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Wedding Day – Bridal Makeup Tips

Red lips, dark blush and a horrifying eyeshadow…and before you know it, your wedding makeup looks nothing less than that of a horror film. But would this happen if you had the perfect idea of what makeup you wish to put on, on your wedding? I guess No!

For a bride, the wedding day holds a lot of importance. It is Her Day to enjoy, Her day to Look the most Beautiful bride ever. Her day to say, I Do! And so, she has to look best on her wedding and has to have the best makeup for the perfect tantalizing look. But, getting your bridal makeup done can be a little crazy, especially if you have no idea what sort of makeup you want on yourself on the Wedding Day.

A radiant, feminine, glowing makeup is just what every bride needs on her wedding day. A makeup that adds to her confidence and gives her the perfect look is all that she needs. So, keeping the face shape, cut and complexion in mind, here are a few bridal makeup tips that will add elegance and a sophisticated look to the bride.

Before jumping it to the bridal makeup tips, lets first prepare our skin for the wedding day.

Pre-bridal Skin Care Tips:

  1. The bride should always follow the skin care regime prescribed to her beautician or dermatologist.
  2. One should do cleansing, toning and moisturizing twice a day.
  3. Before your wedding, plan your facial cleansing schedule to rectify any fault.
  4. Have a cleansing facial once a week for a month.
  5. Eat a balanced diet, fruits, and veggies. Also, take lesser spicy foods and drink six to eight glasses of water.

Bridal Makeup Tips

bridal makeup

  1. Always consider the climate at the time of the wedding. As its winter… choose for the cream based or oil based makeup products that wont give your skin a dry look.
  2. As the photos blow out the make-up, make sure you apply a little more make-up on your face.
  3. Start with cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Always apply primer, as you have a long day ahead and keep the base smoother.
  4. Apply concealer on the areas required like under eye, or any area which is darker or has pigmentation.
  5. One must use the right color foundation and keep it minimal.
  6. Powder your face and apply blush and highlighters to have a radiant look.
  7. Use waterproof products like mascara.

Makeup Trends

Bridal makeup

  1. Makeup pros are totally digging a toned-down faux glow. Switch to a tinted moisturizer that warms up your skin tone.
  2. Go for vibrant lip shades, like the bright coral.
  3. The shades of purples, pinks, and or­anges set off your eyes like a spar­kling sunset. Apply the lightest color below the brow bone, the medium shade on the lid and the brightest at the lashes.
  4. Extremely thick lashes with length.
  5. Naturally shaped brows.

With these tips, a beautiful makeup and a nice pose, click your best bridal picture.

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