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When Buying Hair Shears, Consider These Three Key Factors

As a hairdresser or an avid DIYer, you have certainly asked which of the many hair shears out there work best for you. Of course there are many things to consider when choosing shears for your hair, it could be anything from your personal taste, to comfort, to length, size, shape or just the design of the shears in question.

There is a wide range of options to choose from too, enough to make you indecisive.

Which is why we created this quick guide to help you make a proper choice to suit your needs. Cutting hair can take a lot of work. There are lots of long hours and don’t forget the all too familiar  strain on the wrists.

The best professional hair cutting shears provide comfort. It’s that simple. Here are the three qualities to assess for comfort.

Type of Blade, Blade Length and Handle

type of blade

Different kinds of blades are used for different kinds of cuts. For example, a beveled blade on your shears is a blade that is ground down to a sharp knife point.

Although the edge is sharp, you will need to exert a lot of energy to get a super clean cut. The advantages of using this type of blade is that it is relatively cheaper and doesn’t wear out as easily, even though it’s not as sharp.

The other type of blade for consideration is the Convex blade. It is far sharper than the bevel blade and it is ideal for precision or slide cutting.

Where the bevel blade is actually cheaper, the convex blade is sharper and harder to maintain because it requires a lot more sharpening. The convex blade doesn’t require as much effort to cut through hair. Ultimately, we suggest you go for the convex blade, for a smoother and easier trim.

Another important thing to consider about the blade is the blade length and handle. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the blade length. There was an old rule that made hairdressers measure the shears from the palm but really it makes no difference either way.

The truth is that you, the hairdresser chooses the length that is best for you.. You are free to try out different lengths and experiment until you find the length of the blade that’s right for you.

On the other hand, blade handles have a wide variety. You can get the swivel thumb, opposing grip handle, offset handle, finger inserts or drop handle.

While the offset handle is the most traditional and widely used, swivel thumb handles are widely thought of as the most ergonomic choice while finger inserts are the most comfortable.

As with blade length, blade handle really depends on you and personal factors such as if you’re left handed or right handed, your wrist flexibility, whether or not your wrist is prone to injury or joint pain, etc.

The Look

The look

As a hairstylist, you should be stylish. The style of your shears might just be the motivation you need to get that hair cut to the next level. There are many ways to pick shears that work for you and suit your personal style.

The shape of your shears may not be as important as the quality and durability of your shears but it is still important to have tools that look great on the outside and do good work.

For starters,  hair shears and hair thinners can come in multiple different colors or be coated in different colored titanium. Of course if you’re considering a titanium coat, you might want to consider the fact that titanium ages.

There are other ways you could improve the look of your Shears. You could get colored finger inserts or colored silencer.

Durability and Quality


Before you buy shears, you should consider its durability. The quality of your shears is an investment that will last a long time.

Durable shears last longer than low quality ones. Their edges don’t become blunt as easily as low quality ones, sparing you added strain on your wrists.

We have a wide range of beauty shears crafted from the best quality metals that rate high on the Rockwell scale. Our shears range from 58 to 63 on the scale.

We have shears made from 440 A alloy which rates 54-56 on the scale, 440 B alloy which rates 57-58, 440 C Alloy which rates 58-59, one of the best beauty shears on the market with a strong alloy that can withstand even the most strenuous uses.

There are also VG-10 which rates 59-61 and finally Hitachi ATS-314 which rates 61-63 all available on order.

We do not compromise on quality and we pride ourselves on our high standards. We also provide custom tension screws in different price ranges depending on the Shears you want to get and the money you want to spend.

Quality does not have to be expensive but it isn’t something you can eliminate in the process of choosing a beauty shear.

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