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Top 6 Things That Are Must Experience In Virgin Gorda

What are you? A tourist or a traveler? Do you feel the adrenaline rush through your veins when you think about planning a trip? If so, you are definitely a traveler. You like to feel like you have wings when it comes to adventures. You don’t hesitate to explore new places and set on for countless journeys to the Neverlands. If you can relate to the words above, Caribbean Islands are waiting for you. Try to book vacation homes near a beach in Virgin Gorda and enjoy the life over there. There are beaches and islands where you won’t be able to help but get lost in the pristine natural beauty while the vibrant culture and tradition will give you lifetime memories to cherish.

Basically, Virgin Gorda is a small island, only eight square kilometres. The southern part of the island is known as a valley. There are small hills around this place and maximum population services and businesses have already developed here, especially in the Spanish Town, the capital. The middle part of the island is mostly bare and inhabited while there are small neighborhoods in the Northern part of the island. The entire population of this island is 3100 approximately.

For a long time, Virgin Gorda was away from people’s watchful eye, but lately, it is getting popularity because of its baths, a labyrinth made of beach side boulders which have formed lots of pools and seaside grottoes. Enjoying there with your family and friends will be an exotic experience. When the crimson red sun, sets in the azure blue ocean and you are resting on the white powdery beach of Virgin Gorda, that is the moment you can live for. What to do while you are here? Let’s find out the exciting things to do in Virgin Gorda.

  1. Explore the Baths

As you know, this is the central attraction of Virgin Gorda is the Bath. This is the result of a volcanic eruption that happened in this place centuries ago. The eruptions forged down the caves and created boulders, scattering everywhere. Year after years, those rocks got weathered and created mystical grottoes and coves. If you want to snorkel, you can reach those from the beach. You should be very careful as the area is quite slippery. You can also go to them by holding the handrails and stepping carefully on the boulders. Maybe going there is a bit hectic, but once you are there, the breathtaking view will let you forget all your strain to reach there. Once you are in Virgin Gorda, this is on the top of the list of must-experience.


2. Parasailing in Virgin Gorda

Are you fond of water or beach sports? Then, you can’t miss the experience of parasailing. Imagine you are flying like seabirds and the blue ocean is beneath your feet! Wind is playing with your hair and whispering in your ears! You can have the exact same experience while you go for parasailing in Virgin Gorda. There are certain jaw-dropping spots you can only see while parasailing. There are lots of service providers with whom you can have a full-day experience along with a gourmet lunch after your activities.

Savannah Bay

3. Visit Savannah Bay

If you are in Virgin Gorda and do not visit the Savannah Bay, it will be a great mistake. Not just most popular, this is also the most beautiful sea beach in this place. The white stretch of sand is extremely wide and slowly it merges into the azure blue sea. If you are in Virgin Gorda for a short trip, you should arrange sometime and visit this beach of the island. Walking along the beach hand-in-hand with your partner is sure to be the stuff dreams are made of. This quiet beach is perfect honeymoon destination for newly wedded couples.

4. Go to Spring Bay

Have you visited the Baths? Those places are too crowded, right? You may not get enough pictures there to post on your social media. Don’t let your heart down. You can plan a day trip to the Spring Bay. Yes, you can call it the mini version of the Baths as you can visit the same big boulders, grottoes, white powdery beach and all. And the added benefit of visiting this place is that there is no crowd like the Baths. You can have a small picnic over here with your companions.

5. Explore the Coppermine Ruins

This is basically an abandoned copper mine that is located in the southwestern part of Virgin Gorda. In truth, when you visit a place, the only way to truly experience it and know it better, you must live and soak in the culture of the country for a few days. The only way to get the idea of its present status is to know the history that it hides in its ruins. While you are in Virgin Gorda, remember this, this copper mine has played important role in shaping the history of the place. The mine talks about British colonialism, the life of them, the life of the labourers and lots of untold stories.

6. Go to Hog Heaven

How about having a view of the entire Virgin Gorda from the clouds? Not literally, but the Hog Heaven is located at such a height that when you climb atop it, it seems you can touch a cloud. Because of its height, the place is quite chilly and windy. Don’t forget to take winter wear while visiting the place. Once you are here, you will truly get to experience the ‘heaven’ in Hog Heaven and you’ll sing praises of it wherever you go.

Hopefully, you are thrilled enough about the place. To experience the excitement by yourself, you just need to take a leave from your monotonous life and book those flight tickets right about now.

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