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Try Different Trends And Fashion But Pair With Best Accessories For Special Appearance

Every person wants to look different from others on any event or occasion. India is a country that is broadly known for its unique style of dressing. This is because India consists of different culture and traditions. Each region has their own style and fashion and separate way of living which makes them different from others. This also includes various ethnic styles which are their specialty for any event.

The fusion of ethnic style and western wear is just amazing. This merger made everyone forget their own conventional style and adopted western pattern completely. Now, traditional wear is changed in their style and appearance. Thanks to our designers, who mixed western with ethnic wear to give us a blended style. This way, we had our ethnic designs in the latest fashion trends.

Men Kurta Main

This transformation was done for males and females both. Where women had stylish saree and salwar suit in the same way, sherwani and kurta for men were designed in such a way that they wore it even in formal gatherings. So now, men are also show stoppers and gone are those days when ladies were considered the style diva for everyone. Now men have the finest way of dressing themselves for any occasion with the best traditional yet stylish attire.

We have been through stylish kurta for men on Nihal Fashions online site. We were amazed to see various styles and designs available in different colours.  Moreover, each style can be segregated depending upon your price range.

Some of the traditional wears for men that were transformed into western outfit are as follows –

  • Embroidered kurta
  • Chikan work kurta
  • Zari kurta
  • Kalidar kurta
  • Traditional kurta
  • Jhulki kurta

Embroidered kurta

These kurtas have heavy embroidery work either from colourful threads or golden or silver zari. They are generally machine made but some specific states are famous for handmade embroidery work. The thread work is either all over the outfit or it is heavily stitched around the neck. Such kurta for men are recommended for traditional occasions like marriages and festivals. They give a heavy and glorious look.

Chikan work kurta

Chikan work is the speciality of Lucknow where the entire kurta is stitched with white thread. This embroidery work is a unique kind of satin thread work which is either beige or white. Their traditional work is meant for special occasions and weddings.

Zari Kurta

Zari is thread work done by gold or silver colour. They are especially done on kurtas that are specified for special occasions. A groom always wears a kurta or sherwani which has golden thread work on it that gives a royal look and makes them exclusive.

Kalidar kurta

It is snug fit all over the chest and starts loosening like a flare at the bottom. This is made keeping in mind comfort of every men. It is made of various geometrical pieces which are fixed in front and back panel. With mostly round neck and full sleeves, this kurta for men gives a very traditional look. The central portion on the chest has opening which is covered with golden or silver buttons and hooks.

Traditional kurta

The sleeves don’t narrow down but are straight up to the wrist. They have buttons on the chest and also on sleeves so that men can roll up their sleeves and hook it up with the help of a button. Some kurtas that are meant for special traditional occasions have embroidery work done by golden or silver thread.

Well let me tell you that golden and silver work in India is considered a touch of elegance, royalty. It is meant for traditional and special occasions where people are forced to wear attire that gives a royal look.

Jhulki kurta

Jhulki kurtas are speciality of Rajasthan. They are shorter versions of kurtas that are worn by men and women in Garasia community. Men have it in white colour commonly whereas females prefer various different and attractive colours. To make it more convenient there is pocket attached to it.

Nowadays, to make it more fashionable and trendy people are pairing some more trendy and fashionable add-ons to their outfit. These accessories make them feel and look unique.

Some of the accessorizing tips are –

  • Modi jackets
  • Mojris
  • Pocket Squares
  • Brooches
  • Shawls
  • Shoes
  • Jewellery
  • Turban

Modi jacket

It is a hip length coat that is tailored with mandarin collar. Only worn by men, this coat is perfect for casual as well as formal events. This jacket can be put on long kurtas with dhotis or Jodhpuri pants. These days, it is an important part of every wedding to give it an ethnic look.


They are embroidered shoes made of leather. They are perfect for any Indian attire as it is meant to be worn with traditional outfits. Its maintenance is easy, but has to be done immediately after usage otherwise the shine of threads vanishes and dust takes over the place. Therefore, after coming back from any event, brush away the dirt settled on your mojris and allow it to dry under sun. This helps all your sweat and smell to dry and evaporate. Then wrap it in muslin cloth because this helps the material to breathe and maintain the shine on shoes.

Pocket squares

Pocket squares have been in trend since 1900s because this linen or silk cloth that adds sophistication was frequently used by men of royal class. This small piece of cloth is folded properly and kept in pocket on the chest. The fold portrays your image therefore it shouldn’t be bulky but should look neat and clean.


Even a dull looking kurta or suit can be made interesting by attaching a brooch. A simple brooch or a brooch with chain can make you attire look sophisticated and attractive. Also, adding it to turban during your wedding gives a king’s style.


