How to Write a Legally Binding Will When You Have Children

Writing a will is a difficult task, especially when you have children. Their lives will be affected directly both by your passing and by the choices you make for them afterward. Appointing a guardian for your children and handling your assets are the two main aspects you should take into account when writing your will. You can choose to be assisted by a professional in this delicate matter so that you make sure your will is completely legally

Choosing the Right Guardian
Firstly, you have to think about the person or persons who could raise your children as closely as possible to how you want to raise them. Your role is very important to your children’s education, and your values should be carried on even after you are no longer there.

Ideally, the person to carry these values on would be the other parent, but that situation is not always possible. You have the option of choosing someone else as a guardian if the other parent is no longer in the picture or you don’t share the same parenting principles. Sometimes, a close friend or a relative could represent your interests better than a parent.

Before legally appointing a guardian, you have to discuss this with the person you have in mind and see if they agree to take on this role. It is very important to be on the same page with the future guardian as this will have a great impact on how your children will be raised.

It could be a great idea to discuss this with your children as well if they are old enough. It is important to find out who is the adult they are most comfortable with besides you. That could give you important insights, but the decision is always yours.

Writing Your Will
Secondly, you have to decide if you are going to write your own will or have a professional guide you through the process. It is very important to make sure that your will follows the laws in case someone challenges it after your death. There are tools online that can help you through this process, but there are also professionals trained to write legally binding wills tailored to your own life, family structure and needs.

Embarking on this journey by yourself using books and online tools can be extremely difficult. The will should reflect your actual situation, and it should represent what you imagine for the future of your children. Luckily, people who understand both the law and you can assist you on this journey.

Including Your Assets and Setting up a Trust Fund

Thirdly, the will also includes what will happen to your assets and how they will be managed after your death. You can decide when and how your children will inherit your belongings. Setting up a trust helps bring guidance on how you would have liked to spend that money. This way you will also make sure that your heirs don’t spend all your money in one place. It will deal as well with taxation and administrative issues.

A parent’s care for their children should not end after their passing. You can make sure that your children live the best lives they possibly can by appointing a responsible guardian, whether it’s the other parent or someone else you trust.

Although this is a very touchy subject, it is something you need to consider. These steps are very important in deciding on your children’s future, and you should make sure you think about everything in advance when writing a legally binding will.

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