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Types of Puffer Jackets You Have to Have

To all fans of puffer jackets, you know how the big, bulky outwear is warm and cool to style to during the winter season. They can be found from the simplest piece to the oversized maxi shapes and in all those types there is a piece for everyone. In all the puffer jacket designs that there is you cannot lack one that you will enjoy to have in your wardrobe to revamp your winter look. Learn how to style the puffer jacket and the different types that are found to know the one to must add to your wardrobe. Show off your fresh sensational wear as the weather shifts around during the winter season. Here are some of the essential puffer jackets that you can opt to add to part of your collection.

Black Puffer Jacket

Black is always a great option when it comes to buying coats and jackets. This black puffer jacket is a sophisticated choice that is classic and sleek as well. However, you can choose other vibrant shades that make a statement that is enjoyable to wear. The great beauty of this jacket is that you can pair it with anything and still look bomb. Another way to dress to this jacket is by wearing a pencil skirt and heeled boots that will make you look chic and as a trendy fashionista. Feel free to experiment with Lily Lulu different colored puffer jackets that are on the trendy styles that will give you an outstanding look. In yellow, pink or red colors that are super chic and will help you to add some color to your jacket collection. 

The Vintage Puffer Jacket

Vintage Puffer Jacket

This puffer jacket is a popular type that can be bought in different shapes, colors and lengths that you can experiment with. This jacket gives you many ways to style it and gives your wardrobe the unique look that it deserves. To the ladies who prefer a retro look in their jacket type. This puffer jacket is ideal for them for it’s a great eye-catching outfit. This type is in various fabrics, prints and colors as well. Purchase two or one in floral styles and another in leopard prints in velvet fabrics and since this is a beautiful look. Choose some modern pants that you can match them up for a unique look. For a real throwback look go for bell-bottom black jeans to pair with a vintage puffer jacket of your choice.

Silver Puffer Jacket

This jacket is for the fashion darers and those who want bold fashion statements. They are currently the crazy looks and colors are the most popular vibes especially among the millennials and celebrities as well. The metallic hues have also spread to shoe designs in silver and gold shades that can be seen around streets with most people. You can opt for this jacket if you aim to have a new wardrobe look or jacket collection. Rock your fashion look with this reflective jackets and look all cool and trendy. However, remember to pair this jacket with basic outfits that are of dark shade to avoid looking too bright and overdressed. Completing a look with this jacket should also not mean wearing other boring blends. Since you can pair with fashionable pieces, for instance, flared pants with a t-shirt and cool sneakers. As long as the jacket is standing out well and the outfits are not clashing.

The Color Puff Jacket

colorful puffer jackets

To the lovers of bold fashion. This jacket is for you and for those who do not have one. Get off the basic plain colors like black and brown and choose one in the vibrant colors. Some perfect hues for this look are orange, yellow, pink, sky blue and red. Just search through online stores for a perfect bright puffer for you and match it up with the right pair of jeans. When adorning to this jacket, it is important to note that it is the center of your look and it is crucial to blend the aesthetic by ensuring your other outfits do not create an unbalanced flow. The popular pair to blend with is skinny black jeans, or brown skinny jeans with boots and a fitting t-shirt. Embrace this outwears and looks splendid in it.  

Nude Color Puffer Jacket

Nude Color Puff Jacket

Nude or mute colors on attires are as popular to the minimalist fashionista group. This are earthy tones that when worn are stylish and chic to whoever wears them. It is more exciting than the black jacket and when compared to the colored jacket they are more reserved making them the coolest outwear jackets. This is a must-have puffer jacket and a great addition to your puffer jacket collection. A blend of this jacket with a blue denim skirt or trouser is a fashion goal win. For it comes out perfectly when paired with sneakers, a print T-shirt and you have a splendid street wear look. To always have a great look, always choose to wear this jacket with casuals and you will achieve the edgy look that you aim for.

In conclusion, other than staying warm during winter. Choose the puffer jacket to add some awesome vibes to your look. It is also a fashion-forward aesthetic that through the padded pieces it provides insulation. Do not shy away from the various colors that it has and go through the bold choices of bright colors and print with this look. Some like the maxi puffer jacket that is loud and long may not be everyone’s favorite but according to how you style it. You will be able to achieve an even greater look. For instance, you can simplify your look by wearing a maxi puffer jacket by pairing with a dress and heels to only have to flaunt the jacket. Additionally, go runway style with a pair of boots and fitting jeans in contrasting colors. Add several puffer jackets to your list and walk with boldness knowing that your outfit is making the right statement.

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