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July Horoscopes – What do Your Sun-Signs Indicate Post GST?

With the country’s financial economy now steering to a new direction with GST, what does your sunsign have to say about you this month? Will you be financially stable, or see the darker phase with losses? Will you make the decision that will change your business prospect or will you be just taking a back seat letting the time sort out the matter in its natural way? Check what Ganesha has to say for you this month! Remember and make sure you do the right things as directed.

Aries HoroscopeAries

You look at a hectic month Aries. With so much planetary action in your Zodiac House of home and heart, expect related matters to catch momentum. Try to remain balanced. Venus moves too, around the same time. Planning to buy a home or a vehicle on 5th or 6th? Mercury shifts to Leo, your 5th House on 7th July. You will be clear and creative in your communication and expression. Health needs watching on 9th. Some monetary gains come your way on 10th or 11th. Sun and Mars are in close company now. Keep a tab on your anger and domineering tendencies. Personal life remains happy. Aries parents to school-age kids shall be super happy on seeing their kids’ commitment. Touchwood! You may, however, not agree with your spouse on certain matters. Partying during weekend may lead to health issues. Find time to rest. Are you feeling extra sensitive on 17th? Channelize it something fruitful. It’s a good time to indulge in hobbies and creative activities. Venus in Gemini, makes you attractive. Have you visited a salon recently? 18th through 25th shall be good for performing artists, presenters, dancers etc. On 23rd, your Sign ruler Mars enters Leo, your 5th House. Energy and force shall be with you, but go measured and slow, says Ganesha. Don’t lose your temper! Sun moves to its own Sign Leo too. Don’t make new friends. If you happen to lean on spirituality, this is a good time to follow your path. 26th is a good day to take a creative break. Be careful in your communication with your boss or colleagues. Guard against a throat infection. Month ends on an emotional high. You may find it tough to stay calm and balanced. Work out, swim or play a sport!

Taurus HoroscopeTaurus

Anxious? Well, last month’s troublesome vibes, concerning relationships and human interactions are still lingering in the air on 1st and 2nd. Try to relax! Unsteadiness and uneasiness will pass soon, assures Ganesha. The ruler of your Sign positioned in your Sign will bail you out of this trouble. You will wish to travel away for some time. Do that, if, you can take time out. On 6th, the ruler of your Sign moves to ‘good at creating confusion when there is not any’ Gemini. You may feel scattered, but this too will pass soon. Mercury enters Leo on 7th. Your anxiety will decrease and you will find it easier to express your concerns. Vibes on 10th will make you feel lighter and optimistic. Be grateful for your fortune. But, don’t begrudge the fact that fortune waves are slow, at the moment. On 13th, the only way to move ahead will be to do your own digging. Love, friends, relations may hold little interest, as career may capture your time and mind. Mid month, you may have challenging time meeting looming deadlines. Expect support from your loved ones. Relations with parents and siblings will improve. You will be able to make good money too. Guard against financial issues, though. Around 21st, Mars shifts to Leo, your 4th House. You shall now be keen on diversifying. Investing in property may be on your agenda. Weigh long-term possibilities, before making any such decision, suggests Ganesha. All the running around and eating out may result in digestive disorders on 23rd or 24th. Careful! Watch your relations with your parents, specifically your mother, mother-in-law etc. You will now be ready to move out of your comfort zone, breaking shackles that may be holding you back. Creative activities, arts, kids and hobbies will bring you peace and happiness. You will be determined to get rid of the hovering cloud of stagnation, as the month ends. Married ones will get planetary support. Your creative and pet projects will be working well too.

