Horoscope December 2017

What Does Your Stars Say This August 2016?

Aries HoroscopeAries

This month, your fortunes could keep fluctuating. In the first few days, you may be filled with guilt for neglecting your household. Thankfully, this feeling shall stop bothering you, as days pass, helping you be your enthusiastic and energetic self. You will now be confident, fired by new ideas. Businessmen will be busy now with new enthusiasm and plans to increase turnover. Job holders, though, could be required to work extra to fulfill additional tasks. Good times continue for most of you, even in the second week. You will be clear and candid in your communications. Businessmen may consider laying foundation for vertical growth. Many of you will also be able to outshine your rivals, confirms Ganesha. Around mid-month, you can be sure of heaving a sigh of relief. You will feel as if a load has been lifted! However, remember that results materialize only when luck is coupled with hard work and diligence. By mid-month, you will organize yourself and set priorities. You may expect to have an easier route ahead. Hone your skills, though, to get a competitive edge, advises Ganesha. In the latter part of the month, progressive forces get activated. Promotions and financial gains may be in the pipeline. However, It’s not all rosy for love matters. Singles will be more interested in their careers than companionship, for the moment. Those married will be grim and low-spirited. Friendships may get sour, due to some misgivings. If you handle the situation delicately, everything will be alright. There may be roadblocks in routine matters. Health may suffer too. Some of you may be worried about the future prospects. Stay positive, says Ganesha.

Taurus HoroscopeTaurus

In the month of August, Taurus natives could be preoccupied with finance, family and health. Though the week may start on a lively note with social gatherings with friends and colleagues, it could take an unhappy turn as the days roll by. Disturbances in the family are predicted at the beginning. Fortunately, with some monetary gains happening here, you will be able to increase budgets for family satisfactorily. You shall also spend more time at home and fulfill the required needs and aspirations. By the month end, Ganesha assures, it shall shine benevolently and bring the family together in happy kinship. The other issue that may become a cause for concern this month could be health. In the second week, many of you could be down with viral infection and fever. Thankfully, health concerns will soon be under control, declares Ganesha. For job holders, the month of August does not augur well. They could be distracted and their performance could become poor. Ganesha reassures that it is only on the last Wednesday of the month, you could develop a more positive and focused attitude to work. You might introspect and identify your shortcomings here. In the fourth week, time could boost income. Businessmen and professionals could be satisfied with earnings here. You might work on strategies for long term growth. However, Ganesha warns you against making any major financial commitments. Married folks may not enjoy harmony and happiness with their partner. You could also be stressed about some differences with someone in a close relationship. Singles could be eager to enjoy physical intimacy with someone of the opposite sex this month. Overall, August brings with it few worries that could be fought with fortitude and foresight, says Ganesha.

Gemini HoroscopeGemini

In the month of August, some monetary gains should keep the Gemini natives in high spirits. You will come across several opportunities in the coming weeks that could help you earn more. You will be favourable for financial security and stability. With a comfortable financial balance, you could also be inclined to spend liberally on personal indulgences and family needs. In the first week, an old contact could be revived who may help you boost your earnings. This might continue over a sustained period. The easing off of financial pressure shall tempt you to socialize and party, informs Ganesha. The second week too opens on a joyous note. There could be more capital benefits for you in store. Now, you could be induced to fulfill your long cherished dream of redecorating your home and giving it a more elegant, contemporary makeover. Furthermore, you will not hesitate at this moment to incur some expenses for a religious ceremony desired by the family. In spite of this size-able overheads, you will be able to save satisfactorily, assures Ganesha. In the new fortnight, there are chances of you inheriting some handsome money at this point. Ganesha advises that you use this fund productively instead of splurging it on extravagance, as it is indicated that you could spend extravagantly on luxuries, household comforts and pleasure seeking activities during this phase. Luckily, even at the end of the month your bank balance continues to grow. This time you will benefit from the returns of some prior investment. Businessmen and professionals could face hurdles in routine work affecting progress. There could be misunderstandings or differences of opinion in partnership. According to Ganesha, a calm disposition might help you tide over difficulties. August does not portend well for marital life.

