Horoscope December 2017

How’s Your Luck Life This July 2016?

Aries HoroscopeAries

As the month begins, which should be quite refreshing. Avoid acting moody, though. Can cause mood swings, but it will be on you to keep it in check. Those in business will be able to surpass competitors with intelligent moves. Singles may attract a member of the opposite sex. As the second week begins, you could be submerged in work, battling with heavy workload and crazy deadlines. You may even find it difficult to snatch time for your spouse. This may annoy your partner. Avoid direct confrontation, Ganesha advises. On 10th your financial position may be strengthened. You could further improve money matters here. You are also likely to handle financial concerns intelligently and save satisfactorily, during this phase. As the new fortnight commences, entrepreneurs should be happy about a steady rise in sales. Professionals too may have their hands full with well paying projects. However, remember the ground realities and limitations. This will thankfully stop you from flying aimlessly. In love, good times continue for singles. They will have no problem wooing targeted person of opposite sex. Married folks too will be ecstatic, given the favorable response of their spouse. By month end, your interest in your work could be wavering. It could be the biggest stumbling block for you, for the moment. You will need to be absolutely strong willed and focused before making any commitments. Take up some work that you enjoy doing. With regard to health, diabetics and ones suffering from chronic diseases will need to exercise care.

Taurus HoroscopeTaurus

In the first week of July, things swarm you with irrational and unrealistic thoughts. Keep a check on your feelings. However, you should become occupied with career matters. If you are an entrepreneur, it will dawn on you that to achieve anything momentous, you first need to put in order a strong, well defined team. Plan well, and if need be, seek the help of an expert, in this domain. Be careful, as there are possibilities of your making some blunders. Plus, guard against unnecessary distractions. Ones in jobs may receive flak for performing at a lower than expected scale. Businessmen too may have to redraw their strategy for growth. There may be stagnation. Be patient, comforts Ganesha. Later in the month, there may be roadblocks, and you may be left feeling low and disheartened, for you may not manage to proceed as planned. Despite this, you ought to continue undeterred, focused on increasing your productivity, in the new fortnight. Organize yourself, set your priorities right, and plan to move systematically towards your goal. At this time, your focus will be set on your future. It is only when some vertical growth happens, that a smile may beam across your face, assures Ganesha. Around 20th or so, happy tidings for singles and ones in love will began. Soon, letting positive influences to work at their fullest. Finances may get sorted, while many of you shall see good amount of progress. However, Plan your finances well here and keep reserves for contingencies, advises Ganesha. Avoid stress, or it may affect your health adversely.

Gemini HoroscopeGemini

At the beginning of July, be prepared for a few significant changes in matters related to finances and family. You are likely to make concerted efforts to boost your earnings here. There might be hurdles in routine work and you could be left with some unfinished task at the end of the day. To lighten your burden, you could take your boss into confidence about your difficulties at work. Businessmen and professionals could have rough time as pace of progress shall slow down. Avoid asserting yourself aggressively as it could further escalate your problems, advises Ganesha. In the second week of the month, you may incur expenses on family for an urgent requirement. Around 12th-13th, you will need to be extra careful about new relationships, more so with the opposite sex. Your personal expenses also may need attention; set priorities and spend money accordingly. Attempts to save could become difficult. For married folks, days do not support harmony in marriage. Ganesha suggests that you and your spouse should spend some quality time together to restore romance and compassion. In the new fortnight, singles will be overjoyed as they may come close to someone from the opposite sex. Married folks will continue to be harried. What could diffuse tension is taking up a hobby or pursuing something of interest, is Ganesha’s proposition. By the month end, business prospects could be enhanced. You could revive old contacts and renew links with former associates. However, some odds could carry on obstructing routine work. With regards to health this month, some minor problems may become bothersome. Moderate your lifestyle!

Cancer HoroscopeCancer

You shall be brimming with bright ideas and thoughts. However, you are likely to opt for soft options over strenuous jobs. Fortunately, time will back your efforts to move ahead. Here, some good opportunity to boost your finances might surface; make sure you don’t let it slip, cautions Ganesha. Domestic matters will need your attention in the second week. You may be required to increase budgets for family. Now, You will be craving as well as the confidence to move ahead in your pursuit. Though, no major monetary gains seems to be in the pipeline, alerts Ganesha. It will get difficult even to manage routine expenses. So much so, that you may have to dig into your reserves to bridge the financial gap. In the new fortnight,  there will be a feeling of relief, even though the situation at ground level may not have changed much. Married folks may be overcome by an intense desire for physical intimacy and are likely to make all efforts to appease each other. According to Ganesha, you might bolster your financial position substantially here. Over the weekend, the positive influences are in. You may be on your toes in the last few days of the month, what with your boss breathing down your neck to increase the tempo of work. On 27th, stay very careful, as you may have a confrontation with someone close, and there may be no signs of reconciliation. Old health issues will need to be watched closely now.

