Virtues of Vagabonds

Virtues For Vagabonds – 6 Worldly Ways To Avoid The Common Pitfalls Of Travel

We Australians sure get around, don’t we? We love to travel and put our mark on the world any way we can. Yacht weeks, to Europe, all the way to run the ski lift in Canada – we do know how to make the most of the time we’re given.

Globe-trotting is an amazing experience, but often we can find ourselves in some sticky situations. Even though traveling is fun, you need to keep on your toes. There are various things that can go awry if you aren’t careful.

Luckily, there are some things that you can do that can help get you through those bothersome travel issues so you can get back to enjoying your holiday! Here are some ways that others have surpassed travel challenges over the years.

Funds While Traveling

Unless you are bringing a tent and foraging for food, travel is going to cost you some money. If you are at all worried about spending your own money while traveling, Latitude travel loans may be the way to go. With a travel loan, you’ll have a longer period to pay back the money you spend while you’re away, instead of bearing the instant brunt of the cost when you return home.

Too Many Clothes

Has this happened to you? You are packing your suitcase or backpack for a holiday and thinking of things to put in. All of a sudden, you’re half-way through your trip and you’ve used exactly ⅓ of the things you brought.

Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. If you find yourself with an overfilled bag, there are some things you can do that will help lighten the load. One is to simply deal with it and remember for next time. However, if you are dead set on lightening your pack, why not donate some of your clothes to people in need? Wherever you are going, there’s likely a place to donate clothing.

Long Layovers

Airports can be a very taxing place. There are some very neat airports around the world – Singapore is a great example – but for the most part, they are fairly bland and soul-sucking. This is especially true if you have a long layover.

If you have a few hours to spare while you wait for your next flight, don’t hesitate to leave the airport and look for luxurious and comfortable hotels for your stay. With warm beds to sleep in, a full sized kitchen for whipping up a fresh and warm meal and even a 24-hour gym access to blow off some steam, a place like the Hyatt hotels will make you forget that you are on a layover. Also, if you wish to stay longer make sure to take advantage of R&R such as fire pits and patios with grill areas, the free Wi-Fi, and even the Borrows Program, which can set you up with all the essentials – curling irons, toothbrushes, yoga mats, and more.

Becoming a Target of Theft

There’s always a chance that you could be targeted by a pickpocket while on holiday. They are prevalent in Italy, Spain, India, France, and really anywhere an easy target could be. To avoid having your pocket picked, you need to be wary of your valuables.

If you are sightseeing, be wary of different scams and tricks that pickpockets use to take things from you. These include crowding, showing you things, or chatting with you by the ATM.

If you want to avoid becoming a target, blend in. Nothing says “take my money” like looking as if you just got off of your first airplane ever in your life as you roam around a city. Wear nondescript clothing if you can. If you can avoid it, don’t wear a money belt or a neck lanyard with your belongings in it. This is a big red beacon for con artists.

Carrying Your Valuables

The best way to prevent a loss of valuables is to leave them in your room, locked away in a safe place. There is no need to bring your passport anywhere other than to and from the airport while you’re traveling. It’s better to carry cash on you instead of your cards – especially your credit card. Take money out and bring your card back to your room for safe keeping.

Hostels can be tricky when it comes to keeping your things safe. Travel with a lock and take advantage of any lockers available.


If you have food allergies, you already know to be very careful what you eat. If you are going on holiday with your allergies, you most definitely need to be on the lookout for potential issues. The best thing you can do is be prepared. Have all the medication you’ll need packed and ready, along with your auto-injector.

Another excellent idea is to know how to relay your allergies to someone in different languages. Allergy Translation is the best resource to make sure you know what to tell your waiter so you can enjoy an allergen-free meal.

Don’t Let Setbacks Get In the Way Again

Traveling is amazing, but simple problems can really put a dent in anyone’s mood. These small problems are truly tiny in comparison to the great times you’ll have and the experiences you’ll take in. It certainly pays to pay attention. By taking the time to pack right, and by having a good understanding of where you’re going, you can enjoy the spoils of any place on Earth without worry.

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