Gemini HoroscopeGemini

Venus posited in the 12th House from your Sign will drive you to enjoy pleasures of life. You will try to increase comforts and luxuries at your home on 3rd and 4th. Don’t play with law, though. On 7th, Venus enters your Sign. Love shall be in air! Speak to your mom or a motherly figure. Financial matters may cause confusions. Careful! Business persons and professionals will be lucky in matters of clients and deals, in the second week of July. Benevolent Jupiter posited in the 5th House from your Sign will continue to support you. There may be a new addition in your family or circle. In love, don’t trust everything your eye sees. Wait and watch; clarify, if possible. If marriage is on your agenda, you may get a wedding proposal from someone wealthier than you. Married folks may remain confused. There may be some confusion. Spare time to sort this out, says Ganesha. Handsome gains and positive tidings are in store for 17th and 18th. Good time to invest in property and real estate. Student pursuing arts or commerce courses will manage to remain well focused, in the third week. In love, singles will have a pleasant time with a newly found partner. Around 23rd, Mars and Sun move to Leo. A Solar eclipse takes place Leo (3rd House from your Sign) now. A major breakthrough is possible! However, there may be some break from the past. Effects of a Solar Eclipse are far reaching, tells Ganesha. So, all may not be evident immediately. With change come new situations, and nothing in life is free or easy. Stay flexible and adaptive. You may have entered a new stage of your life. Ruler of your Sign Mercury enters Virgo, around 28th. You will communicate carefully, and shall be focused on saving money. As the month ends, Sun in its own Sign Leo, along with Mars and Rahu, pushes you to take risks. Don’t get carried away, far and further from reality. Be careful, you may end up overdoing an exercise, which may result in injuries.

Cancer HoroscopeCancer

A month of ups and downs awaits you. Finances and family remain the theme, though, The ruler of your Sign, Moon is debilitated and exchanges Sign with the debilitated Mars, in month’s initial days. Tripled planetary activity in your Sign will make you passionate on 3rd and 4th of July. On 6th, Venus leaves its own Sign Taurus to enter, Mercury-ruled Gemini. You will be in double mind about a romantic relationship or a financial proposal. Students pursuing science or technology related courses will gain. Personal and intimate conflicts and differences will prove to be challenging, though. A lot of tact and persuasion shall be needed to restore harmony in a certain relationship, around 11th and 12th July. Lack of coordination with colleagues and people around you at home may hold you back from performing effectively. Unexpected expenses or losses are likely on 14th. Be careful! You may experience some uneasy moments in your relationship with parents or elders, on 17th. Give in to some of their demands, but you don’t have to bend backwards. Find a middle path, says Ganesha. 18th onwards you become busy with work. Finances still look shaky. Refrain from investments and lending. On 22nd and later too, if you have time to spare, use it to attend a workshop or class for personality development and communication skills. For about 3-4 days, you must take extreme care. By 28th, when Mercury moves to 3rd House from your Sign, pressures will begin to ease. But, health may suffer, owing to all the stress. So, take care. You end the month, getting pulled in two divergent directions, over some issue.

Leo HoroscopeLeo

Your prospects remain bright in July. However, you must stay careful of people. You are compassionate by nature. Someone around you, seemingly trustworthy, may be on a prowl, trying to take advantage. Guard your emotions and heart, more than anything else. If you associate with someone new, please check the integrity and credentials of this party/ person, especially if it concerns something long term – marriage and business included. Avoid lending money. Retrograde Saturn shall make matters challenging in marriage and partnership matters. So, hang on, and continue with what’s on your hands, says Ganesha. On 17th, meeting an important person puts you in a thinking mode. Love makes an appearance on 19th and 20th. Have fun! Plan a picnic or at least a chatty coffee date. 23rd sees two important planetary moves – with Sun and Mars both moving to your Sign. You feel more confident, and your immune system becomes stronger. But, be careful, as a Solar Eclipse takes place in your Sign. Guard your reputation and name, and even your safety. Things may change, or you may be aggressively planning change. Thankfully, post 27th, cutting undue expenses will not be difficult. However, you may feel an unexplained emptiness yourself. Find peace in God and higher learning. If studying, don’t hesitate in asking for clarifications or extra classes from a teacher. You will be effective and logical in matters related to family and finances, as the month end. You will also find ways increase your earnings. Coming days look set to be positive and gainful. Take advantage. Love remains in the air! But, fight wrong temptations – tooth and nail.

