Horoscope December 2017

What Does Your Zodiac Says This October 2016?

Aries HoroscopeAries

Completely engulfed in the pursuit of pleasure, as the months begins, you may be so immersed in enjoying the life that you may neglect many of your regular and domestic responsibilities and concerns. Obviously, this will put you at the receiving end of a plenty of criticism from your family. Thankfully, by the end of the first week, you would be out of this bubble, and shall be more attentive to work as well as home life. Around the same time, businesspersons and professionals could be brimming with some new ideas to enhance prospects. However, fortune will be in a combust state and, hence, not strong enough to help you, all the way. This means that you will need to be prepared to work harder and longer – to achieve desired results, foresees Ganesha. Fortunately, by the second week, your gains during this phase could last long, says Ganesha. Days shall now bring in happiness, passion and love in abundance. Married folks may be delighted, while those in love may settle for an auspicious date to wed. As the new fortnight commences, business could get a new push with a steady rise in sales. Professionals may also have their hands full with various projects. In the fourth week, you could feel down in the dumps about a certain aspect of your life which are not in tandem with your dreams, feels Ganesha. Those doing business in partnership could be overwhelmed by the contribution of their partner in terms of money and contact with influential people. Your financial position may be comfortable by the month end. However, work will keep you busy all through the week and you may have little time to enjoy. Ganesha suggests that you improve your love bonds with your spouse. The month indicates good health for you.

Taurus HoroscopeTaurus

The beginning of October may bring in good times for married folks. They could enjoy close bond and compatibility with their partner here. In contrast, singles may not be able to make much headway in shaping close relationship with a member of the opposite sex. An intellectual approach may not work well in developing a love relationship, feels Ganesha. For businessmen and professionals, a long distance travel might bring encouraging results. Freshers are likely to get suitably employed here. However, they may have a hard time adjusting to the new work atmosphere. In the coming days, many of you shall be keen to explore new territories to expand work. Your financial position could improve. However, there may be some issues in personal life that could be difficult to resolve at this juncture. In the new fortnight, you might be keen to look for other avenues to boost your earnings. Businesspersons dealing with overseas establishments and professionals handling offshore projects may need to be careful while finalising deals. Be cautious about terms of payment. Now, you also need to plan your finances for long term keeping enough provisions for contingencies. You could be keen to buy a house. Go ahead, as the stars are favourable, says Ganesha. Regarding finances, you are likely to incur expenses on account of some ceremony arranged by the family. You will earn extra money to compensate for the expenses incurred. Singles could have a tough time now drawing an attention of targeted person of opposite sex. By the month end, there may not be much to cheer. Personal life could be in some difficulty, married folks might have a tough time and expenses may increase. In spite of increased outflow, you will remain in comfortable financial position, assures Ganesha. Health will be fine – no major threats, if you stick to tried and tested.

Gemini HoroscopeGemini

At the beginning of October, you will need to work doubly hard and have enough patience till results start pouring in. But, do not get discouraged if things do not proceed as planned. Difficult times for one’s doing a job. Businessmen may not be able to strike big and thus unable to enjoy a secure financial position. In the second week, you could get a chance of a lifetime to make a mark in your field. Monetary gains could also enliven your spirits here. Go ahead and make the most of this favourable phase. However, time may not be supportive for maintaining peace at home. Increasing provision for the family could help ease matters to some extent, informs Ganesha. Mid-month could be marked by self-indulgence and extravagance. You shall be spending on luxuries and comforts and pleasure seeking activities. You may also manage your money wisely and refrain from making unwarranted expenses, says Ganesha. Singles shall be under pressure from elders and well wishers to make up their mind and settle for someone they would like to get married to. Here, you remain healthy. Avoid starting a new venture with a casual acquaintance, warns Ganesha. By the month end, you could make a firm resolve to do your best by learning from past mistakes.

Cancer HoroscopeCancer

The month of October could start with feelings of unbridled passion and enthusiasm. You are likely to spend delightful moments cosying up with your loved one. Enjoying sensual pleasure to the maximum may become your main agenda here. You might also be keen to give a new look to your house. Financially, you will be comfortable and even be able to save money satisfactorily, says Ganesha. However, you need to plan your finances for a long term, keeping enough for emergencies. Time does not look good for health in the coming days. Fortunately, there are one or two positive signs in the second week. Though, issues in personal life could get disturbing. According to Ganesha, there are chances of you feeling alone and isolated in this phase. In the new fortnight, ones keen on marriage may stumble across their life partner. They may also look out for an auspicious date to tie the knot. In the fourth week, concerns about family and effective management of finances could be your main concern. You are likely to increase budgets for the family. Some enjoyable time with them is on the cards. Later in the 4th week itself, time shall be encouraging for success and progress, informs Ganesha. Some unexpected health issue might make you feel under the weather. Remain watchful! By the end of the month, an increase in earnings is likely to raise your spirits. Young singles may succeed in shaping close relationship with a member of the opposite sex. However, do not insist on physical intimacy, as yet. Those with pain in joints could suffer from excruciating soreness. Try alternative medicines to reduce the discomfort.

