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8 Books Every Woman Should Read At Least Once In Their Lifetime!

When we talk about books, we see bookworms right from every corner would join our discussion and will take deep interest to dig out some new interesting subject line they can read and engulf them as a whole. Here we have few books that every woman should read once in their life-time. There might be few more but these are chosen wisely for women of any age. Do you see any voracious reader coming?

  1. The Palace of Illusions


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The book which retells one of the greatest Indian Epic Mahabharata, but it’s not war, not strategies or Lord Krishna’s Advice to Arjun but this book by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is narrated from the Draupadi’s point of view, the life of Panchali and her struggles.

2. Em and the big Hoom


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A semi – fictional story of a mother, who is suffering from mental disorder narrated by the author, her son Jerry Pinto. This humorous take on life’s situations is so good that you wouldn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Or It might happen that you do both!

3. First Darling of the morning

First Darling of the morning

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The story of a girl’s childhood, then adolescence in Mumbai, which was traced back when she is 21 but in United States. A crisp yet emotional story of a Parsi girl, studying in a Catholic school of predominant Hindu city. Life’s so much similar incidents, packed with family issues and inmate secrets.

4. A Life Less Ordinary

A life less ordinary

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Abandoned, Tortured, beaten and married to the man twice older than her age, Baby Halder fled to a city and worked as a Domestic Help. The struggles, life lessons and what it is to be the one who have had taken all tragedies from life is all written in this book in Bengali and then translated into English.. Recalling and framing them all.

5. Maximum City

Maximum city

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Bombay being the main theme, the book has the reality one must see in the dream city of millions in India. From the small lanes of underworld to glamorous Bollywood, to poverty stricken prostitute’s story, that will make you believe it is the best written book for one of the best cities of India.

6. Mrs Funnybones

Mrs. Funnybones

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Humor, Real, Womanly and modern. The life of a modern Indian Woman is well explained with hilarious observations and also inputs are the same old age problems that every woman in India feels about it. The piece refreshes your mood rightly!

7. Emma


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A proud, beautiful, intelligent and a little spoilt girl’s story, Emma is all about her mode of change, small life lessons that she learnt which gradually changes her. A Classic where she understands life along with a heart touching love story.

8. What I Know for Sure


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14 years of columns, combined now in a book by Oprah Winfrey. Her inspirational life had to be on papers some day and thus this book will take you to her life which has seen all struggle, failure, sorrow and success. Something you will relate it with your life, this book is a must watch for every one of us. Do you have anymore to add to the above list, please share with us in the comment section 🙂

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