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5 Health Practices That Help You Stay In Shape

What can I do be in the best shape of my life? How do I lose weight without resorting to fad diets? These are common questions often asked by people wanting to transform their health.

For many of us who are stuck to our office desks for hours, it can be difficult to adopt measures that guarantee fitness. This is the reason why many of us shift from one fitness strategy to another and never seeing lasting results.

By the end of this article, you’re going to discover 5 realistic ways for you (as the busiest person you know) to stay in shape throughout the year – and hopefully for years to come. Whether you’re a beginner learner of fitness or have tried many techniques and have failed, my tips will surely help you.

  1. Exercise on a regular basis.

Even without reading tons of researches on exercise, it is undoubtedly true that exercise transforms your body holistically. Helping you shed off excess weight, the more physical activity you engage in, the higher the number of calories you burn.

Since you’re challenged to find time for some good exercise, try to follow these simple techniques without ruining your daily schedule:

  • Ride a bike on your way to work
  • Park your car farther from the office
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Do some chores at home
  1. Eat snacks that power up weight loss.

What you eat in between your regular meals greatly impacts your weight. The kind of snacks you choose can either support or ruin your efforts to lose weight. Of course, we feel famished in the middle of a busy work day, but it doesn’t mean that we can toss anything into our hungry mouths.

There are specific nutrient-filled snacks that prevent you from gaining excess weight. Aim for high-protein, low-sugar, and high-fiber snack foods. Want some great suggestions? Try these options: Apricots, baby cucumbers, frozen yogurt with fruits, watermelons, and low fat cottage cheese.

  1. Practice mindfulness when you eat.

To mindfully eat is to engage all your senses and savor your food. Unfortunately, most of us chew in less than 10 seconds and not take the time to appreciate the glorious meal that’s right in front of us. We’re too preoccupied with our smartphones or perhaps we’re busy chit-chatting with our friends while taking lunch.

Even for a few minutes, acknowledge your food. Savor every bite and chew thoroughly for at least 20 times. Not only will this help you feel real satiation (which helps prevent overeating), but also prevents you from getting digestive problems. Moreover, you’ll be likely to be mindful for the rest of the day.

  1. Drink plenty of water.

There are many reasons why the act of drinking more water and water itself help you lose weight. Ensuring that your body is properly hydrated prevents you from feeling false hunger and unnecessary cravings. When the human body is mildly dehydrated, it can easily mistake thirst for hunger. Thirst and hunger send similar signals to the brain.

Water keeps your body in shape by getting you fueled during your workouts (thus helping you push through) and preventing you from drinking unhealthy stuff like soda and chocolate drinks. Also, water has zero calories. Even if you drink liters of water each day, you wouldn’t have to worry about gaining pounds.

  1. Inspire and motivate yourself everyday.

De-motivation is a big factor that stalls your progress towards a healthier and better you. Adopt a positive attitude – you succeed. Entertain destructive thoughts – you surely fail. If you want to keep an unhealthy weight off for the best, arm yourself with realistic goals. Read success stories of people who were able to live healthier as well as motivational sayings.

It’s also important that you renew your commitment to a greater lifestyle every week. If you missed exercising or indulged in a poor snack choice, focus on taking the next best step. Better yet, keep a journal with you so you can record your progress. This will allow you to appreciate how far you’ve come.


A fit and fabulous body are worth every effort and sacrifice. Everybody knows that getting into shape has several benefits such as the avoidance of lifestyle diseases, improved looks, increased strength and flexibility, and a boost in self-confidence. Start following the pieces of advice in this article and see yourself transforming sooner.

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