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Makeup Tips For The Scintillating Summer Look

For a woman, it is her righteous right to look beautiful, with makeup or without makeup. With the season giving us its best exposure to heat, it is upon us how we face it with a glittering smile.

Makeup for the summer season is completely different from that in the other seasons. However, there is a small difference in doing the makeup right and doing it over-right. What we forget is the summer humidity and heat which melts down even the best brand of makeup applied over your skin. So, if you want to look perfect for those sensuous pool parties and evening parties, here is a small list of Do’s and Don’ts. Look perfect with these perfect Summer Makeup Tips.

Dos and Don’ts for Day Makeup

  • Avoid foundations as it gives a sticky look. Go for concealing and powdering for flaw­less effect and hiding your marks.
  • Eye shadow has to be of lighter color like peach, light brown and beige. Don’t use too bright colors.
  • Don’t use kohl at all.
  • Mascara or liner should be waterproof and smudge proof.
  • Avoid cream-based blushers and shadows.
  • Lips can be neutral, light peach or pink, complimenting the color of your blush and eyes.

Summer makeup 2Tips to Tackle Weather-Related Problem

Tip 1: Makeup usually melts in the hot and humid weather. So before makeup, wash your face and rub ice cubes all over your face and neck as it helps control the sweat, allowing the makeup to stay for a longer period.

Tip 2: Use primer for smoother base. Powder your face for a radiant look. After makeup, use fixing sprays by Mac for intact makeup. Don’t use kohl at all.

Tip 3: Always use products with liquid base or powder base and avoid using cream and oil-based products like eye shadows, lipsticks, blushers as it will have a sticky effect on your face.

Tip 4: Always use concealer as it helps to make a smoother base. Liner and mascara should be waterproof and smudge proof.

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