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Things You Need to Know Before Chasing The Thigh Gap!

The infamous thigh gap haunts girls that have been gifted generous and plentiful thighs. As public opinion started to shift more and more towards skinny feminine models and ultimately starting to idolize the thigh gap, it’s important for all women to acknowledge that the thigh gap isn’t everything. This article is meant for the ladies that want to find out how they can live without thigh gaps and that want to learn to accept themselves the way they are before they can expect others to accept them. If you’re ready, keep reading to find out more about thigh gaps and truth behind them.

Thigh gaps may look great and everyone wants to be the or with the girls with thigh gaps. However, thigh gaps aren’t all that they’re made out to be. Here are some examples on how having a thigh gap is not a gift, but a curse.

Girl With Thigh Gap

Hundreds of dollars on a new phone, down the drain literally

There’s nothing worse than dropping your expensive new smartphone in the toilet bowl. If you’re careful enough, that’s something that you’ll never have to deal with But it’s in people’s nature to be clumsy or to mess up eventually. As a result, many people drop their phones. Those that have a thigh gaps however are more unlucky than others as they don’t have a mass between their thighs that could stop the phone from falling into the bowl. This is when the thigh gap stops working in the favor of these girls.

Spend so much on that new outfit just to call it a night early

Girls with thigh gaps are no different than any other in the sense that they want to look good and want to feel good having fun. When they go out and have fun however, having small thighs will not be in their favor. They mostly end up going home pretty early unless they want to carry themselves through torment, because it’s going to get pretty challenging to walk around in heels and strutting around when your thighs can’t handle it.

Looking hot in the summer, feeling cold outside summer

If you think girls with thigh gaps enjoy summer, you’re probably right. After all, they are what most people want to see. However if you think that it’s the same situation all year round, you are mistaken. When it starts to get cold outside and you need more than two layers of clothing on you because the wind is relentless, you can be sure that thigh gap girls will be feeling a mighty breeze down below.

These are some examples of how the life of a thigh gap girl isn’t perfect and you shouldn’t base your entire persona or existence on trying to get a thigh gap.

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