How To Pick A Right Kurti From The Market?

Going all formal or traditional isn’t quite cool. And that is why many opt for mix and match dresses so as to avoid being too formal or casual. In fact, taking this middle way is a lot of people’s choice. When it comes to such fused dresses, we never forget to mention Kurtis and jeans teamed up together.  Their popularity is recent but interestingly it has never seen a dip. A lot of women from cities as well as suburbs still wear this interesting combination of clothes and outstrip others in terms of fashion.

If you are someone who hasn’t yet tried this unique dress then it’s high time you slipped into one. Just head to the market and stop by any good shop dealing in traditional attires, you are sure to come across a plenty of varieties. But before you make a pick, you must consider factors like your complexion and body type. If you are a little tall then you will look great in those long Kurtis. However, if you possess a short stature, then you will do fine with short Kurtis.

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The second thing to consider is the color. The entire market is flooded with Kurtis of different colors, so, you can pick one according to your color preferences. Blacks and whites are quite popular. You can choose them if you believe in simplicity. This shouldn’t however lead you into thinking that colors other than these two are loud or gaudy. It isn’t so. Every color is beautiful if it complements your skin tone. You should always emphasize on wearing colors that go with the color of your skin. Go for dark colors if you have a lighter skin tone. And in case you are a little dark then lighter shades will enhance your beauty more.

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The length of the kurti is also an important factor to be considered. If you are too bulky then you will carry off a long kurti better. But in case, body weight is not an issue with you, you will absolutely dazzle in short Kurtis. Short kurtis look amazing with jeans. There are special short kurtis for long skirts. These Kurtis are neither too heavy nor too simple. They maintain a decent design standard. Kurtis teamed with a pair of jeans look out-and-out stunning. And the women who wear this combination not only look gorgeous but also ooze out a feminine feel.

If you are considering buying a kurti for your favorite pair of jeans, then factoring in the points listed above will help you a great deal. Another thing that you must remember while shopping for a kurti is that not all Kurtis you find in the market are reasonably priced. So, offer a price that appears reasonable to you. Never be coaxed into believing that you can get high quality Kurtis only in high-end shops. This is a myth. In reality, you can shop for amazing Kurtis even in makeshift markets. All that matters is whether or not the product appeals to you.

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