Leo HoroscopeLeo

You shall begin the month living life king-size, spending indiscriminately. However, your overspending may lead you into a financial mess. So, it will be crucial for you to manage your finances wisely. As days pass, after all that extravagance, you may get into an introspective or contemplative mood. In July’s second week, you will see steadying finances, thankfully. You are also likely to forge some valuable relationship, which may enhance your future prospects. You could be in line to bag a lucrative contract. Do not raise your expectations too high, though. The new fortnight appears to be dedicated to job holders. Their schedule will be chilled out and easy in the coming days. Workload will be within manageable limits; deadlines will not be backbreaking. Having authority pleases the natives of your Sign more than anything else, and you may even get that – but, don’t get ruthless. Towards the last ten days, time shall bring gains. Though, may hamper enjoyment to the fullest in marital life. By the end of the month, you may come across more options, but not all may be viable. Thus, deliberate well, before commencing a new venture. Ganesha believes that good opportunities yield results, but only with the backing of hard work and diligence. You might bring to fore some old health issues. But don’t worry – influence of the right medication can help you.

Virgo - HoroscopeVirgo

As July commences, you may face issues related to finances, especially in partnership matters. Ones fighting legal cases against their spouses over money and inheritance may face renewed troubles. Refrain from getting too assertive/ argumentative, as your speech may be misconstrued. Stay tactful in all associations and relations, as of now, says Ganesha, including in your most intimate bonds. At the same time, you may find yourself in a dilemma. You may also be feeling low and dejected, and may be on a self-fault-finding mission. Relax! Spend time in activities that will rejuvenate you. Also, spend quality time with your loved ones. By 10th or so, finances and family matters may take the center-stage. But thankfully, if there are no major gains, there would also not be any major expenses. So, it will be all balanced. Stop fretting, says Ganesha. Channelize your energies, rather, in a positive direction. Around 12th, don’t be hasty in forging financial associations or in making fresh investments. Check all quarters. Singles may continue to struggle to forge an intimate bond, while married folks may feel frustrated, owing to absence of love in their marriage. By mid-month, you may be in an introspective mode. Though, your fortunes may change. Your efforts will start yielding results. Investments are favored, but don’t take major risks. If you remain occupied, you may miss on a good opportunity. Thus, be alert and vigilant about new prospects and openings. Keep your eyes and ears open and mind sharp on 27th and 28th, tips Ganesha. As regards health, times are tough. Take care; you may suffer from a deficiency or a joint pains related trouble.

Libra HoroscopeLibra

New horizons and opportunities may come to light in the first week of July. You may embark on fresh ventures. Some innovative ideas and thoughts might support growth. However, it could take some time for your ideas to fructify. Constraints and impediments may also hamper progress. If you are looking for a change, wait for better times to come, advises Ganesha. In the second week, you could be bogged down personal and professional matters. Both may need your attention and time. However, after a grueling schedule at work, you might not have any energy or inclination to apply your mind to crisis at home. You will need to attend to domestic issues periodically. Around 15th, time may help advance the interests of singles, helping them impress a special someone. Good times continue for them even as the new fortnight commences. 19th-20th in particular, seem favorable for strengthening a friendship. However, fortune may not favor the married couples. They are likely to remain aloof and cheerless. In the last week of July, you will need to be on your guard in terms of relations. Keep a safe distance from friends, who seem to have no goals, no direction in life, warns Ganesha. They will not only distract you, but shall also be a major trouble in near future. At this point, managing financial matters effectively may be difficult. Set long and short term priorities; keep enough provision for emergencies. Some unexpected health issue, this month, may leave you house-bound for a few days. Take proper rest.

Scorpio HoroscopeScorpio

Time will bring your most special abilities to the fore. You are likely to showcase the best of your talents and inherent gifts. Let your genius flow. You may find new avenues to earn more, in the initial days of the month. However, your progress might be hampered, thus, if you are targeting big goals, you may have to be extraordinarily diligent and patient for results to start pouring in. For singles, this phase does not look conducive. The itch to earn more may carry over well into the month’s second week. You will now wish to tear the walls and hurdles apart, and make your way to the fast lane of success. However, stay away from all unethical or unscrupulous means. There should be no cutting corners, no speculative winnings, warns Ganesha. Instead, plan immaculately, take advice from experts and embark towards your goal. You should begin to understand the importance of systematic, organized approach for any achievement. By the third week, you will have the backing. Go ahead, but tactfully! You will be able to amicably resolve issues pending since long in a close relationship. Businessmen and professionals will reach out to high worth customers and get new deals to work upon. Month-end, you be confident. But, do stay careful. You’ll be poised and raring to go. Singles will continue to pine for love and companionship.

