USA and Canada have also approved Gay marriages legally.

Overall, the mindset is changing in most of the western countries as they have realized the fact that anything that makes you happy without hurting or bothering anybody else can’t be unnatural or illegal.

This can be clearly seen in the recent wedding of Shannon and Seema. Here’s the true example of what being happy is about and putting yourself first before any age old traditions, customs or beliefs.

Visit ShannonandSeema.com where the two beautiful girls have shared their wedding pictures on the blog. Each picture depicts love, happiness and peace. If your God disapproves it then I believe it’s time to change your God.

Indian mindset on Homosexuality

India is a country full of rich culture and traditions. I used to be proud of these cultures and traditions as well as considered it as our strength. But lately, these cultures and traditions are changing into restrictions to live life fully.

In the last couple of years, we have seen brutality on women in India and blaming it on their clothes as our culture doesn’t allow women taking the initiative or wearing western clothes. During the same period, we have seen some religious or cultural extremists who are seen harassing anybody they think are morally incorrect. I wonder if they even know what morals or ethics really are.

While the law should be concentrating on the safety of women and controlling these extremists, they are busy with imposing Article 377 as Indian culture doesn’t accept Gay culture and consider it as an unnatural act.

I am not sure from where they are getting the information about ‘what is natural and what’s not’. But if you look at our own history, we have sculptures and books that depict gay relationships. Above all, our own Gods like Vishnu and Shiva were in a relationship themselves to bear a child who is worshipped in the South as Ayyappa. Then, how come gay relationship isn’t a part of our culture?

Times are changing and its time we change our thinking and mindset too. Society and the Government must stop interfering in someone’s private life or what they do in their bedrooms. PDA is already banned in India, so whatever happens would happen in the 4 walls of the bedroom. Unless and until, any one of the couple complains about the other, the law or the society should never interfere in someone’s sexual life.


Image Courtesy: news.com.au

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