An Affair Of Lips: Science Behind Kissing

On everyone’s lips is this buzz word ‘lips’, one of the two edges that form the top and bottom part of our mouth. And what is the purpose of having it? Has anyone thought about it? Ofcourse yes! Initially, lips engage into eating and speaking, but there is something which goes beyond this simplistic understanding of its functions. Lips also satisfy the different kinds of hunger. One usually brushes his/her lips with that of the other as a sign of sexual desire, love, greeting or reverence which is usually termed as a ‘kiss’.

It all starts when a mother passes on chewed food to their toddlers or breastfeeds her babies. The lips get to be used for survival, to fulfill the basic necessities of life- hunger, along with the basic psychological instincts of attachment. An infant feels safe and secure in the womb for sure, but when s/he is born into the world and when a mother has to share her part with the world, the new born would look forward for a special attachment with mother. This would partly be attained by breastfeeding your baby. Now imagine how important lips are and how important that touch is, failing which an infant’s personality might take a distorted shape.

As a person grows, his list of necessities changes or partly increases. You might be wondering how? The inquisitiveness is bound to happen. The childhood of a person is usually playful, but the teen age and adolescence is usually tricky where s/he is high on the sexual drives. With sexual drives, don’t think that sex is the only thing that would bring their hormones back to the normal level. The acts like kissing, sniffing, licking and grooming also brings magical wonders in ones life. The exchange of tastes, scents, secrets, textures and emotions lead to the normal functioning of a being.


Kiss and its Scientific Look!

There are scientific evidences to the reason behind kissing which might make things sound more logical and rational. When two beings come in contact with one another, there is definitely some amount of the transfer of critical information and chemical signals that helps one foster the long term relationships. A researcher Wendy Hills and his colleagues have drawn down an interesting analysis from the college students frequently involved in kissing. The oxytocin hormone involved in attachment and pair bonding and cortisol, a stress hormone had eventually changed after people kissed. Students who kissed were found to be more open and happy. It has also been found that your first kiss decides on your mate (there are evidences of break ups on a bad kiss).

Yet another survey is where a girl was given the t-shirts of several boys on the basis of which she was to select her mate. The finding was really fascinating! She picked up the smell which differed from her own major histocompatibility complex (MHC) which contains a series of genes involved in our immune system. This also is scientifically good to have a mate with opposite MHC, as it assures one with a better and healthy progeny.

A study published in 2003 in nature has also pointed out one consistent thing that twice as many adults turn their heads to the right rather than left while kissing. The reason being: the turning of head during the final weeks of gestation and infancy towards right. Logical enough!

It is also found that men are usually amused when it comes to kissing while women are choosy. Men likely initiate French kissing for the reason that our saliva contains testosterone, which can increase the libido. As Sheril Kirshenbaum in her book ‘The Science of Kissing’ says, “Women put a lot of weight into the act of kissing itself, as for them it’s nature’s litmus test.” So for women, kissing is a way to explore the potential of her mate and for men? Well, we know what they want in consensus with their partner.

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