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No Rain on Your Parade – Dresses to Don this Monsoon

If you like the pitter-patter of raindrops on your windowsill and the aroma of petrichor in the air, then undoubtedly you are a monsoon lover. Just a little drizzle makes you want to bring out your gumboots and jump in the puddles like a child again. Also, let’s not forget the piping hot pakoras and cutting chai that you instantly begin craving. While everyone complains about the water-logging and the mud, you can’t help but have an ear to ear smile plastered across your face.

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While your love for monsoon is never-ending, a monsoon ready wardrobe that is comfortable and breathable is a must-have. Cotton and linen are the best fabrics to don in the monsoon season as it tends to get humid and sticky. These breathable fabrics don’t stick to your skin and keep your love for monsoon alive.

There are a ton of women’s dresses online that you can choose from; however, most of them aren’t good enough and fail to live up to your expectations. Here are a few women’s dresses online that you can consider buying to make your monsoon more fun and comfortable so that it never rains on your parade!

A Monsoon Ready Wardrobe

Layer Up!

Raglan Sleeve Dress

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If you are someone who can’t refrain from dancing in the rain, then this dual-layered dress is just the right choice for you. This 100% cotton dress is a perfect attire to don in the pouring rain as it doesn’t get see-through, thanks to the layering. The color is cooling to the eye and can be donned with any footwear!

Indigo is the Way to Go!

Pleated Shirt Dress – Blue

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Shirt dresses are all the rage these days in fashion as they are casual, yet stylish. This 100% cotton dress with a pleated skirt is perfect for monsoon! You twirl and swing your way around in the rain with ease and look dream-like. This multi-functional dress can also be worn as a tunic with a pair of palazzos, jeans, or leggings. Now, these are the kind of women’s dresses online that we need to find more!

Think Pink!

Flare Dress – Pink

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Soft hues are always a win when it comes to monsoon as they are easy to the eyes and blend right in! You can team this linen dress with sneakers for that ultimate comfort in the monsoon season. Also, this dress comes with the most significant feature that every women’s dress online lacks: pockets.

Slits, Straps, and Stripes

Side Slit Stripe Dress - Red

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This easy slip-on dress is not only comfortable but also super stylish to look at. On a rainy summer morning, you can slide into this dress with ease and look drop-dead gorgeous. The vertical stripes give a slender look, and the slit breaks the pattern elegantly. You can also style this as a kurta on days you feel traditional.

Ready to Shine

Eclipse Strappy Dress

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Nothing can dull you down in this dress, come rain or shine! This party-ready silk dress will remind you of hibiscus plants that bloom during the monsoon. It’s made from silk, giving it a natural sheen, perfect for that dinner with beau or night out with the girls. In this red strappy dress, you’ll be exemplifying class and beauty this monsoon.

Don’t Let Rain Drain Your Spirits

The monsoon season is the season of new beginnings as new saplings grow and everything is in full bloom. The picturesque sky becomes the perfect backdrop for pictures in these beautiful monsoon attires. Come rain or shine, nothing can rain on your parade in these dresses this monsoon.

However, it is essential that when shopping for women’s dresses online, you choose the best designs, silhouettes, and fabrics. One such lifestyle brand – Nicobar is the epitome of class and style. You can find not only clothes that will give your monsoon wardrobe a modern twist but various other things like home décor, men’s clothing, travel essentials, and much more. This is a perfect website to shop from for women’s dresses online as you can rest assured of perfect fit and quality. So, this monsoon, don yourself in these beautiful and fresh designs!

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