Ode to Mum

Ode to Mum – Happy Mother’s Day Maa

She was the first person I knew

The first person I needed

 The first person I loved and the first person I was upset with

She loves me all the same

She is the smartest woman I knew

Her wisdom got me far, she instilled in me the wisdom from the movie, Gone With The Wind – “come what may, tomorrow’s another day” and she taught me how to draw silver linings around every cloud.

Then I grew up and thought I knew more

I scoffed at her advice thinking she knew nothing

I found my own self-help quotes and tried to teach her a thing or two

She humbly listened to show me she loves me all the same

She offered me food all day and I blamed her for making me fat and blamed her for everything else in between

She did love me all the same and took the hurt I caused her as water off a duck’s back.

She let me to treat her as my punching bag

She hugged me and loves me all the same

She grows wiser every day, learning from life

Sometimes, parenting doesn’t get any easier

Yet she loves us all the same

She tried to accept me as I am and I felt patronised, “you’re my mum, what else would you say?”

She offered to correct me and I felt “not good enough”

We’re so sensitive you see, especially to our parents’ opinions of us.

It’s hard to “get it right” as a mum, what was right, when she could only draw from her own experiences, pull from what her mother taught her, when her values, priorities and beliefs were different from the ones I formed, when her life was so much less privileged than mine?

She just continued to love me all the same

Then I had my biggest shift in root perspective, I was blessed with a beautiful daughter of my own and now I became the mum, how do you “get it right” when you can only draw from your own life and you bring a child into a fast-changing, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world that you too are trying to navigate?


I loved her before she was born,

I held her so close to me

I protected her from everything

Not realising that I was shielding her from the sun’s warmth.

She courageously asked me to move,

She blossomed like a rose

She faces the world on her own,

And grows into a wiser and more gorgeous woman everyday.

Pride swells in my heart for the strong and compassionate women both my mum and daughter are

We try to do our best as both and pray they love us all the same.

“Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want to happen”

Yes mothers worry, I stopped the day I heard this quote and have replaced it with visualising the best possible outcomes for them every single moment.

According to the lifeworks of Dr. David Hawkins –  Worry is anxiety – fear that things may not go as you desire and leads to emotions like blame, shame, guilt – these are the lowest vibrations in a human being, instead why not project, pride, courage, acceptance, love and joy – A state of pervasive, unshakable happiness to your loved ones, especially as a mum?

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