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5 Ways to Attract People to Your Trade Show Booth

Studies show that 81% of trade show visitors have purchasing power. Imagine what it will mean for your company if these decision-makers will spend time in your booth. It will be an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your products and hopefully, close a deal or make a sale.

In a trade hall filled with at least a hundred exhibitors, sometimes it is easy to get lost in the vast expanse of booths and displays. Your trade show booth must be a magnet for possible clients and business partners.

Here are some ways to attract visitors to your trade show booth.

  1. Have a Pre-show Promotional Campaign

Invite the customers in your in-house list to the trade show via email or postal mail. Remember to include your booth number and give them a compelling reason to visit you. It could be a special gift or promotion.

Request the attendee list from the trade show management. Do thorough research on the prospects that are a match to your company.  Contact these prospects and invite them to the trade show as well. Again, include a reason for their visit.

2. Make People Feel Welcome

If you have ample space for your trade show booth, set up comfortable chairs and a few small tables where visitors can put their things. Design your booth to exude a welcoming vibe. People will appreciate the brief respite from all the walking that they have been doing the whole day. You may also set up a screen that plays videos about your company so they would be informed and entertained while resting.

3. Make Your Booth Stand-Out

Install tall booth exhibit displays that stand above everyone else. People will see your booth from afar and be curious as to what it is. Another option would be an overhead exhibit display that you can hang above the booth. You could also install graphics or arrows on the floor within your booth area.

You can get creative and add installations that are connected to your company. One agricultural trade show even had live pigs enclosed in a pen inside their booth. Another one had a giant paper-mache cow that had artwork painted on its body. People were flocking to their booth to have their pictures taken.

4. Provide Snacks and Refreshments

On average, trade show visitors spend 8 hours inside the trade halls. Pretty sure they will be thirsty and hungry because of walking around all day. Handing out snacks like delicious muffins, cookies, and chocolates will attract people. Iced Tea, Coffee, and Soda will also bring the tired crowd to your booth. You may pack them in cups and containers that have your company logo on them for easy brand recall.

5. Make Your Booth Interactive

An easy and fun way to showcase your products is to provide a demo. Allow the people to touch, smell, and experience your products or services. If you are selling cosmetics, for example, you could offer a free makeover.

In this age of digital communication, it is more challenging to have a face-to-face interaction with clients and prospects. A Trade show is an excellent opportunity to talk with the people who matter to your business personally. Applying these tips will assure you that they will drop by your booth and give you their most valuable time.

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