Horoscope December 2017

What Does Your Zodiac Says This November 2016?

Aries HoroscopeAries

At the beginning of November, you could be in an upbeat mood. There are some monetary gains in store for you. You are likely to park these extra funds for domestic matters. Around the same time, your emotions might get hurt by the inconsiderate behaviour of someone close. Married folks may find it difficult to spend quality time with their better half, while young singles could be under pressure to tie the knot, informs Ganesha. The coming together of four planets mid-month could help stabilize your emotions that had been ruffled in the first week. But, work may be bumpy and challenging. Businessmen could face setback here. There might be difficulties in firming up a deal with a valuable customer. For singles, it looks like only career and future, not love and romance for the moment. Financially, there is no cause for worry. But, as you move to the month end, you could be blamed for some goof up at home. To avoid such embarrassing situations, you need to spend time regularly to attend to domestic matters. This might make you aware about the needs of the house and give you enough time to make arrangements for the same. New moon starts emerging around midweek. You may now become optimistic about future prospects. The right direction may also become evident. Good time now to act on long conceivable plans for achieving growth.

Taurus HoroscopeTaurus

At the beginning of November, businessmen and entrepreneurs could explore new territory to increase earnings. They will need to think out-of-the-box to succeed. You might be active and energized. On the flip side, you may get over assertive. Do not ignore constructive suggestions from people around you. You could also be concerned about some issue in a meaningful relationship. Ganesha recommends that you turn these negative thoughts into positive feelings, while making changes to improve your working methods. This shall help in strengthening your financial position. You may be required to do something special to restore peace and a sense of belonging among family members. Maybe, you could plan an outing over the weekend to build family bond, advises Ganesha. Meanwhile, you may be keen to give a contemporary makeover to your home. Now, you will feel like breaking free and taking solace in spirituality, says Ganesha. Some unexpected health issue could cause concern, though. Take care!

Gemini Horoscope


At the beginning of November, you shall pick up courage to try out innovative ideas to progress faster. This is because you feel financially sound here and may be willing to experiment. As the second week starts, you may have to spend money on family. However, do not take any major decisions related to finance at this juncture. Married folks are likely to be content, even though a difference or conflict may be ongoing in the background. Mid-month, two issues are likely to keep you on edge. One, how to resolve a prickly issue at home? Two, how to increase savings? Some unexpected expenses could throw your plans haywire. There could be problems in routine tasks and important work may get stalled. By the end of November, your desire to strengthen your financial status could grow manifold. This might energize you to catch the proverbial bull by the horn and tackle difficult situations bravely, says Ganesha. These stressful situations might have an adverse effect on your health. Maintain a wholesome diet to fight fit here.

Cancer Horoscope


As the month begins, new ideas and thoughts to boost earnings will swarm your mind. Amid all these impulses, you may also get a strong urge to visit a religious place to recharge and rejuvenate yourself. In the second week you shall have a pleasant time. However, you could be restless here for unspecified reason. Planetary positions here seem to support you in strengthening your financial position. You may have to incur some expenses, to meet some urgent requirements for your family, though. By mid-month, the situation has changed and does not look so favourable for gains. Here, you could make a wrong move and lose money. If in a job, you may look for some part time assignment to substantiate your income. Refrain from lending money at this juncture, cautions Ganesha. Also, remain careful about health now. There is a strong likelihood of your falling sick. The ill wind regarding finances continues to blow, in the last week of December. Many of you may have a hard time managing expenses for family. You may have to dig into your savings to bridge the gap. Love birds and married folks could be disenchanted here.

Leo Horoscope


At the beginning of November, married folks may be on top of the world. They may be overwhelmed by the warm response and support of their partner. This shall boost their morale significantly. Make hay while the sun shines! Refrain from taking any risks for monetary gains for the time being. Mars will step in to your rescue, though, providing you enough energy to work hard for extended hours. In the second week, you may hanker for your share of fame and repute. You may meet some noteworthy people. Some good opportunity will come by too. Be quick to grab, advises Ganesha. Businessmen and professionals may get to handle big contracts in the coming days. However, job holders may get sullen for not getting due appreciation for their hard work. Singles need to tread carefully while trying to forge a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. In regard to health, planetary positions indicate that diabetics need to be careful at this juncture. Mid-month, some expenses for a pending demand may have to be incurred. Avoid making fresh investments in the coming days, warns Ganesha. Some issues related to family might keep you stressed over the weekend. However, if you remain composed, you might sniff out some lucrative opportunity, assures Ganesha. You need to remain careful about health here.

Virgo - Horoscope


In the first fortnight of November, try not to hold any grudges, instead work on reconciliation. Strong feelings of spirituality might surface in the second week. Full Moon could goad you to take a pilgrimage to introspect and get in touch with your finer sensibilities. Ganesha recommends that you set priorities and stay within limits. Young singles may plan to take a major step in love. Married folks may be left hankering for pleasures of marital life. Your spiritual and philanthropic streak could spill over into the third week. It is only after a few days, when you come back to your senses, that you are overcome by repentance for having doled out money indiscriminately. Rise in incidental expenses will not leave much scope for savings. However, encouraging returns from investments made earlier could bring cheer. In regard to health, middle aged and above having chronic health issues could come across the right medication informs Ganesha. Singles, though, will be successful in forging friendship.