Cancer HoroscopeCancer

In the month of August, you can expect to enjoy marital bliss, and also get a chance to sharpen your social skills. Much needed, should we say? It’s likely to bring out your best, as the month begins. You are sympathetic, sensitive and caring. You will be happy and eager. However, there could be considerable struggle and challenges. Ganesha also cautions you not to forge any new relationship here. In the second week, domestic matters could preoccupy you. Those planning to buy a house may find this time useful. You could create a powerful and influential contact that could help in enhancing your financial prospects. Those married should grab this opportunity to snuggle up with their partner. In contrast, lovebirds should not nurse any hopes of getting close to each other. The new fortnight continues to look good for married folks. Pleasant surprises are in store. You may be keen to do something spontaneously to liven up the spirits of your better half. According to Ganesha, job holders may have to work for extended hours, while businessmen should brace themselves for stiff competition, in the third week. Troubles, enemies, rivals and obstacles may get activated. Singles will be career oriented with no trace of romance at this time. In the fourth week, matters related to money shall come to the fore. You will manage to save money. Around 22nd businessmen and professionals to move faster than ever. By the month end, your social skills will come under a scanner. Work on them, and be polite and tactful. Protect your image and reputation, especially when at social gatherings, advises Ganesha. On 31st, you will balance out your social life and domestic responsibilities.

Leo HoroscopeLeo

In the month of August, natives of Leo could get busy managing earnings and emotions. The month starts well with progressive forces working effectively. Your sign may help you organize your efforts to maximum returns. There is plenty of comfort and contentment also in store this month. You will be able to enjoy pleasures of life. There will be revelry and merrymaking with friends in the coming days. You could also be blessed with long lasting monetary gains here. Though, refrain from boasting about your affluence and wealth, urges Ganesha. However, as family and household expenses may increase, your budget could get a bit tight by the month end. You may look for new vistas to increase earnings. Mid-month, work schedule becomes easy and less stressful during this phase. Married folks may enjoy greater compatibility and compassion now. This month might also witness several mood swings. You could be in a foul mood on some days, while on other days you could get melancholic and depressed. Time would be responsible for negative feelings here. Your shortcomings and faults may cast long shadows here. Always be in control of yourself if you want a smooth path ahead of you, advises Ganesha. No support any romance either. Singles may not make much headway with their love interest at this juncture. In fact, they could bungle up the friendship with their inability to express themselves clearly. Regarding health, people aged fifty and above need to be careful. Overall, there is progress written in the first half of August, but there are chances of situations spiraling out of control due to changing emotions and moods as the month draws to a close.

Virgo - HoroscopeVirgo

You may be preoccupied with finances and pressures in personal life, this month. In the initial days of the month may increase your efficiency, helping you achieve aplenty. Businessmen and professionals may also gain here. However, Ganesha suggests that you need to keep a check on your confrontational tendencies and work on your level of compatibility. In the second week, you might be stressed due to personal issues. Natives of your sign tend to get anxious easily. Also, you have a tendency to dislike those who do not conform to your views and opinions. In addition, you get hurt and hold grudges. If you allow these negatives to pile up, you may be crushed. However, if you build on positive thoughts and feelings, you may pave your path towards progress, feels Ganesha. This may create dilemmas and doubts in your mind. Thankfully, Virgo natives are good at multitasking and you will pass through these trying times unscathed. Around the middle of the month, those who are single may get edgy to attract the attention of someone from the opposite sex. Ganesha recommends that if they wish to woo someone successfully, they should get into their best behaviour. From the third Wednesday of the month, it may goad you to experiment with new ideas and working methods to accelerate growth. It will help you manage your finances wisely. Put in your best effort and desired results shall soon be at your doorstep, assures Ganesha. You also need to take good care of yourself at this juncture, does not forecast well for health, warns Ganesha. Chronic health problems might become troublesome. Overall, you shall be financially secure in August, except for a few phases of anxiety.

