Tips For Getting The Beauty Tan

Tips For Getting The Beauty Tan

As summer approaches, most of us will be thronging tanning salons to get a darker skin tone so as not to blind people with fair skin, on the beach. Some will opt to tan using self-tanners, some by basking in the sun while others will choose to use tanning beds. In the end, we will all have that desired golden glow of the skin.

With these many tanning options available, there are pros and cons for each method applied. Whichever technique you choose to use, it all depends on you. Find Tips for getting the beauty tan and much more in this tutorial.

How Tanning Works

If you choose Ultraviolet tanning methods, this is how you acquire your bronzed glow. When UV rays get absorbed into the skin, they stimulate melanocytes to produce more melanin. Melanin is what determines your skin color.

The more melanin is produced, the darker your skin tone becomes. Recent studies indicate that tanning is the natural way that the body tries to protect itself from the damaging rays. Your acquired color will begin to fade as renews itself and you return to your original color.

Dark melanin helps to prevent damage to the skin and prevent sunburn. That’s why people with fair skin tend to show signs of premature aging and are at a high risk of developing particular types of cancer. It is due to the low levels of melanin that they have.

Tanning beds have both UVA and UVB rays emitted from the bed’s lights. UVB is what stimulates the skin to produce more melanin. The bed also emits red lights which belief has it that it stimulates the production of collagen naturally.

For self-tanners, they are composed of an active ingredient, dihydroxyacetone, which is a color additive. It reacts with the dead skin cells of the epidermis and causes your skin to change its color.

Tanning Tips

Every tanning technique follows not such similar concepts, but when preparing to get a tan, they all follow the same guidelines. These include:

  1. Exfoliation: it is the stepping stone towards having a beautiful and soft skin. You need to exfoliate gently to remove the dead skin cells on your body so as not to end up with an uneven tan.

It applies to any tanning technique that you choose to have, UV or sunless tanning.

  1. Moisturize every time you exfoliate; you need to follow it up with moisturizing your skin. It leaves your skin looking silky and soft to touch. It will also attract moisture from the air to your skin.

Moisturizing is also essential in prolonging the life of your tan, whether fake or UV-based.

Sun-Based Tanning

Choosing to lie in the sun as you get a suntan can be very relaxing. For you to get the best tan, you need to:

  • Apply sunscreen generously, 20-30 minutes before heading outdoors. It will keep you from getting sunburns and not a bronzed color.
  • Pick a perfect spot to stay and ensure that every part of your body gets enough exposure to the sun. You will have to turn from side to side as you let the rays of the sun caress each part.
  • Limit your exposure time. Overexposure will lead to sunburns.

Indoor Tanning

Indoor Tanning

Indoor Tanning

For an effective indoor tanning session, you need to:

  • Limit your exposure time to the UV lights. The UV radiation from tanning beds is higher than that of the natural sun. It is advisable to start with a short tanning session, say 5 minutes, and gradually increase the time depending on how your skin reacts.
  • Apply tanning lotion before getting into the tanning bed. There are many tanning lotions in the market. You can try the Hempz tanning lotion. It works well with all skin types.

Remember to carry protective wear for your eyes. If you end up with panda eyes, you can always use a bronzer to blend in color around your eyes with the rest of the body.

Sunless Tanning

Sunless Tanning

Sunless Tanning

If you are looking for a safer and faster tanning technique, then you should try sunless tanning. The pigmentation usually stay for a week and for you to maintain that golden glow, you have to refresh it every few days.

  • On the day of your tanning appointment, you should not moisturize or wear perfume. If you do, then you will need to wipe them off with wet wipes before starting the tanning session.
  • Don’t shave on the same day as your tanning session, do all these, a day before your appointment. It may lead to the appearance of dark spots on the shaved area.
  • Always moisturize, that is after the color has built up. Moisturizing helps to increase the longevity of the tan.


The above is a summary of the tanning tips for any technique you use to obtain a sun-kissed glow at any time of the year. For a detailed description of the tips and processes, you can check out my tutorials on tanning. I have covered all tanning techniques separately.


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