Sagittarious HoroscopeSagittarius

You are grounded, and makes you mature and wiser. You may have noticed a change in your attitude, any way, in the past few months. Over the course of the rest of the year too, you shall see yourself gaining insights and lessons from life’s apparently tough experiences. But, this will, nonetheless, help you tremendously grow as an evolved individual. When things refuse to move the way, you would want them to, in the month’s first week, don’t lose hope. Hang on! You may prefer to remain in your comfort zone. This attitude could mar your growth prospects. Go all out, instead; complacency has no place in this competitive world, reminds Ganesha. If you continue in this mode, a big opportunity may slip through your fingers. On 12th, you will be in a combust state. Your best bet here would be to maintain cordial relations with your seniors and higher-ups. Businessmen will be all charged up in this phase, but may not get much favor. Things refuse to relent in the second fortnight. There may be emotional distress, and you may also incur a financial loss. Be alert, while making any and all monetary transactions in the coming days. You will be provided some cushioning and sense of relief, though the situation at ground level could be, more or less, the same. The last week of the month, thankfully, will open on a smooth note. Chances of constraints and hurdles will reduce. It’s time for action! Work relentlessly and remain highly motivated.

Capricone HoroscopeCapricorn

You may be a tad emotional and sensitive, but also recharged and determined. However, do not expect any major gains at this juncture. Businessmen may have strategic difference with their partner and, unless they are tactful, things may turn bitter. Ganesha says there is no way out of this situation at present. In the second week, some considerable struggle could be lined up for you. To counter its influence, you will need to be fully focused and committed to your work. Remember, there is no alternative to hard work ever, points out Ganesha. Issues in an intimate, meaningful relationship may bother you to distraction, in the coming days. Around 12th-13th, it does not look like a good change for love birds as well as creative professionals. Some serious misunderstanding might develop and strain a special relationship. Refrain from being domineering and headstrong, suggests Ganesha. Married folks too may be agitated, with their attention diverted somewhere else. This could sour the bond with your spouse. As such, you may be somewhat depressed due to various factors: personal issues could arise, progress may appear dull and no monetary gain may seem to be in sight. It does not sound well for stability in finances. You will need to budget for long term with reserves for emergencies, advises Ganesha. By the month end, domestic matters and issues related to relationships could still be your main concerns.It do not seem conducive for good health too. Watch out!

Aquarius - HoroscopeAquarius

Many of you shall be induced to look for flaws and failings in a person you come in contact with, at the beginning of the month. However, you will soon get busy. Businessmen and professionals will need to remain attentive about receivables. In the second week, a minor setback seems to be on the cards for you. Use this time positively to rethink your strategy about growth, instead of fretting, advises Ganesha. You may need to put in extra effort to meet your goals and targets. Around Tuesday, you could bring discord in marital life. Even lovebirds could develop some misgiving between them. According to Ganesha, you need to spend quality-time together to clear the misunderstanding and get romantic. At the beginning of the new fortnight, those employed may be favored. You are likely to get the right exposure to manifest your inherent abilities. You should accept new challenges and handle them successfully is Ganesha’s suggestion. Around Wednesday-Thursday in the month’s last week, businessmen may manage to experiment with a new product. But, an issue in the family may upset you. Do not let it work you up, as it is only transitory, says Ganesha. By the month end, you shall be inspired to take several initiatives for growth. No major expenses are foreseen in this part of the month. On the contrary, there are chances of your being able to save satisfactorily. Regarding health, time do not look conducive, especially when the month begins; however, by the end, you shall be placed better health-wise.

Pisces HoroscopePisces

There couldn’t be a better beginning to a month. Those in business shall happily explore new territory for expansion. Job holders could be entrusted with additional responsibility. Married folks may be keen to put their differences aside to enjoy cosy moments. Singles will be able to look forward to building a long term serious relationship. In the second week, you may get dismayed by the inconsiderate behavior of someone, you are emotionally involved with. Thankfully, by 12th, you will calm down. By mid-month, you could be searching for a management guru or business leader to draw inspiration from. However, you may throw up impediments, and your search might lead you to a dead end. Things remain good, though, for singles, and even get better, around 20th and 21st. Lovers may be determined to take a major step forward in their relationship at this time. Time will support you, but do consider pros and cons as well. By the month end, your focus could be on managing your money efficiently. You may increase budgets for family to keep them happy and comfortable. Businessmen shall be keen on formulating strategy to score over competitors and increase their market share. However, do not cut corners to achieve desired results. Maybe, you could lower margins to help your cause for now. All this while, do keep your lifestyle and diet balanced, or an old health issue may come to fore, warns Ganesha.

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