Quaid’s Mausoleum

Karachi- The Land Where Opulence, Ancient and Modern Come Together

Karachi, the capital of Pakistan is the most populous city in the country. But it is also one of the most socially liberal cities in the country which welcomes secular ideas and thoughts. Not just socially, Karachi is also the most ethnically, religiously and linguistically diverse city in Pakistan. Visitors will be able to sense the diversity of this melting pot when they breathe in its air. This cosmopolitan city was known as the ‘City of Lights’ during the 60s and 70s, due to its vivid and vibrant nightlife. Karachi is the connecting port for Pakistan and functions as its premier financial and industrial center.

Visiting Karachi is really easy through the Jinnah Airport which caters to various airline companies like Air Ondus, Shaheen Air, Air blue and the PIA (Pakistan International Airlines). You can rest easy since the airport offers uninterrupted flights throughout South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Persian Gulf States, Europe, East Asia and North America. So it won’t be an issue whether you live in England, New York or anywhere else. You can just click open a flight booking website and choose the class that suits your best and you can even get cheap flights from Dubai to Karachi, from New York, from England, and anywhere else.

The ruins of Bhambore

If you are planning to visit Karachi, surely you will want to look up some of the best places to visit, here’s a list we came up with:

  • Quaid’s Mausoleum: This marble mausoleum is a must-see in Karachi, especially since it is the final resting place for Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who was the country’s founder. Inspired by the Samanid Mausoleum in Uzbekistan, this mausoleum has a cube design which is punctuated by a minimalist dome.
  • The Chaukhandi Tombs: This UNESCO World Heritage site is estimated to have existed from the 15th to 18th century. It is now an ancient graveyard which houses the dead ancestors of a local tribe. An interesting place for history buffs, the intricate details on the tombs will surely grab eyeballs. Our advice is that you take out some time from your schedule and head out to this place which will allow you to introspect and retrospect about the past.
  • The ruins of Bhambore: As the name suggests, this prehistoric city of Bhambore dates all the way back to the Scytho-Parthian era during the 1st century BC. The ruins contain the earliest mosque in the world, dated to be around 727 AD. A must-not-miss for history fanatics or religious travellers who want to explore more. This city was actually under the control of Muslims during 8th century to the 13th century before being abandoned.
  • Tooba Masjid: This large domed mosque is also known as round mosque due to its white marble dome which is 235 feet in diameter and is balanced by a low surrounding wall. But there are no central pillars to support its weight. Rightfully considered as one of the city’s main attractions, you can pray here in peace and tranquility since the mosque can accommodate around 5,000 people.

Karachi is where the past meets the present in a seamless blend of people from various states who have made this city their home.

Image Source: Tripadvisor, Dawn.com

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