Horoscope December 2017

Mighty May? What does Your May Horoscope Say?

Its May and the sun is shining brightly on us! But are your horoscopes equally bright and shinning on your fate? Well, learn about your good days, bad days, your ups and downs, and what you should be aware off in this month!

Aries HoroscopeAries

This month you are going to be bitten by a burning desire to become rich quick. So, to make lots of money, you will need to work smart and hard. One of the major factors that play an important role here is your luck. The other is your perseverance. The good news is that our winged messenger Mercury becomes direct in motion in the first week. This heralds hectic activities. It is time to put into action all your conceived plans for change in strategy and working methods. You will need little reminders to boost your spirits and refocus your day. Dear Venus and Mercury posited in your Sign will inspire you intelligently to shore up your finances. While you get busy trying to build your bank balance, try not to neglect close relationships. There could be some issues or differences in confirmed relationships, warns Ganesha. By mid-month with Moon in earthly cardinal Sign Capricorn, it seems like a good time to organize things to make necessary changes to enhance your prospects. The influence of Mars is likely to keep you busy and on the go. You will be eager to take initiatives and rush up plans to derive the maximum to realize your dreams. Refrain from getting temperamental when things do not move your way. But despite a down phase, mighty Sun and aggressive Mars will keep you in high spirits. Fortunately, by the month end, supportive times emerge for fresh investments that will yield good results.

Taurus HoroscopeTaurus

Things will largely be about rupees and relationships, this month. Some days things will be good, some days may not be. So muster up enough courage, fortitude and will power to face the vicissitudes of life. Anyway first half of the month is not supportive for fresh investments. Single ones facing resistance at home about their choice of partner, could plan to elope with sweetheart, recommends Ganesha. Time seems conducive at this juncture. Exercise due discrimination while spending money. By mid-month, Mercury shifts to your Sign, ushering a happy period. Now, you can look forward to more stable financial times. Go ahead with your investments and wait for fine returns. At the end of the month, you may encounter an influential person at a party who may prove supportive for your business. However, you may not think decisively or act firmly as New Moon is posited in Gemini that hampers decisiveness. Ganesha’s advice this month is that you handle matters related to finance and family with due caution.

Gemini HoroscopeGemini

Brace yourself for some challenging times this month. Planetary positions here indicate that you are likely to be dissatisfied with your present position. Your goals and dreams seem distant and your pursuit of money seems to be getting insecure. Saturn posited in opposition to your Sign and Mars stationed therein may put hurdles in one form or other in day to day working and may affect progress adversely. Be ready for some hectic activity in the coming week as Mercury becomes direct in motion. Businessmen can now confidently think of executing their plans. Sharpen your focus, advises Ganesha. Focus provides the clarity necessary to make decisions that support your most important goals. Good encouraging monetary gain seems to be in the offing. This will bring some cheer and strengthen your financial position. On the work front, you will continue to face demanding situations. Businessmen will remain disgruntled as the dream to strike big seems elusive. There seems to be a possibility of gaining money through inheritance. But be patient. You may need to complete some legal procedures before it becomes yours. Your personal life may become problematic. You could get hot-headed and abrasive. Remain careful while handling relationships, whether new or old. Give priority to resolving issues, instead of building up resistance, urges Ganesha.

Cancer HoroscopeCancer

Setting priorities about earnings and expenditure could engage you this month. You will regret this act soon and focus on saving money for future needs. If you have plans to go abroad, planetary position seems supportive at the moment. With Mercury becoming direct in movement here, you can put long conceived plans for achieving higher growth into action. However, be prepared for delays and holdups caused by retrogression of two major planets, Saturn and Jupiter. You need to take corrective measures and ensure you get back on track. But personal relationships could dampen your spirits. There may be stress and anxiety and you may not be able to control the situation, warns Ganesha. Handle differences in confirmed relationship tactfully and also take care about sensibilities of concerned person. It may not be a good time for relationships, but definitely sympathetic days for fresh investments to earn money. But do keep enough money for emergencies, urges Ganesha. Over weekend, Sun shifts into dual natured airy Sign Gemini to join company of Mars already stationed therein. Moon posited along with dear Venus could help you organize yourself and get disciplined. Now Suns and Mars are in direct opposition to wily Saturn. In view of this, you may get hot-headed and arrogant, and remaining level headed may become a challenge. You need to mark out priorities about monetary requirements and spend money accordingly.

