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Makeup Tips for The Dusky Women

We women from the peninsular have always admired the fair skinned. Their crystal clear white skin and their enchanting beauty have always been rated better than our dusky skin tone. But, aren’t our dusky beauties such as Deepika Padukone, Chitrangadha Singh and Priyanka Chopra our fashion goddesses, whom we follow for their every new look, new style and new trend? No matter how devoured you are with the snow white complexion, but it is the Dusky Look that fits into all colored clothes, all styles and trends. So, if you are a dusky beauty, here are some Make up Tips you will love trying out this summer for that chic look.

Black and grey combination

Apply ash grey eye shadow and contour it with a black eye-shadow. Then put lots of kohl and mascara. Follow it up with silver highlighter on brow-bone. Choose medium tone blush for cheeks. Finish the look with a red lipstick.

Dual tone look

Blend colors like deep blue and emerald green in equal proportion. It will turn into ash color and then contour with black color. If you are wearing a blue garment, use only blue eye shadow and contour with black shade giv­ing a V-shape in corner of the eyes. Then use a silver highlighter on top. Similarly, you can create the smokey look with green shade. Apply a medium tone blush to your cheeks with a nude lip color.

Coal look

Blend brown, red and copper properly and then contour it with a little black shade in the corner of the eye. Apply a medi­um tone blush to your cheeks and keep the lips red.

Catty look

With half eyes black, you can extend the kohl towards outer corner. Apply medium tone blush with red or nude lips for that catty look.

Get the look and look nothing less than a fashion goddess. Cheers to our Dusky skin tone!

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