Horoscope December 2017

What are Your Zodiac Predictions for the New Year 2017!

New Year bells are ringing and the stars are shifting! 2017 is here and it’s time for us to check out your fortune for the year! Will the stars make your fortune shine or make you cry? Will your horoscopes help you achieve your dreams or will they warn you about the darker realities of life? Ganesha Speaks gives you a small highlight of how your New Year is going to commence and the fortune it will bring your way!

Aries HoroscopeAries

You will experience mixed feelings as the year begins for you on an average note. The uncertainty around you could keep you unsettled. The main cause could be events at your workplace. You may feel that things are not going as planned. This may lead to anxiety. Blame it on Mercury’s retrograde movement. After the end of the first week of January, however, things shall start looking up. At this time, the conjunction of Venus and Moon in the 11th House from your Sign will see you in a dreamy, romantic frame of mind. So, overall there will be a contradictory pull in your life – at one point you may worry about future growth and progress, while at the other end, you may just wish to relax and feel the pleasures of love. You will do your best to maintain harmony in your personal relationships. The planets will remind you of your responsibilities on the domestic and occupational front. On the personal front, singles may be eager to start an intimate relationship. Enjoying romantic moments shall top your priority list. From around the mid of April, planets will remain favorable for love, romance and cozy moments, assures Ganesha.

Taurus HoroscopeTaurus

As the new year kicks in, you will find yourself in a cheerful mood. But, due to Mercury’s retrogression, there may be some confusions. Still, you will be hopeful, thanks to your Sign Lord Venus’ effect. There may be a general unease in matters concerning money and family. Some questions on the financial front shall hold you back from moving ahead. You will need to review a few decisions taken earlier. Keep communication alive with people who matter. From mid January, things shall get smoother in routine matters, and your progress will speed up. Personal life looks set to be happy, in general. Domestic harmony in the year’s earlier part will be good. Ganesha advises you to learn to differentiate between true and fair weather friends. Distance yourself from people, who may be leading you in a wrong direction. Singles among you may get into a romantic relationship this year. Sparks may fly, and you may end up getting intimate with this person. Mid-January onwards will be a supportive time for ones looking for love and sensual pleasures. From 4th March, Venus turns retrograde in Aries, so refrain from taking any important decision related to career, business and your personal life.

Gemini HoroscopeGemini

For Gemini natives, the new year will begin on a good note, especially on the financial front. Conjunction of Venus and Moon, early in the year, may bring an important opportunity that will act as a game changer for your business/ professional life. Keep your eyes and ears open, says Ganesha. The movement of Venus through the year, and the position of Jupiter in the 5th House shall also affect your work life. Venus in direct mode shall work well, helping you succeed. Jupiter in 5th House from your Sign will enable and facilitate new projects, creative activities, innovative ventures etc. However, there are likely to be some distractions, which may steer away focus from your goals and work. You shall be keen to enjoy the pleasures of life. Well do so, but refrain from going overboard. Remain committed to your responsibilities, whether personal or professional. While all may be well in work domain, you may remain anxious owing to troubles on the personal front. Do not become aggressive or detached. Speak, but also listen, says Ganesha. And, if nothing seems to work, let the issue cool down. Venus moving to its Sign of exaltation, Pisces, will work well for you. It will help you sort out your emotions, and move ahead in wealth creation endeavors.

Cancer HoroscopeCancer

There shall be a major improvement in your financial position this year. Benevolent Jupiter will present encouraging opportunities. Similarly Venus will also work well in strengthening your position, in your chosen field of activities. It will also enliven your spirits. Handsome monetary gains are likely too. A sound financial position will prompt you to invest in real estate. In personal life and relationships, the influence of Venus will play an important role. Singles will succeed in starting a serious relationship. However, some issue in love relationship or otherwise may make you anxious. Retrogression of Venus may bring challenges. You will have to be strong, honest and calm to deal with the troubling winds, says Ganehsa. Businesspersons and professionals shall have a good chance to strike profitable deals and start new projects. However, you must trade carefully during retrogression of Venus as well as Mercury (from 10th April to 4th May). Refrain from signing any agreement or legal document at this time. Avoid litigations, and if there are any, try to settle them tactfully. With regard to health, middle-aged and above may get worried on experiencing symptoms of an old, seemingly cured health issue. Nagging issues like diabetes, irregular blood pressure etc. may also need to be handled with due care.

