Try A Few Colors That Suit All Skin Tones And Choose The Best

Once you learn that there are certain colors and materials that look great on any complexion, shopping will become fun for you, especially when you are out buying things for your loved ones. You no longer have to rush from one boutique to another. You will find everything at just one place and perhaps, in the first shop itself.

You don’t have to worry whether the color would be apt for the person concerned. If the individual has a favorite color that suits fair or dark colored people, then nothing like it. Buy an outfit in the preferred color and wrap up your shopping.

Let us see what these colors are:

emerald colorEmerald

First color in the list is “Emerald” a green gem. A top of this green shade goes perfectly with darker colored pants, skirts or jeans.

Charcoal color


Charcoal or dark blackish grey is another shade that looks good on all skin types. Almost all type of garments is available in this grey shade. This color goes with black or burnt umber footwear.

Fuchsia colorFuchsia

Fuchsia is a shade between shocking pink and red. It can be combined with white or ivory fabric. This color is bright and pleasant.

Navy blue colorNavy

Wearing dark blue (navy) jacket with pants of the same color is cool as office outfit. The color is apt for all skin tones. So, one need not worry about looking well dressed. There are many other bluish shades that look nice on all complexions. Blue has been an age old favorite.

Teal colorTeal

A combination of green and blue (teal) is a choice that looks fine on all skin tones. You may choose an evening wear in this color and enjoy its rich feel.

Purple colorPurple

A perfect blend of warm red and cool blue is the tone of purple that can be matched with other shades and used to design a beautiful dress.

Now that you are aware of the colors that suit all skin tones, try different colors and select as many outfits as you want to look sensuous. And yes, while shopping, don’t forget your dear ones. Buy a few for them too!!!

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