Libra HoroscopeLibra

In the month of August, natives of the Zodiac Sign Libra may remain preoccupied with issues in relationships. You may intentionally immerse yourself in work to ward off a host of negative vibes. There might be a misunderstanding or a confrontation with a close contact at the beginning. But, fortunately, this will not distract or stress you out. Household affairs might take up a good part of your time this month. As you have not been able to devote enough time at home, matters may have piled up, informs Ganesha. A sense of guilt could grip you here. Emotions are likely to get amplified. Here, you could be also keen to revive relationships with people who helped you grow and further your prospects. However, for married folks, August does not spell good times. The relationship may get marred by feelings of hostility and anger. On Tuesday in the fourth week, according to Ganesha, now issues concerning relationships, particularly those dear to you, may get resolved amicably. By the month end, singles might be blessed to forge friendship with the opposite sex. Those already in love will now be eager to marry and enjoy physical intimacy. Financially, no major stress or upheaval is foreseen in August, assures Ganesha. Around the second weekend, businessmen and professionals could be greatly relieved. Ganesha predicts prosperous days ahead with little or no impediments. The positive trend continues till the month end. You might take calculated risks to better your prospects. You efforts will, in all probability, bear encouraging results.

Scorpio HoroscopeScorpio

In the month of August, the natives of the Zodiac Sign Scorpio may be concerned primarily with money matters and relationships. To begin with, businessmen and professionals should be able to negotiate a big deal. However, indicative of finances, you need to be careful during this phase, says Ganesha. Similarly, The ebb and flow of destiny as it changes positions. You could be induced to earn money fast, but as it gets debilitated, it could throw up roadblocks for earning. For job holders there is rigorous schedule in store at this moment. Mid-month too you may need to be careful about money matters. According to Ganesha, do not make any major commitments without thoroughly studying all implications. On the fourth Tuesday,  lead to some financial gains. As far as relationships are concerned, they may not be forged as desired at the beginning of the month. Time cautions against new friendship, particularly with someone of the opposite sex, says Ganesha. Singles eager to enjoy intimate moments may not have their wish fulfilled. Many of you could be stressed about unrest in the family now. Do not ignore family needs and requirements. Also, refrain from getting sarcastic or critical about family members. Married couples may not get much happiness this month. Your partner could be submerged in work and might not get enough time to attend to anything else. Around Wednesday, in the fifth week, will help you cool down and enjoy life as it comes, says Ganesha. Overall, a month of mixed bag: some phases appear good, while others may be ordinary.

Sagittarious HoroscopeSagittarius

In the month of August, you could be engaged with spirituality and financial matters. What could come handy in the coming weeks is their inherent traits of being optimistic and carefree, even in the face of opposition and odds. As trouble and hardships unfold at the beginning, many of you cool Sagittarians could be plodding along without a trace of worry, assures Ganesha. Maybe, it is spirituality and pious thoughts that may give you strength here. Anyway, you stand a good chance to move ahead in this direction. With your monetary gains being unsatisfactory at the moment, soothing thoughts and sentiments will provide you relief. As it is, you have an inclination to seek solace in spirituality, when things are not moving as desired. Financially, you could get stability by the middle of August. Financial matters may start looking up. You shall organize your assets and shuffle your financial portfolio, so that you get better returns, points out Ganesha. This will further strengthen your financial status. Businessmen and professionals may find themselves better placed to successfully negotiate high worth deals. This appears to be a happy phase for them. They could probably toy with the idea of turning their dreams into reality now. Nearing the end of August, you could help identify the right direction to progress, informs Ganesha. Those employed could be entrusted with additional responsibilities for which you might be supported. There is also romance lined up for many in August. Those who are single might be favoured to forge romantic alliance. However, Ganesha advises that this does not seem like a good phase to push for physical intimacy. Overall, August looks like a good month sprinkled with piety, progress.

