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7 Women Who Deserve Our Applauds in 2014

Every year as it comes and goes, it becomes special in its own way. Few things inspire us to a extent which help us reach the height of Everest while some things bog us down to a steep, narrow pit. Out of the two, it is inspiration that drives us ahead during the tough times. Women have always stood up for their rights and fought an ‘n’ number of battles since ages for a cause. Here are seven such women achievers of 2014 who deserve to be discussed and marked.

  1. Malala Yousafzai
    malala yousafzai
    A seventeen year old Pakistani activist has bagged the Nobel Peace prize last year for her efforts for girl education in Pakistan. She had fought against the orthodox and fundamentalist terrorists who had banned education for girls. She has been attacked severely for raising voice, after which she left her native place and shifted to United Kingdom. She is still on the hit list of the arsonists.
  1. Emma Watson
    emma watson
    A twenty four year old English actress and model is appointed as a Women Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations. She leaded the UN Women campaign HeforShe which aims to attain the gender equality in today’s world. She has also visited places like Bangladesh and Zambia to promote girl education. She is highly admired for her strong feminist thoughts and courage to work for it. She is also tagged as the Feminist celebrity of 2014.
  1. Irom Sharmila
    Irom SharmilaSource
    A fourty two year old iron lady from Manipar is fasting till today demanding the repeal for Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). She is fasting since past fourteen years which is a record in itself. On the International Women’s Day of 2014 she was the most looked upon women icon. She has been arrested several times for the charges of attempted suicide but she is still unmoved and strong on her decision of fasting.
  1. Arunima Sinha
    Arunima SinhaSource
    A twenty six year old amputee is the first female to climb Mount Everest. She was earlier a national level volleyball player. While on tour she was pushed out by some of the goons in 2011 where she lost one leg and was amputed from below the knee. This did not stop her to move ahead and she donates all that she earns through awards. She has come up with a book in 2014- “Born again on the mountain” which was launched by our Prime minister.
  1. Mary Kom
    M.C. Mary Kom
    A thirty one year old boxer is known to all. She has named the World Amateur Championship for five times in a row. She had got a gold medal in the Asian Games 2014 held in South Korea. She is nicknamed as ‘Magnificient Mary” for her extraordinary achievements. One should definitely check the list of achievements of this mom of two kids, its mind boggling.
  1. Anandiben Patel
    anandiben patel
    A seventy three year old incumbent Chief Minister of Gujarat is a woman with commitments. She is the first woman chief minister of Gujarat and is doing pretty well in terms of development of the state. She was a teacher before which added to her quality of being hardworking. She is definitely a woman who found her space in the patriarchal society of ours.
  1. Kiran Mazumdar
    kiran mazumdar shaw
    A sixty one year old Gujarati lady is the most watched out entrepreneur of the year 2014. She is the 92nd most powerful lady of the world according to the Forbes list. Kiran chairs the Biocon Limited Company in Bangalore and is also involved in many of the philanthropic activities which is commendable.

Cheers to these ladies and many more who make difference in this world!

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