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6 Tips To Help You Buy The Right Saree!

Saree is loved by women all around the globe. For us Indians, saree is our traditional wear and more than that, the attire is so beautiful that I guess at any given occasion we want to flaunt one of our favourite sarees. For me, saree is my passion. Over the years, being in the business and being with women who love wearing sarees, I have learnt the little things that make a whole lot a difference to a saree wearer and it starts with buying. Let me share these little gems that will help you avoid mistakes in buying a saree.

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Choosing a saree is a difficult task, as soon as you enter the shop, you want almost all the sarees that you set your eyes on. Practically that isn’t possible, how we wish it was. So, follow these pointers to buy the right saree for the right occasion!

  1. Saree For Right Occasion: While buying a saree, always keep in mind the occasion and the time when you will be wearing it. If the event is taking place in the day time, buy sarees that are light in colour, if it’s in the night, go for dark shades. Simultaneously check if the colour suits your skin tone.
  2. Colour: Always check the colour of the saree in natural night. At times, the shade differs when seen in the store. There are a few colours that look great on you, when you wear them you are sure to get complements, but that’s not the case with every colour that you wear. So make sure you buy the right colour.
  3. Trendy Sarees: If you are someone who loves following latest trend, check the internet, or go through magazines and you will know what’s in fashion and make a style statement by buying the latest trends.
  4. Right Fabric: The most important things about a saree is its fabric. Fabrics play a very important role in bringing the saree to life. Touch it and feel it! See if the fabric is genuine, as a lot of fake fabrics are doing the rounds in the market. See if the feel of the fabric is comfortable on your skin. Ultimately, fashion is more about comfort than style.
  5. Printed Saree: Coming to the print of the saree, if at all you wear printed sarees, consider your height and weight. Big prints, like big flowers and leaves or any big designs will make you look fat, go for stripes if you are short. If you want to look a little taller than your actual height, try wearing sarees that are plain in colour with just a little work or an interesting border. Also, if you are little on the heavier side, wear sarees with delicate small prints.
  6. Embroidered Saree: If you are looking for an embroidered saree, see if it isn’t too much for the occasion that the saree is been bought for.

These days the market has a lot more to offer than just traditional saree. A huge variety in prints, a range of borders, an array of designs in blouses, the list is endless, but what matters most is what suits you. Carefully consider the above few points and make way for the perfect saree that complements you.

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