Capricone HoroscopeCapricorn

Time to balance your personal and professional lives. On 1st and 2nd, love and happiness shall be strong in your marriage. These will be great days, provided you refuse to be stuck and broody. The prompt compliance to all your needs by your partner shall make you elated. In this week itself, utilise this time to your advantage, and maximise your gains. On the 9th, strike balance in many aspects of your life. Those in business will have enough time now to implement their developmental work. The new fortnight could begin with some serious introspection. As you evaluate your performance, you may feel depressed and frustrated. You may also feel that you have not got the right exposure to match your potential and abilities. For love matters, though, this time remains good. Singles could enjoy cosy moments with a new found love. However, things may be a little damp in the marital realm. Ganesha foresees only a little bit of romance between married couples. Some health issue could hold you back from enjoying sensual pleasures fully. What’s more, bad health could also interfere with your day-to-day working. The fourth week could get you busy with domestic matters, but it will also bring forth an opportunity to strengthen your finances. But, as always, your fortunes may keep fluctuating. Remain motivated and do your best, advises Ganesha. By the month end, married folks should have something to cheer. New opportunities may surface. But, there’s a hitch – on the same day. Watch your words, as you run a risk of coming across as too blunt.

Aquarius - HoroscopeAquarius

A month of mixed fortunes and myriad ups and downs awaits you. You may not be your high-performing self. There may be health issues to deal with. Add to it the not-so-favourable movements and things may get a bit rocky. You could also be tense and agitated. Relax! Let this pass, and until then, just focus on staying put, says Ganesha. On the positive side, you will gain money, over and above your regular income. In the second week too, you may feel somewhat dejected, a nagging feeling crowding, clouding your mind. You may not be able to think clearly, and may keep feeling that fortune is not favouring you. Singles may feel frustrated on not being able to make much headway in a desired relationship. Those married will be depressed about the indifferent attitude of their spouse. Thankfully, happier times seem round the corner. By mid-month, help would be seen for working professionals breathe easy, while aiding freshers find a suitable job. Those in business may not gain here, though. However, in the coming days, positive influence will strengthen your financial position, says Ganesha. You could be keen to experiment with new ideas to move ahead. Some sort of strife may surface in a meaningful relationship through, which you may find difficult to resolve. At the beginning of the fourth week, you could enjoy socializing, partying and making important contacts. This should refresh you substantially. Around 24th-25th, you may again be feeling down. Refrain from any fresh investments. As the month draws to a close, the simmering difference in marriage may lead to open tiffs. Be polite, lest you repent later! Job holders could face hurdles in routine work. Now is the time to review past decisions and locate weaknesses in your working methods, says Ganesha.

Pisces HoroscopePisces

For the natives born under the Sign Pisces, the month of August could pose many difficulties related to business and work. Beginning could bring in troubled times for many, particularly those in business. They may have to toil hard to meet their goals and targets. There could be disagreements and differences of opinion with your working partner that could slow down progress, informs Ganesha. It is only in the second week, the situation shall ease up a bit. You may be keen to learn and master a few skills in the coming days that may equip you to accept new challenges. However, some problem or the other persists. Business partner may continue to rankle. There is all possibility of work getting severely affected in the coming days. Things come to such a head that you may want to call off the partnership, feels Ganesha. Many of you may suffer due to lack of communication with an important person that could spoil your prospects for a lucrative venture. Mid-month, professionals too could be harried by the incessant flow of disturbances and distractions. They may not be able to focus and perform effectively here. According to Ganesha, married folks may have little peace of mind this month. An adverse effect on the career trajectory of your spouse creating tension at home. As far as health is concerned, you need to be careful. A minor issue, if neglected, could flare up to something major and become troublesome. Chronic problems of middle aged and above could worsen. Ganesha recommends alternative medicines as it could bring much desired relief. Overall, August appears to be troublesome and difficult, professionally as well as personally.

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