The simplest way of accessorizing your outfit is by draping a shawl with heavy embroidery. Crushed tissue stoles are outdated styles, now people are getting more inclined towards their heritage traditions. Thus, pick from your grandparent’s wardrobe a shawl that has best fabric and designs. Pashmina and Jamevaar are traditional textiles, which are used for shawls for traditional occasions.


Only mojris aren’t the only shoes that fit with any traditional outfit. Widen your thoughts and use creativity to design your own outfit and accessories. If you wear classic brogues and shoes with laces, they give a contemporary look. This can be paired to any formal event in offices as well.


If you love being covered with pearls and diamonds then you can try pearl necklace and rings with diamond and stones studded in it. Mostly, it is seen in weddings that sherwanis are matched up with latest Rajwara style pearl necklaces that are tied together at one side with a brooch to give a heavy look. Some kundan or colourful stone in buttons also outshine.


Turban has been the pride of all Rajputs and others from royal family. Therefore, if you’re attending a ceremony where you have to look special then add a turban to your style. Make sure that your turban has a brooch with a big stone or long chain attached to it.

Ethnic wear is a combination of the following two things –

  • The upper part which is the kurta, sherwani, coat, jackets.
  • The lower part which is the pyjama, churidar, jodhpuri pants, Patiala.

It is good to carry yourself in a fusion of indo western look, which tones your personality. Wearing a traditional kurta is always a part of tradition and culture but mixing it with trendy bottom pants makes it look trendy.

Here are few tips that can be followed while trying new trendy pants with the latest kurtas –

  • You can always try tight fitting pyjamas or churidars instead of those old looking loose pyjamas that were worn by your grandparents.
  • Sometimes khaki pants or chinos blend well with kalidar kurtas.
  • If you wish to look formal but also have to get ready in ethnic style, then try kurtas with light denims or printed pants. This can be followed with loafers or boots.
  • If you are attending a festive or traditional event but aren’t comfortable with the old designed kurtas then try Nehru jacket on it. Also, jutti, mojris or kolhapuri slippers also add some decent look to it.
  • It is better to try light pastel shades in Nehru jackets instead of dark colours.
  • Decide your kurta colour depending on the time you will attend the event. For day time, keep it simple and light while keep dark and jazzy colours for night.
  • The best way to look trendy is by trying contrast colours instead of matching the shades.
  • Finally, don’t forget to add some accessories like rings, bracelets, necklace or gold chain.

Although there are many designs and pattern available in kurtas and pants. However, to determine the type of design suitable for a specific occasion is a clumsy task. Therefore, we can provide you some suggestions for few occasions and the type of stylish kurtas appropriate for it –

  • Casual outing
  • Festivals
  • Friend’s engagement
  • Weddings

Casual outings

You might think that kurtas aren’t perfect for casual outings. However, if you wear a plain kurta with denim and loafer, it not only looks trendy but also keeps you light and comfortable. Plain cotton kurtas are perfect for summer, so it is just perfect for a place with humid weather.


India is a country where you will have at least one festival every month. It is imperative to stay prepared for such occasions. That is why you will see at least one kurta in every man’s wardrobe here because kurta is not only convenient but also gives you a chance to prove people that you respect your culture and traditions. You can buy vibrant colour outfits for festive season and pair it up with juttis to give it a complete festive look.

Friend’s engagement

Since it is your friend’s ceremony and being his best buddy, you should look special. Try a vibrant coloured kurta with heavy embroidery showing off. Combine it with an embroidered satin stole or good quality fabric shawl. Don’t forget to add a brooch or a necklace to your attire to make your presence special.


Weddings in India means, vibrant colours, accessories, gold, silver, latest designs and comparison among family members. Therefore, your attire needs to be exclusive so that you can stand out elegantly in the crowd. Thus, make sure that your kurta is full of glam and glitz. Don’t get confined to your wardrobe. There are various designs that are in trend these days. Look for royal heavy embroidered attire with matching jutti. Try many accessories to ensure that you have the best brooch, necklace and kilangi with your attire.

People had forgotten their culture and tradition for years. They were more attracted towards western culture and adopted their fashion trend. This changed their clothing style completely. The acceptance of western fashion and trend declined the popularity of Indian wear.

It was only in the 21st century that Indian ethnic wear was brought back to limelight. However, the appearance was changed drastically with a lot of transformation and changes made. The ethnic outfit had a whole new appearance making the entire Indian society fall for it again. Now, you can also see Indian ethic styles and designs all over the world sold at the best price. People love our style and patterns and accept it whole heartedly.

It wasn’t easy to get the whole ethnic style back to the market and give it a prominent place among the crowd. Designers have worked hard to give our tradition its importance. Bringing it in Indo western style has not only attracted youngsters but has also given our adults the chance to accept the changing trends in the fashion world. Broaden your mind and try new styles that can assure you the brightest look ever.

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