Wardrobe Revamp – Go Eco-friendly – By Babita Jaishankar

Fashion check! Until now, we have heard about eco-friendly electronic gadgets, make-up, automobiles and more. And now, its time for a new range of green clothes!

When I first thought of a Green Wardrobe, my wild imagination showed me a picture with models walking the ramp with leaves on them. Hilarious isn’t it? But on a serious note, let’s not go by the literal meaning of Green and instead, think with some seriousness about how our clothes and habits can make a difference in the world.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly?

Clothes are designed to be worn for comfort and style. But, a small change in our lifestyle can help us live a healthier life and also preserve our planet for a better future.

Being a Fashion Designer, it’s my duty to innovate and include new concepts in my creations. And this boosted me to create a stylish green wardrobe. In order to live green, you need to simply remember one word, “Use-Less”. With this, you can do your bit to save the planet and make it a better place. Here are 5 simple tips to revamp your wardrobe and make it eco-friendly.

Plan your shopping

Shopping!!! The word itself sends jitters to a woman’s body. Women are born to shop. They can shop for an entire day without complaining for food or water. But, the next time you go for shopping, plan your shopping and think of all the basic things you need in your wardrobe. Make your wardrobe flexible. Mix and match clothes to enjoy a different look.

Always have a few basic wardrobe essentials list. But, make sure you create your list based on your body shape, career style and lifestyle. Buy high quality and durable items which may or may not necessarily make you follow the current vogue. At least you may have to pay a bit more at the time, but surely you would not have to replace it in the long run. This will help reduce wastage.

Washing and Caring

Buy or Wear clothes that don’t require dry cleaning. Wearing clothes that require frequent dry cleaning can make you sick due to the chemicals used.

Preferably, use bio-degradable detergents to increase the life of your clothes. They will also protect your washing machine from rusting which can harm your clothes further. Washing clothes with care can help reduce the use of harmful chemicals and thus, save our planet.

Change your clothes

Develop the habit of changing your clothes after you come home. This habit is especially good for the mothers of toddlers. This will prevent your clothes from getting stained and hence, increase its life.

Reuse and restyle

Fashion changes even before you know it. There may be situations where you may not even get the chance to wear your new dress as it is now out of vogue. In such conditions, small alterations can help you create magic with your clothes. For instance, make your dress into a skirt, a small tunic into a short dress, etc. Recently, I took my old raw silk kurti and converted it into stylish evening dress.

Eco-friendly Collection

And finally, I will soon be launching my new eco-friendly collection which will include only vintage fabrics, organic cotton, recycled fabrics and organic silk. I also intend to have handwork patterns and use vegetable dyes.

But, when buying eco-friendly fabrics, make sure you don’t buy clothes made from bamboo, as bamboo plantations replace forests and also cause a lot of pollution.

So, next time you go shopping, shop carefully.

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