Leo HoroscopeLeo

As October begins. Starry picture shall be bleak, but rest easy as things shall change for the better soon. Meanwhile, you may find it difficult to motivate people to work for you. However, you may work well for business persons and professionals. You would manage finances efficiently. Family related issues could keep you stressed, though. You will enjoy good health. In the second week, you could get busy networking for business. You shall get an opportunity to forge the relationship with influential people. This could enhance your prospects, in general. Here, time could bring up some difficult-to-resolve issues related to your personal life. Singles may be overwhelmed on meeting a childhood friend (of opposite sex). They would be eager to take the friendship forward! In the new fortnight, encouraging opportunities to negotiate deals successfully with valuable customers. Those in jobs may get frustrated on not getting a promotion, even when qualified for the same. In the fourth week, time shall instil confidence, keeping you in high spirits. Around Tuesday this week, you facilitate growth. By the month end, you may be determined now to recover the lost ground in your job. Here, Ganesha advises that you should spend time with family regularly to be in touch with their aspirations and financial needs.

Virgo - HoroscopeVirgo

At the beginning of October, get ready to be your hospitable best. A host of guests, relatives and social contacts may also be visiting you in the coming days. If you are single, you are likely to seek pleasure in physical intimacy with a like-minded person of opposite sex. Around Wednesday, your mood might be subdued says Ganesha. Promising monetary gains are on the cards for you in the second week. However, do not risk money to earn more. For many, routine activities shall be smooth allowing for efficient progress. Businesspersons and professionals could also be in a better position now. Time is indicative of some disappointment caused by the unbecoming behaviour of someone close. You could be uncomfortable with relationships in general during this phase. This could be due to temperamental tendencies, informs Ganesha. In the new fortnight, you might be visiting a religious place for peace and tranquillity. Later in the same week, you may get busy with work, and the flow of benefits may cheer you up. Time could prompt you to contribute more to domestic matters and also improve your lifestyle. Your spiritual and philanthropic feelings shall spill over into the fourth week. You may be inclined to spend money for charity or social causes in the coming days, feels Ganesha. You may save money for future needs. Financially, you will be secure here. In regard to health, those with joint pains may have a hard time. Try alternative medicines for long term relief. According to Ganesha, good times for businessmen to undertake a trip to explore new territory to expand work.

Libra HoroscopeLibra

At the beginning of October, your focus could be on your career. Those eager for a change of job should start applying for new opportunities now as it is an auspicious time. Freshers could also be lucky here in finding suitable work. However, they need to be diligent to keep their position secure, suggests Ganesha. Business persons can look forward to adding new customers to increase turnover. Minor health issues could keep bothering you most of the time at this moment. Try home remedies and alternative medicines for long term cure. As the new week begins, positive breeze continues to blow. From herewith, both cohesive and progressive energy become strong. You may maintain a healthy financial position. In the new fortnight, businessmen could be lucky. A lucrative deal may be negotiated now. Bachelor’s might be under pressure to stop wandering and find a suitable girl to tie the knot. Ones already in love relationship can now go ahead with their plans to get married. In the coming days, encouraging monetary gains made possible by a number of intelligent moves, informs Ganesha. You are likely to enjoy a pleasant time with family here. Meeting an old buddy at a social function might further enliven spirits. The month end looks chalked out for singles. They have the blessings of the stars now. They will have the commitment and strength to take their relationship to a new level, despite opposition.

Scorpio HoroscopeScorpio

There is cause to cheer at the beginning of October. You will be getting handsome monetary gains now. Also, time see you becoming passionate about enjoying. Married folks might be overwhelmed by the prompt response of their partner. In the second week, there is a possibility of a tiff with a relative over ancestral property. Handle this with tact, advises Ganesha. However, these issues may be resolved amicably. Here, you may also be keen to redo the interiors of your home. There are chances of your cutting corners at this juncture to gain monetarily. Such shortcuts could land you in big trouble. Businessmen and professionals need to be attentive about handling finances, warns Ganesha. Married folks, who were feeling overwhelmed earlier in the month, could now feel uneasy for one reason or another. There is nothing that you can do for the moment. Probably, giving enough space to each other could help calm nerves. Jobholders may have an overload of work. Those in business might benefit. Encouraging opportunities and intelligent moves to enhance your earnings is seen. Now is the time to strengthen your financial position. Some unrest in the family could keep you stressed. Young singles could succeed in getting close to someone from the opposite sex. By the month end, brings the finest out of you, informs Ganesha. Time is already there to help you climb the ladder. So, go ahead and give your best!

