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Water Sports and Activities to Make the Most of in Goa!

One place that every bachelor and spinster have to go with their friends is Goa. The land of gorgeous beaches, magnificent churches, crazy parties and vibrant music festivals. Goa is present in almost everybody’s bucket list. But Goa has much more to offer than beaches, parties and churches. These are the few things that you definitely don’t want to miss when you set your foot in Goa:

  1. Water Adventure


Photo by Sean O’Shaughnessy, CC BY-SA 2.0

With such proximity to beaches and rivers, the best experience Goa can give you is water adventure sports. It has something for everyone – the adrenaline junkie, try-once-before-you-die-types, for the grown-ups, kids. A few of adventure activities are para-sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, water skiing etc.

If you are considering for some relaxed moments with the majestic Arabian Ocean, try yacht ride. You could create some magical moments with your partner or go fishing with your friends. If nothing then just lie down and enjoy sun-bathing while the ocean sings to you.

For those who like soft adventures, there is knee boarding. It is more of a modern cousin of water skiing. It is the primary stage of learning hard-hitting water sports. There is kayaking that gives a calming effect and paddle boarding, wake boarding, wind surfing, rafting to get that adrenaline levels rising.

  1. Casinos


Photo by Ted Murphy, CC BY 2.0

It is for a really good reason that Goa is named ‘Las Vegas of India’. It is one of the few states where Casinos are legal. There are popular games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps. The Casinos have a perfect blend of cosmopolitan intricacy and friendly hospitality. Either walk into one of the best casinos in Goa or play a small game while you cruise the seas.


  1. River Cruises


Photo by realdridge, CC BY-SA 2.0

Talking about a game in cruise leads me to the cruises. What better way to enjoy Goa than a cruise? It is not confined to sea, there are lakes and rivers too. Choose a time to suit your mood – sunset, daylight or moonlight; these cruises leave you spell-bound.

  1. Rave Parties

Goa is the destination for party lovers, especially the ones during Christmas and New Year. People here welcome New Year with rave parties of music, fun and dance. Parties at Goa have evolved from drunken and drugged ones of 1960s to family friendly parties. It has also given rise to a whole new music – Goa Trance, the one that fills the nights and beaches of Goa.


  1. Shopping


Photo by Matthias Ripp, CC BY 2.0

While we know Goa as a tourist spot, it is also a hub for shopping, Goa has some special ones to offer. Shop exotic clothes from local markets or designer boutiques. Adding to those are the flea markets – Anjuna Flea market, Mapusa Friday Market, Margao market. Anjuna is what the hippies started as an auctioning market for their belongings and have turned out to be souvenir bazaar selling handicrafts from all over the country. If you would like to try some cooking, go shopping at the fresh markets for just caught fish, fruits, bread and vegetables.


  1. Oceanic Yoga


Photo by PDPics, CC0 1.0

In our bustling city lives, some of us find solace in yoga in those closed spaces. How about yoga on the beach for a change? No kidding, Oceanic Yoga School in Anjuna offers that and more. One of the most popular yoga schools in Goa is set on the Anjuna beach surrounded by lush greenery. Try some postures and meditating amidst this scenic environment for stress relief.


  1. Go Riding

Live Goa through a bike ride. Good news is you don’t have to bring your bikes all the way from your cities. Bikes are available for rent provided you have a license. And if you carrying your beauties along, make sure you have the valid documents, registration papers etc. A ride through the lovely streets and by the Arabian Sea is just what you need.


If you are visiting Goa, do take a tour of the churches, the intricate architecture, colours and interiors will instil some calmness in you. While you indulge in the yummy cuisines of Goa, you can also try a hand at baking and cooking. Paintball is a land sport that is highly recognised in Goa, they give you actual war like atmosphere transforming you to war heroes. Complete your trip with some sightseeing of plantations, wildlife tours and other nearby attractions.

Feature Image Source: www.freedomjourneyindia.com

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