Surviving The Style Capital – Everything You Should Do When Visiting Melbourne

With Melbourne taking out World’s Most Liveable City for the seventh time (I mean, are the other cities even trying?), it is safe to say the Southern city has more than its share of things to do. The stubborn and unpredictable weather sets the scene for some of the most iconic experiences one can enjoy downunder, and if you aren’t converted, you have clearly never been to Melbourne. Every time of the year is a perfect time to visit, so book your flights and tick these things off your list while you are in town.

Right Location

While there is no such thing as a bad area in Melbourne, there is certainly better places than others. Booking yourself into Melbourne serviced apartments will place you in a central spot only a short stroll or tram ride to the city’s hot spots, as well as giving you the space and luxuries that you simply can’t get at a hotel. Situating yourself next to the Yarra River is another popular idea, as is staying near the iconic Flinders Street or Chapel Street. With the dreamy buildings and leafy hedges, it can be easy to fall in love at first sight with a location, but remember to make sure there is a nearby tram or train stop so you can get around easy.

Get Lost In a Laneway

Can one really go to Melbourne without getting lost down a laneway? If you may have ‘done a laneway before’ then you are simply unaware of just how many there, how different they are, and the unique treasures that are spread in these laneways all around the city. They can be stumbled upon, you can find them yourself, or you can even take a free tour. If you are powerless before great coffee, perfect pastries, and handmade crafts – be warned for what’s ahead. Some of the most notable laneways would be ACDC Lane, Hosier Lane and Degraves Street –  if you haven’t got long in Melbourne, hit these first.

Shop in Style 

Nothing quite compares to the designers, retailers and boutiques that Melbourne offers. Truly the style capital of Australia, the pieces of fashion and accessories need to be seen to be believed. Melbourne is home to most of the fashion houses, and many head offices operate from Melbourne which affords more boutiques and of course – more outlets! Some notable spots to hit would be any of the three direct factory outlets, Chapel Street, and Collins Street. Here, you will find a balanced mix of national, international, and one-off retailers. Make sure to book more luggage weight on the flight home!

Go To An AFL Game

Seeing is believing. Melbournians speak AFL as a first language, and English as a second. The city lives and breathes the footy culture, and watching a game from MCG is a must for your next trip to Melbourne. No matter which game you watch, you are guaranteed to hear unrelenting, passionate battlecries from young children through to the elderly, barracking for their team. In comparison to Rugby or Soccer, AFL is very high scoring so there is non-stop action over the four quarters.

So much culture and passion is squeezed into Melbourne. It would take a lifetime to explore and discover each of the city’s intricacies, but in the right location, you can do you best to do it all. From shopping to laneway lounging, and having a drink and a cheer at an AFL game, you’ll never find yourself without something to do. Good luck!

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