Leo HoroscopeLeo

Encouragement and benevolence may be your two pillars of support this month. Businesspersons dealing with government controlled organizations, institutes or otherwise, are likely to strike long profitable deals at the beginning. However, avoid being temperamental. When differences crop up with someone in a close and meaningful relationship, take initiatives to mend the situation and maintain amicability. Planetary positions here seem supportive for reviving old connections; enjoy partying and socializing as well. You are likely to come across some influential person one of these days who could be of help in bettering your prospects. Here, you need to be diplomatic and discreet in your interactions, cautions Ganesha. With both Mars and Sun stationed in House linked to gains, some out of turn monetary gains seem to be on your way. However, Saturn may cause delays. According to Ganesha, do not lose your patience, as this could hinder your long term goals. Businessmen in foreign trade can expect some positive news. Efforts put up earlier will pay off now. Take decisions in matters related to finance after due deliberations only. The month ends with planetary positions taking you away from the materialistic world and awakening your spiritual side. You will be keen to engage with a learned person to reaffirm your beliefs and clear your doubts.

Virgo - HoroscopeVirgo

Issues related to personal and professional life will keep you on your toes this month. It may not be a good beginning. If you are not careful, you could fail to strike a balance between personal and professional obligations. Get organized, structure your schedules, and prioritize, says Ganesha. Mercury becomes direct in motion, early in the month.  You may need to complete some legal formalities before things fall in your lap. Meanwhile, remain well focused on your present assignment. Expect a lucky run round the corner. With no malefic force in play and benefices having positive influence, you can look forward to strengthening your financial position. There are no hindrances now for making fresh investments. More good turns are foreseen for you. Those dealing in foreign trade may get some business finalized after long term negotiation. Employed ones may have to face the ordeal of a demanding boss. Challenging times are forecasted for you this month. Talking about health, planetary positions here indicate that you could be vulnerable to some viral infections. As the month draws to a close, an old meaningful relationship could surface. However, do not get sidetracked; do not jeopardize your long term interests. Amidst all this hectic activity, you be inclined to do charity and affiliate yourself with charitable causes. Look after your health too.

Libra HoroscopeLibra

You will be hungry for success this month. You will be self-motivated and push yourselves harder towards your goals. Reaffirm your strategy and stay grounded in what you are trying to achieve. It is also an auspicious time to launch new products and ventures. Surround yourself with positive mental attitude that will that will help you tap these opportunities successfully, exhorts Ganesha.  In view of this keep enough provision for unplanned expenses. You may also be eager to invest money with handsome returns. Saturn now in retrograde mode and posited in the Third House will make you aware of hazards of high aspirations and ignoring your limitations. Those in business need to attentive about quality of materials being delivered. With no disrupting influence of malefic over Seventh House, day to day activities will be smooth, without any major hiccups. Looks like it is the right time now to accelerate your pace of progress, forecasts Ganesha. Remain careful about your health.

Scorpio HoroscopeScorpio

You will zealously wish to get smart with your money this month. You will look for opportunities to bolster your finances. You will be checking out options to see what works best for you. Scorpio natives are always passionate about their needs and requirements. Fortunately, planetary positions are encouraging at the moment. You will be in a strong position financially. Those in trade and business can now look forward to implementing their plans successfully. You can expect heartening results during this period, forecasts Ganesha. However, as days progress and stars realign themselves, you might need to get cautious. Handle monetary matters carefully! Sometimes all it boils down to is establishing key habits and making small lifestyle changes in your spending habits. You need to maintain status quo as far as bank balance is concerned. Or, look for new avenues to increase earnings. By mid-month several planetary configurations take place. Some of these may be at cross purposes, but luckily you will emerge unscathed thanks to the calming influence of Jupiter. Though with these disturbances, you will need to execute due discrimination while spending money. Also, keep a watch on your temperament. It could get out of hand with Mars and Saturn coming opposite to each other. Avoid direct confrontation with colleagues or with people whose relationship matters to you. Do not hold grudges against those who do not see eye to eye with you.