Virgo - HoroscopeVirgo

Passionate and driven, you begin July in a diligent mode. But, don’t keep changing your moods and behavior, warns Ganesha. On 6th, Venus moves to Mercury ruled Gemini, the 10th House from your Sign. Polish financial aspects on a project/business deal. Got a small romance going on at your work place? Don’t neglect your loved ones. On 10th, you may be in a review mode, about a certain relationship – a business partnership or a romantic relation, maybe that office romance. Carry on your assessment, but be objective. 13th and 14th bring back your focus on worldly matters. Benefics are posited well. Take advantage. When an encouraging opportunity arises on 17th, you need to act fast. Remain mentally prepared to accept new responsibilities. Romance may be the last thing on your mind! Steady vibes make marital domain happy, though. A Solar eclipse happens in Leo, the 12th House. This is indicative of a challenging time. You may incur expenses. And, you may even need to draw from your savings to meet this crisis. The ruler of your Sign Mercury moves into your Sign – which is good news. You will be quick witted and analytical, which will help you at work as well as while taking personal decisions. Ones willing to conceive shall be supported by the cosmos. Towards month end, you will be driven towards perfection. Don’t forget your health and fitness regimes, even when you are super busy.

Libra HoroscopeLibra

You begin the month on a high note. In your hurry to succeed, however, you may miss out on some vital points. It will help you in achieving success in your pursuit. Don’t forget ground realities, though, says Ganesha. Fortunes are on your side, but watch your words. Mercury in Leo may make you strong and harsh in speech. Watch out! 10th and 11th bring good news for couples experiencing resistance from their family, regarding a possible love/ marital match. Marriage is likely. Go all out, but just keep your logical brain working too. Mid month will be a favorable time for business persons and professionals, ready to take a new leap. Good time for intense brainstorming, hard, physical work and fitness work outs. Ones looking for a new job should continue their efforts tirelessly. Students may face distractions, but will do well, assures Ganesha. At work, success in a new assignment will enhance your prospects on 21st or 22nd. However, there may be a storm brewing on the personal front. You may feel an intense desire for positive change. Changes will come, but wait sometime. No major expenses are foreseen now. You may plan to invest. A storm returns to haunt you in a relationship or business partnership on 26th or 27th. Refrain from reacting skeptically. Steer clear of verbal accusations. You will be strongly motivated to do your best at work. A workplace romance may be simmering somewhere under! Keep your wits about you.

Scorpio HoroscopeScorpio

Some soul searching is in store, as the month begins. You may also manage to zero on a certain direction, but may not actually follow it. Don’t risk your money. Don’t lose heart, when a date doesn’t turn out as expected on 8th or 9th. An out of blue call for a lucrative deal may perk you up on 11th. Go slow. Take into account ground realities too, before embarking on something. You may be tempted to invest a chunk of your savings, in order to grab short-term gains. Well, there may be trouble brewing there, says Ganesha. Don’t let stress affect health on 15th and 16th. Ones looking for cure to an illness shall find so in an alternative system. 17th brings fresh and happy tidings. But, there still may be some uneasiness in a personal equation. 23rd sees two major planetary moves. The effect of cosmic events can spiral both ways – negative or positive, depending upon overall situations in your life and planetary positions in your Natal Chart. If nothing else, a change is on the anvil. Don’t be deterred by slow momentum. Be careful, while handling finances. 29th and 30th re-ignite love vibes. Flirting and flings are likely, but nothing profound. Planetary positions at the month end induce a burning desire, a fierce passion in you. You will be driven to achieve work and career goals. Ones starting off their career now will benefit a lot. Strong in worldly matters, you will be romantic and sensitive in love life. Your immunity also gets strengthened. Start the next month on a high!

Sagittarious HoroscopeSagittarius

You will be driven, pushing incessantly for results, as the month of July begins. Well, you need to relax a bit. A supportive planetary position will help you find solace in spirituality. You will do well in roles that need you to communicate. Rein in your tendency to rush, or you may end up missing out an important detail, says Ganesha. Listen to others, and be receptive towards good advice. Spending extended hours at work is likely on 12th and 13th. Maybe you are trying to make up for the mistake you committed earlier. You may also face relationship issues. You may get attracted to an ex-lover. Ganesha warns you against this. Health needs care on 16th. 17th through 19th will be all about work. You may need to visit abroad for work. Be careful, though, as luck may not favour you entirely. There may be travel snags or glitches in finalizing a deal. Keep an open mind and keen ears. Learning is always a tough task, but you will do fine! Now a Solar eclipse takes place in this House. This will have far-reaching positive effects, but at the moment, things may seem glum or slow. Hang on! On 26th, you shall put in diligent efforts to handle a complex task to everyone’s satisfaction. You shall insist on perfection. Well, don’t be too demanding. Supportive time for ones in committed love relationships on 29th and 30th. Month end augurs a pleasant time ahead. Take this time to pursue a creative hobby. You may get attracted towards someone. There may be some opposing pulls, leaving you confused. Go with the flow, and get some down time.

