Neural Nit-picking – 5 Ways to Declutter Your Thought Process

There’s nothing worse than having a cluttered mind and being unable to focus on anything you need to do.

Sometimes it just makes you want to crawl into bed and avoid everything, which if you have a comfortable bed like the ones from Koala it is completely understandable.  However, avoiding things isn’t the best way to deal with it; it’s good to be able to face things head on, so if you’re stuck with a messy head and no idea how to clean it, here’s a list which has 5 ways that will help you declutter your thought process.



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Meditation is a great way to help you get rid of all the craziness happening upstairs.

By sitting down and focussing on your breathing, you’re allowing yourself to rid your mind of everything that’s been bothering you or sticking around in your head. If you are able to successfully drown out everything and focus in this way, this will also come in handy when you’re in a stressful situation and need to buckle down and just focus on the one thing in front of you.

Clean house




If your house is messy, coming home will feel more like a chore than a sanctuary.

By decluttering your surroundings, you’re taking another stressful thing out of your mind, giving yourself a relaxing and comfortable environment to come home to so you can start focussing on any other projects you have at the time which may be stressing you out.


Being able to focus your mind on one thing, rather than all of the things, will really help you in situations of absolute chaos. Sit down and try to prioritise all of the things you have to do, and how you can do them, to make all the tasks easier for you. Having a list there can help you physically see what needs your attention at that time, so you always know where to focus all your thoughts and energy. It also feels great when you get to cross something off the list, knowing you’ve achieved something.

Write it down

If there are so many things bothering you that you can’t even focus, it may be a good idea to write it all down and get it out of your system. Writing down what’s bothering you or cluttering up your mind is a great way of getting it out of your head and onto something physical. You can also let out all your emotions about the topic this way so they don’t eat you up. Once it’s out and on paper, you’ll feel relieved and have more room in your head to do the things that are important and fun.

Don’t stress

The worst thing you can do if you’re in a difficult situation is stress.

Stress can cause a downhill steamroll which will make it hard to get a grip on your emotions, and even sometimes cause panic. As well as being bad for your mental and physical health, stress can also get in the way of your personal relationships. If you can’t get a grip of your emotions, you may end up taking them out on people you love who surround you, which will leave people angry or wanting to distance themselves away from you.

Having a cluttered mind is definitely not fun, start off small and take it easy when trying to make this a little more bearable. Don’t be too hard on yourself; you need to create a happy space for yourself so you can manifest all the good things you need.

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