Leo HoroscopeLeo

Your main concern this year will be matters related to finance and family. Expect yourself to come across an exciting offer on the work front early on in 2017. Nevertheless, the current course of your path is also likely to be progressive in terms of money, work satisfaction and success. The signals in this regard shall start to surface from mid-January. If planets in your natal chart are also supportive, the turn of events during the first quarter shall benefit you for a long time. This, in fact, can go on to be the most significant period in the year 2017. A new meaningful relationships may also take shape, foresees Ganesha. Singles shall have a pleasant and enjoyable time. Overall, it looks like there is something for everybody in the cosmic kitty this year. Challenges await you on the personal front, though. Situations may sometimes get on your nerves, making you want to speak aloud your point of view and assert your stand. Such emotional ups and downs will prevail significantly, post May. If you don’t want things to go from bad to worse, you will need to control temper and handle it all tactfully, says Ganesha. You shall enjoy good general health for the better part of the year.

Virgo - HoroscopeVirgo

The beginning of the year may be a bit tricky. There may be some amount of uncertainty in your life. This is going to make a perfectionist like you very uncomfortable. Moon in a dual Sign Pisces and the Ruler of your Sign, Mercury, moving in retrograde mode, according to Ganesha, are the prime reasons for this uneasiness. Luckily, you will not have to go through this for long. From January 2nd week onwards, things will start to fall in place. As you gradually regain your rhythm, future plans will become the main area of your attention. Saturn posited in the 4th House is to make you aware of the ground realities. You will have a realistic picture of your strengths and limitations. You will take corrective steps in order to ensure successful completion of your plans. This may slow down your pace but Jupiter will ward off negatives and help you keep moving forward. As for your finances, the year ahead looks set to be promising – with a certain rise in your earnings. You have sufficient savings so you would want to make sound investments to make as much profit as possible during the course of time. Try to curtail wasteful expenditure.

Libra HoroscopeLibra

The swiftness with which you respond and take actions will matter a lot this year. Growth is foreseen, but how well you cope with sudden changes and challenges will determine its impact on your life. Hone your skills to be more confident about them. You need to go out of your comfort-zone every once in a while to ensure progress. Mercury, the planet related to communication and intelligence, is in retrograde mode, so avoid initializing a new project, be it on personal or professional front. When the times are not very favorable, you should focus on reviewing your past decisions and making necessary changes. You may put your plans into action post mid-January. You will lay the foundation for a long-term relationship. There is also a possibility of an old relationship getting stronger by the day. On the business front, the tide will be in your favor, foresees Ganesha. The period from January to April will set the trend for the rest of the year. You will start reaping rewards from May onwards. Jupiter will enter Scorpio during mid-October; utilize this phase to accelerate your progress. Petty healthy issue will keep bothering you all throughout the year. Take appropriate measures to get rid of them or to keep them under control.

Scorpio HoroscopeScorpio

This is the year that Ganesha advises you to strive for excellence. you shall work very hard, but it may not yield immediate results. Be patient and continue to do your best as you will soon see your efforts generating expected gains. There will be distractions luring you to spend time on meaningless pursuits but you need to stay focused and ward off all the negativity. During the last quarter of the year ahead, Jupiter will enter your Sign making you more accommodating. On the personal front, Venus will help your rebuild relationships and also help you initiate a romantic, long-term love affair. Be careful while selecting a partner and making your relationship more than just a fling. Those of you already in a committed relationship need to work hard to not let insecurities disturb your beautiful bond. Mistrust, fights and communication gap will damage your love life when Venus transits retrograde. Don’t take your relationship for granted especially during this phase. Spend quality time with your soulmate in order to maintain harmony in your relationship. Perform your duties up to the mark. Watch what you eat as you will have a weak digestive system during 2017 and you don’t want to make it weaker. Keep yourself hydrated and eat foods which are light on stomach.

