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Supplement Your Household Income with these 5 Side Hustles

Housewives face quite the problem: you want to be a contributing family member, and more importantly, you want to fulfill a sense of financial freedom and sense of worth. However, there are children who need to be raised, dinners that need to be cooked, and errands that must be tended to. How can you do both when your spouse or significant is the breadwinner, constantly away from home to support the family?

Too many women—even working women—aren’t involved with the financials. When we ask a housewife, “What are you doing with your money?” the typical answer is that their husband is looking after it. This can be a grave mistake lest divorce or death plunge you into the despair of poverty.

In order to help you avoid financial dependency in your relationship, today we’re going to share five side hustles you can pursue in your down time, when the baby is asleep, the kids are at school, or you catch a break after hustling across town. Many of these jobs are simple, can be done from the comfort of your home, and don’t require much education or expertise—meaning they might offer the perfect solution to earning an independent income, even if you left the education or workforce to raise a family.

So how do you compare to the average net worth by age? Do your finances hinge on your husbands? If so, give one of these money-making opportunities a go to start developing your own personal cashflow!

  1. Virtual Assistant

One of the best ways a homemaker can earn money online is by acting as a Virtual Assistant (VA) and completing remote tasks across many different industries. As expert organizers, executors, and live-in assistant to their spouse and children, many women find this role comes naturally to them.

  1. Data Entry

Data entry may sound complex, but so long as you possess computer skills, there is no Bachelor’s degree or previous experience required. All you need is a computer and internet connection, making this role perfect for a housewife to perform from home in her free time.

  1. Stock Photography

You know all of those photos you take of your children at soccer practice, or of the nature scenery out on your evening walks? Did you know that there might actually be a market for them? That’s right! There are many online companies who buy royalty-free images as well as footage, vectors, and illustrations.

Don’t have quite the eye behind the lens? No problem! Consider taking an online photography course that can teach you how to integrate all elements that you need to focus in the frame. That way, you can learn a new skill, pick up a fun hobby, and possibly make some money along the way!

  1. Delivery Driver

We’re not talking about the pizza delivery service you order your family when you’re simply too busy to cook a proper meal—we’re talking about getting paid to drive for companies like DoorDash and GrubHub. They allow customers to place remote orders at their favorite eateries or convenience stores to be picked up, fulfilled, and delivered by people like you!

These services offer tremendous flexibility to their customers and their drivers. Shoppers get to choose from a huge assortment of popular fare without having to leave their homes or call in an order; drivers get to decide when they want to work, for how long, and which orders they want to accept.

Killing some time between practice or before school pick-up duties? Just turn on the app and fulfill a nearby order! You get to look like a hero knocking upon someone’s door while making a quick $20 on the side.

  1. Survey Taker

Our last online job for homemaker moms involves getting paid for participating in online surveys—the perfect role for a woman who wishes her voice was heard more often. Companies will pair you with paid-for surveys relevant to your interests, experience, or household and you can earn money, gift cards, and exciting sweepstakes entries for each one you complete! It’s a wonderful way to kill time, let your opinion be known, and grow a small savings account on the side.

If none of these income-earning opportunities speak to you, housewives should help in financial planning so they’re informed of every decision their husbands make, as well as the risk/reward behind each choice—it’s your duty if you hope to be financially secure, now and in the future!

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