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4 Ways Fertility Treatment Can Fit into Your Busy Life

We’re increasingly pressured to juggle everything life throws our way. Work, relationships, keeping up on bills and appointments, meeting deadlines, family get-togethers, grocery shopping, maintaining friendships, and attempting to squeeze in a little time for yourself is a lot for anyone to handle.

Unfortunately, running at full speed with too many responsibilities is today’s “norm”.  Throw infertility issues into the mix, and it may feel impossible to juggle it all.

Want to know the good news?

You can fit fertility treatment like donor egg IVF into your life with proper organization and planning, no matter how jam-packed your schedule may be.

Keep and update a planner

Write down everything!

It seems too easy, but this simple act can create a world of difference in how “busy” we feel every day. Think about every appointment, chore, meeting, deadline — even what you want to cook for dinner — and write it down in your planner. Staying organized will not only alleviate a sense of anxiety, but can reduce stress and depression.

By including every big or small task in a “brain dump,” you allow yourself to clear your mind and eliminate the fear of needing to remember everything. Even pre-planning meals provides the opportunity to ensure you have what you need to make a healthy meal plan more manageable.

For those undergoing fertility treatments, this is essential because timing is key. By looking at upcoming appointments, it puts the power in your hands to plan a week that works with your fertility treatment, not against it.

Ask for and accept help

The process of beginning a family doesn’t have to be done alone. It’s a healthy choice to accept help when help is offered. There’s nothing that says you’re the only one who can cook dinner or vacuum the living room. If you consistently use a planner, keep it in a visible location in your home so your spouse, family member or friend can help check things off the list. That way important people in your life can help alleviate the stress of getting every task done.

By writing every task down on paper, communication can remain open with anyone who is offering to help you. This can go a long way in preventing unnecessary arguments and strain on your relationships.

Fertility Treatments

Fertility Treatments

Consider fertility treatment using frozen donor eggs

Those trying to conceive on a tight timeline may want to consider frozen donor egg IVF as a time-efficient and affordable option. With a vast network of quality donors, it’s a great alternative for many individuals and couples unable to use their own eggs. Further, choosing frozen donor eggs puts more power into the hands of the intended parent(s) because they aren’t tied to a donor’s cycle, unlike fresh egg donation. Frozen eggs are ready to use when the intended parent(s) are ready to begin the process. This allows the recipient to start their cycle at a time that best fits their schedule.

Not only is the success rate of using frozen donor eggs comparable to using fresh donor eggs, but frozen eggs are considerably more affordable to use. The intended parent(s) don’t need to travel to the egg donor or vice versa for the IVF process to continue, placing a greater ease on the financial obligations of the intended parent(s).

Whether it’s fresh or frozen, donated eggs are increasingly becoming  the fertility option of choice for women over 40 who are trying to get pregnant.

Be upfront with friends and family

The journey of conception is typically a private matter. However, if someone is undergoing fertility treatments of any kind, regular office visits come with the territory. Let the important people in your life know what’s happening.

Friends and family can be willing to help when you need it. Further, informing your immediate supervisor can be a good idea, as they may be willing to work with your fertility appointment schedule if you can plan in advance. When you give advance notice, it may be feasible to work through your lunch and take off an hour early to make an important office visit.

Be as honest with your friends, family, and coworkers as you feel you can be.

Life is busy. Just because it rarely slows down doesn’t mean you shouldn’t undergo fertility treatment to start your family.

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