Working as a croupier

To work as a croupier is a job in a high tempo, a lot of responsibility and uncomfortable working hours. It is also a fun job where you meet a lot of interesting people and you get work structured, methodically and in a lovely environment. But how do one become a croupier?

Working as a croupier, or as a dealer as it is also called, is a great way to get away and experience something else. It is also a merit that many of your future employers hold high as it shows that you can handle a busy and stressful environment and still keep focused and stay structured even though it is a whole lot going on around you.

Work tasks for a croupier

The classic casino consists of four parts

  • Cards, like poker, Blackjack and Teen Patti are some of the most common forms but there are other types of card games as well.
  • Games of dice, one of the most common games of dice are craps, it is very uncommon to see any other dice games.
  • Roulette, this classic game of table games is not like anything else.
  • Slots, this area is not an area where the croupiers but is all automatic. At bigger casinos one can work as a host or hostess and mingle with those gambles here!

To learn more of the games you read all about them at the gambling Times Magazine in India and read about and get inspired by some of the best and most famous female croupiers throu times in this article about the greatest female gamblers blog post.

Where can you work?

As gambling is prohibited in India most work abroad or on international cruise ships. There are also some jobs at internet casinos. So if you dream of a job abroad this might be for you!

How do I learn the profession?

There are not many schools that offer an education as a croupier, there are a few that you can find if searching. But it is not necessary to go to an independent school. These schools take out a fee and you are not guaranteed a job. But the education that you get is a good merit in applying for jobs. Most casinos offer new employees an education before starting the job. During this start up time you will not get a salary but if you pass the test you do have a job!

Do a good research before making a conclusive decision

Make sure to research the school and employers thoroughly prior to signing or paying anything. There are a lot of really good employers out there but there also some that don´t have good intentions and will take advantage of you.

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