Sagittarious HoroscopeSagittarius

You may face stubborn challenges that may slow down your progress this month. They may hold you back from fulfilling your vision. How are you going to overcome these disappointments? According to Ganesha, work with dedication and discipline and wait for opportune moments to make your kill. The strong influence of Mars will keep you busy and energized for long hours, though Saturn might prove to be a bit of a dampener. Take courage! A noticeable change in planetary position happens when Mercury shifts to Taurus. You can expect a smooth run for some time now. Do not get distracted by optional opportunities and remain well focused on the tasks at hand. Remain level headed when things are not moving your way. And lastly, remain aware of ground realities and your limitations. If you manage to remain calm, balanced, reasonable and unflappable, you will be able to surmount half your challenges. Positive influence of Jupiter over Sun and Mars traversing through 7th House from your Sign will help you keep a calm and sorted marital and partnership life. By the month end, some minor challenges may reappear. Confront them like before and going will not be so tough, advises Ganesha. Amidst this strife, do not neglect your health. The ensuing astral battle between major planets of conflicting nature does not augur well for health.

Capricone HoroscopeCapricorn

You will devise new plans and strategies to nurture your skills this month. Your motto will be to be confident, work hard and perform optimally. The beginning of the month looks good. But check before taking the plunge as some may not have long-term viability. Both businessmen and professionals are likely to gain here. With day to day tasks running smoothly, you can now focus on some development oriented activities. For maximum results, be methodical in your work. Benefices will support your cause. If you are looking for buying an apartment or shifting residences, go ahead! You have the required blessings, forecasts Ganesha. Make sure you do not go overboard. Save for the future. In the coming days, maintaining balance between work life and family life may become stressful. Work related stress could take a toll on your health, bringing down your immunity. Don’t forget – you need to be fit to be able to work efficiently. As the month draws to a close, you’ll find yours skills and expertise bearing fruits, both personally and professionally. Handle issues in close relationships tactfully without getting abrasive. A pleasant and enjoyable time predicted for you at home, as the month ends.

Aquarius - HoroscopeAquarius

Plenty of hard work is on the anvil, and this will be on various fronts of your life. That’s what’s in store for you this month. At the beginning of the month, crafty Mercury becomes direct in motion, ushering in encouraging times. Progress is expected to be good at work with positive developments and promotional occurrences taking you close to your targets. Planetary positions also indicate gain in monetary assets. You could shop here for some lucrative investment opportunities to boost earnings. Aquarians are always keen to experiment with new ideas to better their prospects. Go ahead, the way seems clear! However, you need to remain level headed and not race ahead recklessly, Ganesha alerts. Take initiatives in mending fences, urges Ganesha. At the end of the month, the next round of planetary configurations also brings good news. This indicates opportunities for some handsome monetary gains. Be smart here to gauge the worth of the opportunity and effort required. Those employed will get busy with new prestigious assignments. Remain focused.

Pisces HoroscopePisces

Get ready for a demanding situation and an uphill climb this month. Good time for businessperson to pour money into ventures to accelerate pace of development. Though, you will continue to encounter stretches of fear and disappointments, alerts Ganesha. Those employed may find themselves overloaded with work. An intelligent move may serve you well in building up your wealth. But keep finances with long term perspective and emergencies in mind. If you are inclined a buy a house, you should begin your search as planetary position seem supportive. These configurations may bolster your savings. You could also expect some new openings to generate earnings. And, you can be sure of some fun times ahead! But, hard work and labor continue to be the themes – right through the month. Be prepared to work consistently for long hours. Do not get deterred by obstacles in day to day activities and remain determined to move ahead. Remain cool headed. As the month draws to a close, under the positive influence of benefices, you are likely to increase care more for your family. Planets will facilitate monetary gains. This is will revive your sodden spirits.

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