Sagittarious HoroscopeSagittarius

Happiness is on the cards at the beginning of October. You may be keen to enjoy pleasures of life now. Monetary gains too will be encouraging here. A rosy picture for businessmen and professionals. Be aware of ground realities and push yourself to become practical in handling matters related to finance, says Ganesha. However, domestic matters might keep you uncomfortable. In the new week, issues in a relationship are likely to get resolved amicably. Married folks may feel happy by the enthusiastic response of their partner. Though, there is stress for job holders in the coming days. The constant pressure from your boss to increase your pace of work might make you tired and upset. You could feel like changing your job, but planetary positions do not support any move at this juncture, informs Ganesha. As the new fortnight commences, you could be in high spirits. With your finances being sound, you might indulge in pleasure seeking activities. From Wednesday, contradictory influences could confuse you here. Businessmen and self-employed could have a setback at the beginning of the 4th week. Ganesha advises those in business to explore new territory to boost earnings. You could handle money matters prudently now. Health issues related to calcium deficiency may get bothersome. By the month end, your stable financial position might prompt you to buy luxuries. However, refrain from speculating in shady schemes and risky offers. Some unrest in the family could stress you out. Ensure you are not in the dark about requirements at home, suggests Ganesha.

Capricone HoroscopeCapricorn

At the beginning of October, you will cherish human connections. You are likely to spend a pleasant time with close friends and colleagues. Singles could be introduced to someone of their liking from the opposite sex to get into a relationship. Fortunately, you are focused on your work and provide the necessary energy to achieve desired results. However, you need to handle money matters carefully during this phase, cautions Ganesha. This is because there are chances of becoming careless about financial transactions. The second week opens on a good note with cohesive forces becoming stronger. Now, businessmen and professionals might be in a better position to negotiate contracts with high worth customers successfully. Gains are likely to last long here. Ganesha counsels that you should budget for long term keeping enough funds for contingencies. Increasing provisions for the family may work favourably in maintaining peace at home. In the new fortnight time play on your negative aspect and make you assertive and arrogant, cautions Ganesha. Distractions might increase and become impediments in your work. You are also likely to miss a seemingly good opportunity to benefit monetarily in the coming days. If doing a job, you may work well in keeping your position secure and enhancing your prospects of getting a promotion, informs Ganesha. In regard to health, those suffering from old nagging health issues may find the right medicine suitable to them for long term cure. By the month end, singles planning to elope with their sweetheart for secretly tying the knot gets the support. According to Ganesha, married folks could feel uneasy on account of some serious differences of opinion with their partner on setting priorities in domestic matters. Those with overseas interests may need to confirm suitable terms of payment.

Aquarius - HoroscopeAquarius

You begin the month on a high note. Some of your earlier efforts may start bearing results now. It will be an auspicious time for businessmen and professionals. However, margins and thus, returns may remain low. Love relations too may appear grim. There may be not much joy even for the married folks, as the constant nagging of their partner could get frustrating. Meanwhile, thank your enhanced organisational and creative skills. You might now set priorities and plan out your schedules. You experiment with new ideas to move ahead. However, time may bring roadblocks in your plan and strategy. Make the necessary changes! Mid-month, there could be expenses behind domestic matters. You could be excited about decorating your home. Later, time might bring positive vibes. Your success rate may increase now. You may be keen to use your savings productively. Ganesha recommends that you invest in shares of reputed companies so that your money will be safe and returns satisfactory. Monetary gains facilitated, can be expected to last long. The fourth week might start on a negative note. A key relationship may be in trouble, or professionals may be grilled. In the 4th week, get together, which shall bring some encouraging news. By the end of the month, you could see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is after a long time that you are breaking free from some shackles. Health looks good!

Pisces HoroscopePisces

At the beginning of October, those in business are likely to benefit. An old, valuable customer could come knocking to negotiate a major deal here. Professionals handling offshore projects might get a call from overseas. In matters of relationship, you shall get agitated on not getting support on an important issue. You may have to relent eventually to resolve the deadlock, advises Ganesha. In the second week, be auspicious for you. Now, you may have fewer hassles in routine work. Also, your overall performance may stand to improve. Ones doing the job are likely to get secure with their position. Businessmen might get help from a friend who would be willing to give an opportunity to enhance financial prospects. Time may assist you in getting organised with your work. As a result, success rate could improve. Expansion plans for business may now be implemented. However, be ready for some hurdles ahead that may impede progress. Young singles could be keen on enjoying sensual pleasures. They could be on the lookout for a like-minded person of opposite sex to enjoy cosy moments. Planetary positions may support singles here. In the new fortnight, time will inspire you with some constructive ideas to boost your earnings. Cheer also comes from encouraging returns from investments made earlier. In short, good gainful time seems to be in store. By the month end, days shall facilitate progress. Love and romance is there for all at this juncture. Love birds may have an enjoyable time; married folks shall take pleasure in getting cosy without inhibitions, while young singles might fall for a coworker.

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