Sagittarious HoroscopeSagittarius

In the initial stages of the year, you will face some challenges which may pose serious hurdles in your path. Matters related to occupation and personal life may come under the scanner. Being busy managing these challenges, you may not have much time for planning and starting any development-oriented activities. If this state of affairs continues, your long-term prospects may get affected. Well, this is a year-long trend, and you will have to brace yourselves to emerge triumphant. If you stay disciplined and confident, you will beat it all, assures Ganesha. Worship Lord Shiva and meditate regularly to beat stress. Ones in regular employments will have challenging time. Your equation with your boss as well as seniors may suffer. Though you will be motivated to perform efficiently, your boss/ management may seem to be on a fault finding mission. This will make you anxious and tense. Well, try to ignore this, as it is hardly your fault. If you are a student, it would be best that you pick your choice of subject after May, if possible. Married ones will need to spend quality time with their life partners, or there may be misunderstandings. From mid-March to end of May it will be a tricky time for health. Follow a tight fitness schedule to avoid lifestyle ailments.

Capricone HoroscopeCapricorn

The stars do not look very favorable for you in the initial stages of the year. You will feel like looking for new options, new changes and will constantly indulge in reflection. Change of job and relocation may be on your mind through the year. Going abroad is a possibility that you will consider seriously now. More than enhancing your prospects, it shall be about enhancing your ‘self’ that should work behind your motivations. But, for 2017, things may not be very clear. At least, there may be no clear picture about future prospects, when the year begins. However, clouds of uncertainty will start dispersing from mid January itself. By the end of February, you shall start getting hints about what you want to do, and what you should do, feels Ganesha. From May onwards, things will get hectic, as you may be full on working on this new opportunity. Professionals will remain concerned about their future growth prospects. Businesspersons will look to get encouraging opportunities. A good opportunity will come your way, any time from mid-February to March end. You may need to travel extensively to promote your business. Don’t expect immediate results, though. Period from April-end onwards will start bringing returns. Be careful and clear in payment matters. Do not give unsecured credit.

Aquarius - HoroscopeAquarius

You shall have encouraging opportunities throughout the upcoming year as indicated by the planetary configurations. But, the path will be strewn with hurdles and struggles. However, matters related to finances and family may cause some anxiety. You will need to manage your expenses very shrewdly. The movements of Venus will help in facilitating opportunities for increasing earnings. Movement of Jupiter in the last quarter of 2017 will give a further push to your position in your career as well as on the financial front. Career oriented professionals are in for a change in 2017. However, keep giving your best to your present assignment, till the last day at an old job. Also, do not risk an existing job, lured wrongly by a tempting offer, which may not actually materialize later. Do not take risks and attempt changes, during retrogression of Venus. Have patience. In the year’s latter half you may get a good opportunity to change your job. If planets in your Natal chart are also supportive, there is a strong possibility of your relocation. However, you may have a challenging time remaining level headed and balanced. Expect some upheavals in personal matters, and you will do your best to maintain harmony in relationships, especially during March to May.

Pisces HoroscopePisces

You will be confident about your decisions, and shall take firm steps towards your goals this year. There is a glitch, though. The ruler of your Sign, Jupiter, is not favorably placed, and therefore, you will not have strong support of this benevolent planet. Besides, Saturn is in the 10th House, the House of Karma. Such planetary alignment indicates that you will have to pull up your socks if you want to achieve your goals. Be prepared to work overtime. One or the other problem will keep popping up at regular intervals, disturbing your personal life. Blame the presence of malefic Ketu in your Sign for this bumpy ride, says Ganesha. Luckily, from April-end things will start to normalize. Making a mark on the work front this year is going to be difficult, foretells Ganesha. You will have no option but to follow your boss’s orders and tackle the pressure somehow. Tight deadlines, extra working hours and peer pressure will definitely keep you on your toes. Despite doing everything you can, you will be insecure about your job/position in the company. A somewhat dull phase is in the offing for you on the business front. Repeat orders from regular customers are to help you maintain money inflow. Follow a strict quality control system to maintain your goodwill about products/services you offer.

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