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3 Principles For The Working Women!


Life of a working woman is perhaps the most complicated story, one can even think off. Right from managing work to attending families; from enjoying happy moments with friends to finding some Self time… it is the most difficult think to do. But today, there are a two contradicting thoughts that are opined today. One that thinks women can achieve things by only compromising on a few others, while the other thinks that they need to let go of a few things to manage things easily. Overall, in either of the conditions, the result remains the same. Women have to compromise on some or the other thing to maintain a balance. It is never a Winning situation for women.

You either become a good home-maker, taking care of your kids, family, friends and self by giving up your career as a professional OR, simply compromise with your family time, friends and just concentrate on your work. Managing all these four aspects of life gets difficult… unless you have the right magical principles to help you Win Everything.

The 3 magical principles that can help you win the world are:

  • Stay real – Proceed accurately
    This part teaches us to understand ourselves better than ever and what we want from our life. Think about:

    1. Your main principles
    2. Your Priorities
    3. Your idea about leadership
    4. Your main areas of life, their priorities and the time spent on each, satiation degree in each area
  • Stay firm – Act as One
    This part helps us understand the reason to integrate these four aspects into our life. Unsatisfaction in any of these aspects directly leads one to stress, lower efficiency and health conditions. Question yourself about the following:

    1. The people who will be affected by an imbalance in any of these aspects
    2. Impact on our vision
    3. Expectation of people from you
    4. Your expectations from people
    5. Engaging with people and winning their support.
  • Staying Innovative – show your creativity
    Think out of the box, show your creativity and think of ideas and solutions that will help you bring a balance in all the four aspects. Try out the various online offers such as the Facebook interest lists that can help you find work and projects based on your areas of interest and excellence. These 3 values together will help us improve our lifestyle and lead the way to winning the world…
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