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Simple Everyday Habits That Can Kill You!

Getting habituated is easy, but to change a habit is difficult. Certain everyday routines have to be modified, if you want to remain healthy and alive, for long. But, apart from our healthy daily routines, our health also depends on the harmful routines we follow. Giving them up can increase our life span more. Some daily habits to be reconsidered are:

Messaging while walking or driving

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Using the cell for chatting or sending sms when you are on the road is risky as your attention is needed elsewhere, especially on the speeding vehicles. You may get thrashed by a vehicle while texting your friend or colleague.

Munching while Watching TV

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Watching the TV programs is not wrong, but the choice of eating tit bits is. Most people choose to eat wafers and other unhealthy weight increasing bites while watching TV, and this can lead to health conditions like arthritis, cancer, heart diseases, etc.

Working and Eating do not match

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Instead of eating while working take a break. Select a spot outside your work place. Eating while working on your computer leads to weight gain and a series of health conditions, already mentioned above.

Physical Inactivity

physical activity is mustSource

Overweight and sicknesses are not an outcome of excessive eating alone. It is from the idleness too. Simple activity like walking quickly for half an hour or more, can work wonders! It can reduce heart sickness, arrest “type2 diabetes, and even some cancers. It can influence your moods, mind and body as extra benefits.

Rapid ear cleaning

cleaning ear

The cleaning of ears comes as a surprise! Incorrect ways of ear cleansing can cause death. In fact cleaning ears rapidly can tear the delicate ear drums, so take care. “For example, just a few years ago a man from Montreal, Canada died after contracting meningitis from bacteria that entered through his eardrum.”

Cigarette Smoking


The use of cigars, cigarettes and others seem to be motioned repeatedly because it is really injurious to health. It can cause various types of cancers (especially lung cancer), increased Blood Pressure and other ailments. Moreover, the smell of the cigarette sticks to your clothes, which is then inhaled by your kids or any person you hug. And the result is simply the same, cancer.

Be Careful!!!

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