Keeping Your Wardrobe Up to Date: 4 Tips to Manage Your Fashion Budget

There is no room for last year’s fashion in the wardrobe of a fashionista unless we are talking about a particularly exclusive and designer item, of course. However, not everyone is capable of keeping up with every whim and change in the world of fashion, without going bankrupt in the process. That being said, there are a few tips and tricks that can keep you in vogue, even if you are not a Heidi Klum or a Cindy Crawford in the making!

Quality Vs. Quantity: Quality Wins

When it comes to fashion, how it looks and feels is more or less related to the price tag. Cheap fashion is inadvisable if you want to look good. Stick to buying less of the good stuff rather than a lot of the cheap stuff.


Quality is Not Always Synonymous with Designer Brands

There are shoppers who would even argue that buying clothes from designer brands has no practicality to it, but that’s not entirely true. We will get to that discussion later on, but there is no denying the fact that you can buy quality clothes from quality brands, without paying nearly as much as the designer brands charge for similar items. Don’t get drawn into the vanity of brands, solely based on their names.

Designer Fashion: Is the Cost Worth It?

The answer is variable, and it largely depends on the following factors.

  • Do you have the budget to cover it?
  • Can you afford to create a whole designer attire around it?
  • Do you have an authentic source to buy it from?
  • Are you getting the product/products at a discount?

One cannot wear Gucci high heels with a cheap dress and a non-branded bag! Designer brands are worth the price when you can afford the whole attire that should complement it, or else they may seem out of place.

On the flip side, if you can afford a complete attire, albeit with a few sacrifices, it will be an investment. Designer clothing items and accessories such as watches, bags, and shoes have immense resale value if they are in good condition when you decide to sell them.

Satiating the Shopper in You: Indulge Every Once in a While

It is a known fact that every desire, emotion, and urge needs to be let out at times, just to keep a leash on them. If you really want that bag from Hermès Kelly, Chanel, or Louie Vuitton, set a target, save up and buy it. If you are short on the budget, take a small payday loan to cover it, but do ensure that you make each payment on time. In case you have a low credit score, bad credit loans are available online without exorbitant interest rates.

When you are into fashion, spending money on it is inevitable, and that’s alright, as long as it makes you happy. However, smart money management is essential to prevent being in perpetual debt from simply having to maintain a hobby.

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