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What Your Nails Says About Your Health

Nails can be included in the list of health indicators like tongue and other sensitive body parts. Many aspects of nails alert us about problems in specific areas like liver, kidney and other body organs. Here are some clues about how to identify these changes in the nails and what they indicate.

Nail whiteness

Contradictory to the common belief that whiteness in the nails shows calcium/zinc shortage in the body, it points to simple nail damage caused to the growing nail plates.

Total whiteness of the nails indicates liver or kidneys disorders. The whiteness can be linked with sugar, heart and liver damage (cirrhosis).White dots in the nail plates can also be connected with problems like ‘eczema and Psoriasis’.

Yellowish nails

Yellowish tinge in the nails shows a presence of some infectivity in the body. If the condition increases then some chest related problems, thyroid imbalance can also be experienced. Off white color in the nails may also be due to the constant use of nail paints.

Staying away from nail paints and habits like smoking will improve the nail health. Visiting your doc for treating the virus is necessary.

Blue nails

Bluish shade on the nails speaks about poor O2 level in ‘blood’. The finger tips being affected by the cold season. This can be cured by keeping the fingers warm. If the blue color is due to respiration, then undergoing medical tests and checking the o2 level should clear the issues.


General debility, heart problems and lack of body nutrients can be identified by the paleness of the nails. Having iron tablets and a balanced diet with a lot of curds should take care of the problems.

Shape of nails

In case of some critical health issues, the nails growing in an outward scooping shape should be observed and attended to immediately. A change in the food habit will help to rectify the problem.

Over exposure of the hands and fingers to water and cleaning products make the nails crack or break. This can be cured with multi-vitamin medication.

Eating healthy food and checking your nails periodically, and keeping your nails healthy will take care of all the problems.

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