Libra Horoscope


In the first week of November, progressive forces and great opportunities seem to be in store. Businessmen and entrepreneurs could benefit substantially by their new strategy. Professionals could get a prestigious project to work on. Job holders may begin their hunt for a workplace which offers them higher salary and better growth prospects. Make full use of this philanthropy of the stars, suggests Ganesha. Around midweek, Singles may be attracted towards a person with a considerable age gap. Be careful! These negative influences are likely to roll over in the following week too. Household requirements could make deep holes in your pocket here. You may be tempted to take short cuts to up your earnings. However, ensure that, in a hurry, you do not step on the wrong side of the law. There is a likelihood of lucrative break coming your way during this phase. You need to act fast to grab the same, recommends Ganesha. Mid-month, a confrontation with a close contact shall make you edgy. This could escalate in the coming days. Keep cool and avoid stressful situations. You will need to spare some time to attend to family and domestic matters. Business-persons may meet an old customer at a social event. Handle the proposition with due retrain and tact!

Scorpio Horoscope


At the beginning of November, work related activities could keep you busy. Job holders may get good opportunity to showcase their inherent ability to handle complex, time consuming tasks. This shall help in building their case for a promotion. Married folks may need to do something special for their partner, to re-kindle the fire and passion. Refrain from taking major risks in matters related to finances. Mid-month, once again the stars shall support businessmen and professionals to negotiate size-able deals. Ensure you do not make errors or omissions in a rush, warns Ganesha. During this phase you should refrain from making any major financial commitments. Unrest in the family may keep you stressed. Spend more time at home to be aware of requirements of the family. With regards to health, some serious illness might surface over the weekend. Be careful and vigilant now. By the end of November, luck appears to be on your side and will provide you the right opportunity to improve your prospects, according to Ganesha. Young singles will continue to be disinclined to forge any serious long term relationship; enjoying sensual pleasure could be high on the agenda. Married folks could plan a mini vacation to enjoy quality time together.

Sagittarious Horoscope


As the month begins, your pace of work could improve significantly, this is indicative of earnings through your own efforts. Job holders may need to handle matters carefully with their seniors and higher ups. You may be inclined to show off your affluence. Mid-month, concerns about the future may bother. Those in jobs could have some confrontation with their boss. It does not sound well for matters related to authority figures and finances. Refrain from taking any major decisions. No fresh investments should be made, for now. Health of someone elder may need immediate attention. By the month end, some earlier investment will start bearing results. This will enliven your spirits, giving you enough cause to cheer. But, you may be preoccupied with family matters. Young singles may look forward to build a long term relationship. You will need to remain careful about your health.

Capricone Horoscope


At the beginning of November, married folks shall find happiness. The exchange of some useful suggestions from their better half to save money is likely to enhance the warmth in their bond. Businessmen and professionals with overseas interests need to be careful. A short tour, maybe out of the country, to finalize a deal may become necessary. In the second you may have a strong urge to have money in excess to live life lavishly. As you get more systematic and organized, your earnings could improve. Those in jobs might have to sit for extended hours to meet pressing deadlines. Here, Ganesha cautions young singles seeking relationship with a member of the opposite sex to check financial status and credentials of family before making any commitment. Mid-month, some disturbances and setbacks in routine work may make you doubt your own potential. Your earnings might increase. In the last week of the month, some confrontation with a colleague could agitate you. However, do not hold grudges and work towards reconciliation. Ensure that pressure and anxiety does not take a toll on your health. Middle aged and above with issues related to respiratory system might need to take effective measures to keep things under control. Some major expenses may not leave much scope for savings at this juncture, says Ganesha.

Aquarius - Horoscope


With Moon in your sign at the beginning of November, you may be eager to experiment with innovative ideas to boost your earnings. Also, here you shall be blessed with boundless energy to work hard for long hours. As the second week begins, matters related to the house could keep you engaged. You will be inclined to give a contemporary, modern look to your home in preparation for an upcoming ceremony arranged by the family. Businessmen and contractors dealing with government and semi-government offices might gain here. You also need to be attentive about relationships in the coming days. Refrain from getting too critical or judgmental, warns Ganesha. By mid-month, disturbances in routine activities might hold you back from giving your best. This could agitate you. Some unexpected health issue may become troublesome now.. However, health issues may surface again. Get yourself thoroughly examined. By the month end, job holders could be entrusted with additional responsibility. Chances of their future prospects and designation improving seem high at this juncture.

Pisces Horoscope


Matters concerning relationships come to the fore, as the month begins. Young singles may be keen start a relationship, even if a casual fling. While, married couples may be feeling deprived and desolate, owing to the inconsiderate attitude of their partner. Regarding work, many of you shall be entrusted with outstation tasks, during this phase. Be confident and absolutely focused so that you make no errors or omissions, counsels Ganesha. Do not take any major financial strides to boost earnings. As the second week opens, a strong desire to enjoy life may fill you. You could be partying, socializing and indulging in pleasurable diversions. Meeting a childhood buddy at a social event may enliven your spirits. You savings will rise, and so will your confidence. In the third week, some real hard work may be in store for you, thanks to the converging of four planets. Some disruptions could slow down your progress here. Businessmen may face stiff competition. You may incur expenses on account of a religious ceremony arranged by the family. Those in business may not have anything to cheer. With regard to health, some issues related to the digestive and respiratory system could arise mid-month.

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