Vaping Essentials 101: What Are the 4 Different Types of E-Cigarettes?

The use of an e-cigarette can be helpful to adults who wish to quit or cut back on traditional cigarettes. The key to safely using these vaping products is to only use a certified product or e-liquid in the device. Homemade or concoctions purchased off the street can have any number of harmful carcinogenic and cause unknown amounts of harm to your health.

If you are going to use a Vape pen or e-cigarette, always purchase your liquids from a reputable company. Paradox by Excision Liquids is one such reliable company.

Below are 4 types of e-cigarettes and how to use them.

1. Cigalikes

These are typically the e-cigarette that most people start their vaping with. They are sold in convenience stores as well as vape shops across the country and online. They come in disposable pens as well as rechargeable pens to help you save money on your vaping.

These e-cigarettes are popular because they are inexpensive, usually between $5 and $10 each. These vape pens are also smaller than most of the different styles so they are a discreet way to obtain nicotine in public places.

Cigalikes are used by adults to help them cut down or quit traditional cigarettes or cigar smoking. They are sold to adults and have a wide variety of flavor cartridges to add taste and enjoyment to the vaping experience.


The Mods or Box Mods are the ultimate in personalized vaping for those who would like a more enhanced experience than the vaping pens can provide. They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles and offer better vaping experience due to their stronger battery and box design.

The stronger batteries offer more energy on the draw, which gives the individual vaping a better experience overall. Different styles come with onboard monitors and adjustable levels so you can personalize your smoking experience.

These mod boxes come with many different customizable options so that individuals that want to experiment with different vaping types and tastes, need only purchase one mod.


These types of e-cigarettes take their name from the Asian and Middle Eastern countries. These pens resemble the hookahs smoked for pleasure, although now they are available in many fruity flavors.

Much like the other e-cigarettes, they can be purchased in a disposable or rechargeable style. The rechargeable type will need to be cleaned and maintained more than the disposable type but offers the same rich draw as the hookahs of faraway lands.

4.Tank Systems

 There are two types of tank or pod systems, open and closed. Closed tanks are pre-filled with vaping liquid and are non-refillable. The open tanks are fillable and can be refilled with your favorite flavor of e-liquid for vaping.

These are a bit larger than other vaping pens, but are still compact and satisfying to smoke in place of traditional cigarettes.

There are a few other types of e-cigarettes available for adults to help them quit traditional cigarettes or to simply enjoy vaping as an alternative nicotine delivery system.


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