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Latest Jewellery Fads of Bollywood Actresses

When it comes to jewellery, it becomes hard to contemplate which style to choose. What you wear says a lot about you. It plays a big role in putting out a statement about yourself, not only in terms of beauty but also confidence. Jewellery fads and trends are keenly followed by people. So, it is not a surprise to see Bollywood having powers in bringing changes to social trends. Cinemas have always had an inspiration on people. Accessories adorned by Bollywood actresses in the movies, ads and also in real life have become so popular that you can see them creating an increasing demand in the market. There are a number of trends that have been already set in the past and are still going on in full swing along with the new ones blending in slowly like a mix. Few of the latest influential jewellery fads of Bollywood actresses are listed below:

Gold Locket

  1. Less is More:

The minimalistic approach is the current favourite trend of the season. Whether it be award shows, interviews or in actual life, the bedazzling actresses wear the minimal of jewelleries that accentuate certain features and put all the focus on that part. A gold locket on a casual outfit is a common cool look for the young females out there, no matter what the age! It is a very wonderful approach to modern adornment for women as it gives you enough room to bloom your beauty by using your imagination.

  1. Diamond Infatuated:

One of the most loved pieces of stone that every woman wants at least once in their life in any form or shape. Whether as earrings, necklaces or finger rings, diamonds have always had an appeal that no other rock can replace.

  1. Gold Grandeur:

The grandeur of gold jewellery designs studded with rubies and emeralds have all the ladies in love with it. Jadau jewellery is known for its beautiful arrangement of multi-coloured jewels and it has been seen to be flaunted quite frequently on the silver screens. Weddings, especially, will have you looking at the most unique of traditional settings on gold. The fashion had gotten lost in the depth of time but has been since revived with period films.


  1. Neck pieces:

Heavy and light neck pieces, Naulakha Haar and chokers are some of the trends getting brought back into fashion with time. Use of traditional pieces instead of layered jewellery is slowly evolving. Chokers extending down until the neckline have come into popularity among the actresses.

  1. Platinum Craze:

Platinum is the most lustrous and stunning metal. Seeing your favourite stars donning it on the big screen might inspire and encourage you enough to splurge on it. Combined with diamonds or gemstones, it is one of the popular Bollywood inspired trends. Whether as bracelets, anklets or chains, even the simplest jewellery of this kind is sure to catch eyes.

Bollywood has always had an impact on fashion as well as jewellery trends. Most importantly, it is believed to be a token of appreciation to mirror your favourite stars in such terms. Bollywood actresses will always have you looking out for new styles wherever they are. Their sense of choice is always talked about. So, enthusiasts follow them whether they go to the airport for flights or weddings, so that they are kept updated about their latest jewellery fads.

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