Capricone HoroscopeCapricorn

You need to relax a bit, Capricorn, this month. You also need some down time. You begin the month on a relaxed note, but your nature may not let you enjoy this slow pace. Can’t you let your hair down, sometimes, prods Ganesha? On 6th, you will be thinking analytically in creative and pet projects. On 7th, love is in the air! You shall manage to impress someone special. Hurrah, finally! On 10th and 11th, you will be calm and balanced at work, and won’t have any major concerns. However, you must not act in haste. These are long term planetary positions, and may bring expenses, troubles over money and extra expenditure. You must not get lured by shady schemes. Save money, reminds Ganesha! On 17th and 18th, you are feeling quite creative. A hobby class would be a great idea. You will also have fun with children. Channelize this spurt of energy in positive direction. Fire up your bedroom moves! Financial health remains good. There may be a few irritating influences at workplace, but you will do well to ignore and move on. Drive carefully and put your safety first in everything. 8th House is the sphere of emotional security, depths of the self, secrets and paranormal, transcendence, sexuality, mysteries, upheavals, surgical procedures, investments, inheritances etc. You may learn a few lessons, or may deal with a transforming situation. If you are anticipating some gains through inheritance, they may come your way now, says Ganesha. Month end tilt the fortunes in your favor. Direct influence of Venus over your Sign will soothe your nerves. Tensions will fizzle out.

Aquarius - HoroscopeAquarius

If business or professional success is on your mind, this month think of novel and interesting ways to engage and win over clients. 6th will be a good day to indulge in creative passions. Combine creativity with analytical ability on the 7th. It will be a good time for singers, orators, actors, computer professionals etc. You may meet someone new in the virtual world. You will be able to concentrate effectively on studies. Refrain from coming across as domineering, though. Charmed by someone? Be careful, but not excessively slow in saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – whatever it may be, on 17th or 18th. Physical intimacy is on the cards. Be confident! Financial stars shine brightly, prompting you to look for avenues to invest your money. However, issues and conflicts in personal and family life may keep you busy. Is a short term fling or infatuation twisting your thoughts? Be honest with yourself, at least. With regards health, guard against infections and seasonal bugs, around 16th and 17th. Listen to your favourite music or relax, when nothing else helps. A new equation – personal or professional – may be taking shape, while an old one may be fizzling out. Well, there may be manifestations in many other forms, but they will take time to surface. You will do well to act calmly and rationally. Busier time ahead, predicts Ganesha. Multi-tasking is the need of the day! You finish the month feeling dedicated and passionate towards work. Remain open minded to constructive criticism. Refrain from getting overly emotional about a matter of heart, or it may affect your health. A workplace romance may be brewing.

Pisces HoroscopePisces

You begin the month on a fun note. Passionate and pleasure loving, you will be all for movies, amusement, parties, meeting close ones and more. 6th brings a little jolt of reality, when works call for your attention. You will do well, though, assures Ganesha. You will have to watch your aggressive words. There may be confusions and roadblocks in creative ventures and in matters related to your kids. Health will need care, on 8th and 9th, especially if you suffer from blood pressure or heart related ailments. 10th may have you in throes of intense love. There will be strong desire for love and physical intimacy. Infatuation, crush or love – anything’s possible. Long-term may not be on your mind, though. Ones pursuing education may flounder, assailed by distractions. Luck and fortune may not favor you, as Mars is combust now. Don’t worry, things will improve in due course. Don’t say no to a social invitation on 17th or 18th. Who knows whom you may meet! Expenses may crop up unexpectedly. Planetary vibe on 22nd and 23rd may be challenging for business persons in foreign trade and professionals handling offshore projects. Personal expenses rise. You may spend for health issues. This will be a tough time, especially in matters of day to day work and health. Go for a proper health check up, if needed. You may also arrange a party or meet old friends on 28th or 29th to shake off the sodden feelings. You may also be active on social media platforms. Guard against infections and pollution related allergies. If are into performing arts, there is a likelihood of your getting a larger platform and much appreciation.

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